Wednesday, June 08, 2011


So I said to Fixit and don't forget the boys will want to give me something for my birthday.

And Fixit got a pained look on his face and said but I never know what to get you.

So I took pity on him and rattled off a few suggestions, so that he'd have some options, both for the boys' present to me and his own.

I said: maybe some hair accessories, or some purple socks, or some nice pens/stationery. What about some purple cosmetics, like eyeshadow. My perfume. (I knew Nell had bagsed getting me perfume too, but after the great perfume drought, I figured too much perfume is barely enough. Which is just as well because Dad also gave me some.) I also mentioned that my friend had said the Converse outlet in Smith St had some pretty sparkly purple sneakers on sale.

Anyway. Bless his heart. He went out and bought me ALL OF THE ABOVE, plus a bonus Keep Calm And Carry On eraser (to match my teatowel) and some London Underground wrapping paper that he thought was too nice to use and gave me as a print, because he knows I love the Underground Map.


He's so ace.

PS. There was also a pair of purple K-mart sneakers that he thought he'd get in case the Converse outlet came up blank but they're not shown here, because the one thing he didn't do was check my shoe size - so much so that the the K-mart shoes were size 6.5 and the Converse pair were a size 7. I'm a 9.) So I had to take both pairs back and I ended up swapping the K-mart shoes for some for Climber as he has holes in the toes of his current pair.


  1. Gorgeous! What a man! Happy birthday Stomper.

  2. what a sweetie.......keep him ;)

  3. yep - although I am sure I have said this before but it bears repeating - definitely a keeper.

  4. Glad they spoilt you, you deserve it!

    Note the exclamation mark?

    And see what I can do with a colon and parenthesis? :)

  5. Occasionally they prove that they do listen!

  6. Nicely done Fixit!

    P.S. Your blog post didn't show up in my updates? I'm going to check on it...

  7. A nice haul of loot indeed! I like a man who can read and interpret a list.

  8. Wow! I'm very impressed.

    I never know what to ask for; I'm such a control freak.

  9. Oooo awesome pressie.

    I too love the Underground Tube Map - just love it!


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