Saturday, December 09, 2006

Everyone's A Winner, Baby

So I was a winner. And my prize was a lovely handmade Christmas decoration from the lovely Kirsty. Which arrived yesterday, cleverly disguised as a Christmas card. Can't wait to put it on the tree.

Just waiting for Fixit to come home from work so he can rush out and buy the tree for us. He might be coming home with a new car. Well. I say new. I mean he might be buying his mate's old Commodore station-wagon, which is unregistered and in need of work. As long as it's air-conditioned. Our first family car. Currently we get around in my cute little white Corolla which I love. I'm having pangs actually. I know in my head that we need a bigger car because those little boys grow every time you take your eyes off them. But still. No more squeezing into little parking spots. And I'll have to relearn the whole reverse-parking thing with a big ole wagon. Plus its a bloody V8. With gas, I hasten to add. But I'm a bit scared of the grunt potential of a V8.

I bought some things for adorning fabrics recently; crayons, textas and glitter paint. Because I decided Cherub needs a shirt that says "long-haired BOY" to stop confusion when we're out and about. Then I did a present for a little girls birthday party tomorrow. And a request for the Climber.

So here's my handiwork. Don't look too closely, the crayon stuff is a tad smudged.

And here's my glamorous model, the Climber. Who was extremely difficult to photograph because he'd been eating a blue lollypop and had blue teeth.

While we're modelling, the boys here give you "Wild" and "Shaggy"

But then came the haircut.
(At his request. I liked the shaggy look.)

So now we have "wild" and "neat & cool for summer".


  1. He looks like he's not quite sure whether he's pleased with the result or not.

    (Love the wild one. I cried when I cut son #3's long curls off when he was three or four.)

  2. Yes, that will be me too. I get choked up thinking about it.

    Climber does like his haircut but he is just so difficult to photograph at the moment. Thank goodness we have a digital camera!

  3. climber is so cute.. thought of modelling..?? the gifts looks fantastic..and trust me i tried driving a wagon..its tough...

  4. Climber! Those eyes are just beautiful. And I love the "Long haired boy" T-shirt!

    I have a station wagon - it may be why I get into these car park rage incidents. Be warned :-)

  5. I have a wild and long haired boy too! Climbers eyes - amazing!!!

  6. You'd be horrified at the haircuts my boys demand. Monthly. (Last summer NOS had a fit because we wouldn't allow him a mohawk. He was 8 at the time.)


  7. Your tshirts look great - I love the lego one - very cool. Mate, you will be fangin in your v8 in no time,vroom,vroom.

  8. Yeah. Vroom Vroom, get out of my way because I have no idea how to cope with this much power...
    Haven't bought it yet. Still pending.

  9. Stomper, honey, EMBRACE the power.

    I have recently relinquished my V8 1978 fairlane of 10 years,

    and, as much as I love my new one, life post-v8 will never be the same. She was a darling, and I developed a nasty habit of successfully dragging off hoons at intersections (something the baby enjoyed immensely). You learn to park it in no time.

    Neither will my fuel account ever be the same. Gas is the MAN.

    ps. I know I'm stating the bleedin' obvious, but those boys really are heartbreakers in the making, eh.

  10. Woo Shula, ya big hoon. Nice wheels mate. Please tell me you didn't trade her in for a Barina, or worse a 4WD?

  11. they're both stunningly gorgeous children - I think the long-haired boy phrase might need to go onto a few more shirts!!

    and yes, potential heart-breakers both of them!

  12. Gorgeous boys! For a moment I thought climber had had his curls cut off ... I'm kind of glad they're still there :)

  13. Please please promise me you won't cut Cherub's hair! PLEASE!! Your boys are beautiful :)

  14. Wow- cool shirts

    I love your sons expression while getting his hair cut. I still have expressions like that

  15. Fabulous t-shirts, GORGEOUS boys!! I think 'wild' and 'shaggy' looked great :)

  16. Gorgeous boys! And those eyes! Lovely!

    Summer cuts, lucky boys. Quite jealous, seeing as it's cold and wet winter over here.

  17. Lovely children indeed, and are those your hands giving Climber a haircut? You look impressively professional!

    I got a Kirsty decoration too! It has a long way to come, but I look forward to its arrival. Aren't we lucky! All we need now is to get a tree, put it up, string up the lights and decorate it, and Christmas can begin. Oh, and I need to get to the shops and buy some presents. Still, plenty of time...

  18. No, we pay a professional the princely sum of $12, which includes a treat (for sitting still) at the end of it.
    My Kirsty decoration is on our tree, will have to post a photo ...

  19. Hey - your artwork is cool - I *love* those t-shirts.

    Perhaps you could send a 'long-haired boy' one to Kate Hudson ( Goldie Hawn's daughter ). I think her son's hair is now down to his butt. It's not nice and curly like your sweet boy's though...

    Did you just use regular crayons on the t-shirts ?

    Your boys are so smoochable :)

  20. great tees and great boys. I've got one who likes his hair real short, and one who likes it real long! Well, they know who they are! I finally got around to making a link to your Victoria Beckham post, cos it made me laugh. Cheers.


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