Friday, June 10, 2011

Basil Update


The anti-inflammatories are working a treat. I think every day he tripods less. The limp is less pronounced too. His fur is growing back, which considering how cold Melbourne has been lately must be much nicer for him. I don't think any cat enjoys the cold and wet, but with his bare back I think he was really feeling it.


When he first came home he was completely sooky, but he has regained some of his feisty ways, such as flying into our bedroom at about 11pm wanting to have a fight with Fixit. He's not fully bolshie yet, but I can see it on the horizon. When he rugby-taps our legs at feedin' time (if we walk the wrong way) then I'll know he's really well again.



  1. hahahaha...your cat has a racing clip! So delighted to see and hear how well he is recovering. And a big HOORAH for anti inflammatories.

  2. At first glance I thought you had knitted him a little pullover.
    So pleased to hear how well he is travelling.

  3. so so so glad he is doing better.

    hugs all round!!

  4. Poor boy, there's nothing sadder than a shaved cat :( So glad he's feeling well again and is well on the way to full-on-Basildom!

  5. Glad to have an update on Basil, what a cutie.

    Sam my cat also has bald spots like Basil (yes, that large) but not through anything as heroic as what Basil has gone through. For some reason I cannot fathom, he is licking himself bald. Vet says stress, what's he got to be stressed about? He lies in the sun all day, only moving when it's dinner time. I'd like that amount of stress.

    He gives me a love pat on the back of my ankle at times too when he wants me to go in the direction of his choice. Gotta love them. :)

    Hey....word verification...bimeou hahha

  6. Mr Soup just walked past the computer and said 'Is that Basil? Wearing a cardigan?'

  7. Hahaha, does look like Basil is wearing a fur jacket...over his fur. Pip had a horrible abcess on his tail (of all places). To drain it the vet shaved his tail except for a "poodle tuft" at the end. It was hilarious. Pip was less than impressed.

  8. Good for Basil. And happy birthday Stomper.

  9. He looks so cute with his...trim.

    Glad to hear he is bouncing back.

  10. He is rocking that reverse mullett look! Cats manage to look so chic, even when they aren't up to speed. Amazing personality in that Basil.

  11. Trust you guys, to house a feisty cat. And then to nurture him back from ghastly health to be a feisty cat again. (Go, Basil!)


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