Friday, December 15, 2006

The joy of shopping

Em did a meme a while ago called how much of a stereotype are you? Which looked too hard for me to do. Especially since I already know that I'm pretty girly. I don't like dealing with mice or spiders, I prefer to let Fixit do the mowing of lawns and putting out of rubbish, I like wearing frocks and hair accessories, I can plait, I find car-chases in the movies a dead bore and I love costume dramas.

However, despite these girly attributes I am sadly lacking in the area of shopping. Christmas is a hard time of year because I am forced repeatedly into shopping malls where parents are beating or berating their screaming children and I always pick the wrong queue at the check-out and the background music drives me nuts. And when you need just one specific thing, like for example a size 2 plain white t-shirt, you can never find it so you are forced to walk round in circles at Best and Less because there must be one there somewhere. Even when you leave the mall, there is still the feral carpark to negotiate - miles to walk with aching arms, a raging headache, and a vagued-out expression to wherever the #### you left the car.

These days the so-called January sales start.on.Boxing.Day. And I know there are great bargains and that anyone with a grain of sense would take advantage of them.

But I don't care. You can't make me go back in there!


  1. Urgh. You've just described me with that shopping thang. Hate it.

    I'm a bit of an enigma with the chick/bloke thing though. I think i'm pretty girly, but then i'll meet a 'real' girl and be put to shame ;)

  2. I hate sales, loathe them. I should go and get the FB's clothes for next year but I can't face the crowds, the racks of clothes packed together and the piles of discarded clothes dumped on the ground ready to jam the wheels of a passing pushchair. My sister comes out with a few gorgeous outfits for her girls, and looking completely serene. I come out dreaming of cattleprods and in desperate need of a valium or three

  3. I am with you here. Car parks are just hideous at this time of year. I make my husband shop with me. I didn't bring this family into this world alone, no way I should have to Christmas shop alone! Does that make me 'girly' too?

  4. House! Perhaps the crush on Robbie and love of white wine could boost you back up the girly-o-metre?
    Velcro, I'm hoping that if anyone ever does hand you those things, you make sure you do the cattle prodding BEFORE you take the valium.
    Tracey I see by your blog you are a quilter so I'm thinking you have bonus girly points already! Good for you for making your husband go Christmas shopping!! I love your policy. I just don't think I could put up with the whining.

  5. When I was little, Christmas was much less commercialised than it is now, and much more fun. Just THINKING about shopping gives me a headache....The OC doesn't whine--he just doesn't go--on-line all the way is his motto, and the older I get the more I agree...

  6. I have been guilty in the past of pushing my way through the crowds at the post Christmas sales but like you, if I have to enter one more mall before Christmas I'll do some bodily damage to someone, anyone.

    I'm staying put, at home, with family, with cricket, with pool, with food and most importantly, with a nice glass of something alcoholic during Christmas and Boxing day (and as long as I can after that).

  7. Well, you've already seen my latest grumble about it all being on top of me. I did haul my carcase to the shopping centre today on the way home from the office (on Farking Saturday, my new name for the last proper shopping Saturday before Christmas) and now I'm sitting feeling sorry for myself with sore feet, sore purse and sore head...

    Did Nutmeg say wine? Yes, thank you, I think I will!

  8. AND before I forget, thank you for noticing the split infinitive thing: I confess I did go check my facts before getting all cocky with Ms Suse about that one!

  9. Its good to know other people are hating it too. At least we can be sure of a sympathetic ear when we grumble ...

  10. I don't mind sale shopping for the most part; rather satisfying to come up with an incredible bargain on something I was looking for. Or helping out someone else find something.

    But not with a toddler. God, no. Not with a toddler. That changes everything!


    Luckily, my shopping (not a lot this year) is done for the year.

  11. Hallo from WA,
    Oh I hate shopping at this time of the year. I keep well away from the malls and now go to the local art centre, book shop etc for gifts or I make stuff.
    Thank you for the kind comment you left at Secret Hill. Drop by again . I will be visiting here again for sure.


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