Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

The Good...

• Cherub won the Caught Being Good Award this week, serendipitously on one of the few Mondays of the year that Fixit was also there at Assembly. The award commended Cherub's positive attitude in always doing his best even with a broken arm. I must say that I think kids are ace. If I had a cast on my arm I reckon I'd whinge about what a pain in the neck the cast was, how much I hated being one-handed etc. Cherub just puts a bag on his arm for bath-time and writes with his right hand instead. I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned there, but I'd still put money on me being a whinger if I was afflicted.

• Basil was put on a course of anti-inflammatory tablets after we told the vet about the tripod-edness. Since then he has gradually started to put more weight on the bad leg. Fixit and I can't stop pointing it out to each other. Did you see that? He's definitely putting some weight on that bad leg. We're still waiting for his fur to fully grow back but on the whole, Mister Basil is looking very good, he's put on weight and is a cheerful, smoochy well cat once more.

• The quilt block I sewed for the WhipUp 65 Roses Quilt was not rejected (as I worried it might be) and is now looking like it belongs in the middle of a really fabulous looking quilt which will help raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis.

• New purple tap shoes. Same as the old purple tap shoes but not trashed.

The Bad...

• Tooth trouble. The tooth where I had a filling, then a chipped bit, then another filling has now chipped off more and it's very uncomfortable and I have to put up with it for 3 weeks til my ace dentist can see me. Tooth trouble is deeply unsettling I think, it makes me feel as if my inner core is disintegrating.

• A blister from the new purple tap shoes. Not their fault. Should have worn socks instead of stockings if I wanted to break them in for the energetic 2 and a half hours that are the childrens classes. Decision to wear stockings that day based on fashion sense not common sense.

The Ugly...

• There is a Rodent Of Unusual Size (thank you Shula for that Princess Bride reference) scuttling brazenly between the underneath of our house and our compost bin. I saw it in broad daylight and it was so shockingly large (and also, I think, rather fat) that I didn't even scream or jump, I just said out loud, to myself -and I quote- : Holy Moley that's a big rat. Fixit is scheduling a rodent cleansing. I believe the cleansing implement of choice will be a spade. We also have mice running around, (oh my god you should see the hole under the sink in the kitchen where they've been getting in, enormous! I bet the ROUS has been inside oh god I don't want to think about it.) but in a little silver lining I must tell you that Basil caught a (regular sized) mouse the other night and that I think that is all kinds of good.


  1. I ain't lookin' at nuffin titled Rodents of Unusual Size. Ugh. I'll just take your word for it. In the meanwhile is Fixit planning a night of spade-armed rat-stalking or wot?

    word verification: terifies

    (true dinks)

  2. WTG Cherub and Basil.

    bugga about the critters!!!

  3. 'Holey moley'? That is what you thought to yourself? I really need to give myself a stern talking to regarding my language.

  4. I was so shocked I forgot to swear. Or else I turned into Batman's faithful friend Robin.

  5. Laughing at comments. A good thing because I am still of the vaguely irritable persuasion.

    We have rats here - except we call them bush rats. Which makes them seem somehow cleaner or something.

    Which they are not.

    Fortunately our cat is a good mouser so you are right to be proud of the increasingly regaining his looks Basil.

  6. hahaha, I love the ROUS reference! Such a good flick, that one. there is a serious mouse plague, apparently, crap you got hit! Love the shoes, and yay for Cherub and Basil! (I sercretly think kids like broken limbs, hence the no whinging.)

  7. Erkk! Exterminate, exterminate!
    Well done to Cherub.XXX

  8. I love this post.

    I too would be super-sook with a broken arm. I turn into such a princess when I have headache etc.

    Shoes look yummy but I am not a fan of blisters.

    Cherub is a great kid.

    Love the look on Basil's face. hehehe

    Please note the lack of exclamation marks in my comments. I feel like a ship without a rudder, my top row on my keyboard is not working. At all. As a consequence, I can't even do a frowny or smiley, only the eyes...look : see?

  9. O well done Basil! What a clever boy, with a limpy leg and all! He must be getting better :)

  10. PS, I call the rats who steal our passion fruit, Quokas, so I don't have to kill them (because I am pathetic)

  11. You'll be pleased to know that when I saw you had a ROUS I said to myself... "I don't think they exist."

  12. Heh, we have the rats, the mice and the sparrows. Mister Pip despatches many of them (so did Sammy-cat). In spite of cat incursions we still have the rats, the mice and the sparrows. Took Pip to the vet for his vaccinations last week and the vet exclaimed about his lovely teeth, "Has he had some dental work recently?" (wtf). Seems it is good for the feline teeth to chomp on sparrows and rodents. Great photo of Basil.
    Go Cherub.
    I want the shoes, but not the blisters.

  13. I swear that somehow our lives intersected last month - dodgy pet legs, mice plagues, and a quilt!
    I'm thankful there were no broken bones here though.

  14. Yes. Right. Because that's what nice Australian ladies say, when confronted with imported vermin who've mutated to hideous and confronting proportions: "holey, moley".

    So, fess up: you caught Climber reading your blog, right?

    Bec (the old one)

  15. I truly said Holy Moley. I was so shocked at how big it was right there in front of me that I didn't swear. However, you are right in thinking that Climber does read here sometimes and my language has cleaned itself up somewhat.

    But you'll be relieved to hear that when I summon up the correct adjective to describe just how big that rat was, it starts with an f and ends with en. As in, it doesn't even get the 'ing' because the rat was THAT big.

  16. My comment just disappeared!

    To reprise: I still have nightmares over the rat I found in our outdoor dunny at the old house (pre renovation). In its panic to escape me and my shrieks of terror it RAN UP MY BODY.

    Also, rat bait is good because they take it back and share it with their brethren.

  17. that Basil - what a ham in photos and a big personality!

  18. I'm a total whinger with even a headache. You should have seen me today with a headache AND too much time in the sun putting up the freaking pool!

    The rat would have FREAKED ME OUT!

  19. We find the odd rodent tail of unusual size out the front of our place...all I can surmise is that the badly-behaved bengals are actually of use for something!

  20. I sympathise with the tooth issues.
    Happy Birthday!


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