Saturday, December 30, 2006


I've had one week of holidays. Pretty much all I've done (apart from the Christmas hoo-ha) is be a full-time mother and domestic ... I want to say goddess but it's just not true, let's say drudge instead. I appreciate the so-called rest (from work, I git no rest from mothering) and the sleeping-in (as much as you can with 2 young 'uns who don't go past 7.30am) and its nice not to be locked in the routine of school runs etc, but... have to say ... little bit bored.

The least the rest of you could do is blog a bit more to save me from my boredom.




I credit my Mum who is staying with us this week. She also gets any credit for extra-nice flavour.

Fixit is off getting in touch with his masculine side by riding the motorcycle with his mates through the bushfire zones in Victoria, he's away all weekend. Not because he wants to smell the smoke or anything, it's just that that area is full of his favourite routes for fun-filled riding adventure. Mum is at my cousin's wedding.

And I need to get off the computer and do the bedtime routine with the boys. Yikes, is that the time?


Think it's a night in with some wine and the lovely Hugh Laurie for me.

Edited to say: That would be Hugh Laurie OBE.

He can Order my Empire any time he likes.


  1. Hi Stomper,

    What is that stuff? It looks like spaghetti sauce?

    I agree with you about the blogging, everyone is taking an extended leave I think. They are starting to trickle back now, but they are taking their merry time about it!

    Enjoy your break, all too soon we will be back in the thick of work again and wishing for some time off.

  2. Yep, bolognese sauce ready to freeze and no disgusting smoked out burnt smell like the last batch.

  3. So very organised! I always try to cook ahead and freeze, but I forget that it's there and find it years later. Gross!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I thought this week would be fun, dammit!
    Envy the cooking prowess, we have NOTHING in the fridge or freezer to eat, sigh.

  5. Oh, yummm - homemade sauce, ready to eat...

    I agree. People should be posting more.

    I'm a bit grumpy about that, actually...

    But I'll bet wine and Hugh would make a difference


  6. It seems to be a hiatus in the blog world... or could it be the frustration of having to sign yourself in every damn day??

    GOM said yesterday, "I will be glad when all this is over, & we can get back to knowing what day it is!"

  7. Thanks for your kind comment about my parental crisis. It helps to know that people care - I mean, my friends care, but it's lovely that fellow bloggers do too.

    Hope the wine helped your ho-humness.

  8. I never cook and freeze anything. Not only do we have a small freezer, but I forget stuff is there, and then I don't want to eat it, or it's taking up space, so it gets chucked.

    I often wish I was better in this regard though .. more organised .. less off-the-cuff.

    Dinner here is usually decided 30mins prior to serving, because i've just noticed what the time is.
    Obviously, lots of steamed veges and stir-frys !

    So what's on for tonight then, oh-partnerless one ? More wine & Hugh ?

    Not such a bad thing, IMO ;)

  9. We had a middling tattslotto win when I was pregnant with Climber and bought an upright freezer with it. I teach at night so its easier if I'm a bit organised with dinner. Plus I prefer not to smell like whatever I've just whipped up when I front up to class ...

    As for NYE; quiet night in, listening to Fixit tell me all about his ride! (at length)

  10. Hey Stomper - Happy New Year. I better say it now as going by the last few Eve's I was in bed and asleep at midnight. All mums of young toddlers and children turn into a pumpkin otherwise - well that is what I tell myself! I will go out into the big wide world again on NYE someday soon.

    Maybe you should join me in few cleansing ales - it's sure to make the ride story that much more palatable :-)

  11. I'll be beating you off with a stick. Hugh is MINE!

  12. No, no, NO!! I can't and won't share him. Not even with you.


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