Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On the Fence

Two-weeks-shy of a year ago, they knocked down the house next door to us. Since that time, we've been putting up with living beside a building site, as the great brick McMansion went up. It has been pretty annoying, all the noise from heavy machinery, all the banging and swearing, all the commercial radio blaring away from the tradies' cars or ghetto blasters, the stench when they periodically empty the portaloo (worse than decaying rat but not as long-lasting, and they never warned us they'd be doing it so we could close windows, not ever). Most annoying of all has been the fact that we have not had a proper fence on that side of the property for nearly a year.

Yesterday I came home to find men in our yard, putting up a new fence. Hurrah!

I am slightly grumpy that no-one saw fit to inform us it was happening. I know we're only renters but it would have been polite, you know?


(Check out how big this house is! You can see where our by-no-means tiny house ends on the right of the picture)

I'm a little bit cranky that the fencing clodhoppers trampled over the only nice flowers in our pathetic garden, the just about to bloom erlicheer jonquils. We might have squashed some onions, he said to me. Grr.


And I had to spend half an hour stopping up the many under-fence holes so as to make it Basil-proof, risking death by spider as I cast around for bricks and wood and such.

But, on the whole, Hurrah For The New Fence!



  1. 'Fences do good neighbours make.'

    Yay! for the fence. At long last.

    It would indeed have been polite to let you know in advance they'd be trampling over your 'onions'.

  2. Shouldn't matter that you are renters. Renters or not, it would have been nice to have been informed. But you have ended up with a nice looking fence. Hurray!

  3. You're having a very stenchy time lately...

  4. mmmmm us renters often get a raw deal!!!!so glad you have a decent fence now.

  5. Why oh why can't anyone just have some manners? Even your landlord should care enough to let you know what's going on - you're paying good money to live there!

  6. For the past eight weekdays we've had a roofer turn up around 4pm to stomp around on the roof, drop tiles off the side, using very noisy equipment, then disappear again. I never know he's turning up until I hear the boots on the roof. I think he's done now, but the acid test will be if there's a ladder blocking off our driveway at 4:05pm tomorrow!

    Can't wait to buy our own place later this year.

  7. Doesn't seeing balloons make your day?

  8. They may have trampled your 'onions' but at least they didn't cut through your phone line like our fencing contractor did last week ... Clearly hadn't heard of dial before you dig.

    You must be so pleased to have the fence finished. The McMansion certainly looks HUGE!

  9. AND you scored the 'good' side of the fence!

    Hooray for a bit of privacy and hopefully a whole lot less smell and noise now.

  10. Don't those balloons just make a morning? Not long ago the Mr let out a whistle and everyone started waving from above. SO CLOSE. Bit embarrassed in my daggy jim jams, I was.

    My complete sympathies over the McMansion and onion deaths.

  11. Are they going to have any lawn left? Mind you we live in the boonies and are used to literally acres and acres of green. Contractors are never gentle with anything in my experience. "Oops, sorry about that hole we just put in the sheetrock" or tracking dirt over everything.

  12. I cannot believe how big that house is!

    Glad you have a new fence though. Sorry about the jonquils. And the emptying of the portaloo (which I've never considered the mechanics of before this post, and hope never to have to again...)


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