Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Christmas

Some things were organised on time for Christmas. Like posting of interstate presents. Some of which were made by me. Can you see the little buttons on my niece's shirt? And you thought I couldn't sew ...

Although had I been a little more organised I'm sure I could have paid a lot less postage. But the main thing is they arrived in time.

We didn't quite get time to sit down and write a beautiful letter to Santa, detailing our heart's desire for Christmas. Not like last year. Last year, Climber fell in love with the kindergarten 'take-home for a week' soft toy, a large hand-puppet lamb called Leopold. Then at the Kinder Christmas party, he received a mini finger-puppet lamb, which of course he called Leopold. So despite maternal promptings that he might like to ask Santa for a light sabre sword (or life savers as we call them here) he insisted that what he really wanted was a bed for Leopold. If you write a beautiful letter and mail it in time, Australia Post makes sure it gets delivered to the North Pole and also that you receive Santa's reply.

Which means that you could get what you ask for. Santa and the elves handmade this, on Christmas Eve I believe.

Anyway, this year letter-writing fell by the wayside until Christmas Eve so we decided to just post a letter on the boys' bedroom door and hope that Santa read it on his way through. And we agreed we should just let Santa choose something suitable.

Which you will be pleased to hear he did.

Other things not organised: Well, not all my friends got Christmas cards this year. I'm sorry. And only parts of the house were cleaned, so now the place looks like a bombsite, but I'm sure it will be pretty much in shape before my mum arrives to stay. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, we had a fun, family day. The kids are the perfect age for Christmas.

Some favourite moments:

  • The boys, under strict instructions from us, coming into our bed on Christmas morning to show us what Santa brought. Climber lugged both stockings in, one slung over each shoulder like a miniature Santa-in-pyjamas, because Cherub found his too heavy to carry.
  • The delighted smile on Climber's face when his present from us (not from Santa) turned out to be a Lego Star Wars destroyer ship, complete with mini Dark Thader Darth Vader.
  • The excited exclamation WOW!!! Lookit I dot from Cherub when he opened his present from us, a Duplo James from Thomas & Friends.
  • And when he saw the other present, a Thomas mobile phone, his utter joy could only be expressed by a high-pitched squeal of excitement.
  • The boys sitting in the back of our car, en route to Grandma and Pa's, singing along to the iPod Six white boomers, snow white boomers where Boomers was pronounced with the "oo" from book, not "oo" from soon.


On Boxing Day, I tried to watch my new dvd from Fixit, but the boys were too noisy. So I christened the nice new electric frypan from my father with a batch of pancakes.

Now I just need to clean up. Hope everyone had a great Christmas too. And aren't you glad it comes but once a year?

Oh and ps. The Cherub is toilet-trained! Yay!


  1. Hip hip hurrah for the toilet training!! : )
    Glad you had a good Christmas : )

  2. What a great Christmas. Those kids are postcard material - absolutely picture perfect. Congratulations on the toilet training...we're almost there. Wees are ok, but poos - nup. He's in denial.

    And House? Why do we love him so much? I think men could stand to learn a lot from Mr House. You can be as ugly as you like, but you must have lovely eyes, a heart, lashings of wit, and some intelligence!

  3. MMmm. Pancakes.


    P.S. Sounds like a good Christmas. You also get an award for being the 1st Australian Blogger I read to write after Christmas.

  4. That's because I'm neglecting the housework. And the children.

  5. Wow - what a great Chrissy - that frypan looks flash. Too posh for me with the ol' regular round shape with a stick-handle ! :)

    And your kids ... I love the way you post their letters, they are adorable. Cool gifties too - those elves sure do get busy on Xmas Eve. very talented.

    Then you throw in cool handmade tshirts and a toilet-training boast to boot !

    Wow. too good.
    ( but now your readership may desert you in a huff of jealousy ;)

    Not me though.
    I'm tuff like that !

    Glad you had a 'goodie' !

  6. Actually H&B, I suspect that the elves were slightly disorganised that year and just left stuff till the last moment. Whatever, though. The present was still in the sack Christmas morning even if the paint was a bit wet.

    How much do I love my sexy new frypan?! After years of the 'circle with the stick' or my Mum's old Sunbeam (which was a complete trojan btw and only just blew up after more than 30 years' service), this newbie is making cooking attractive to me again. And that's saying something...

  7. Toilet trained! YAY! I'm hoping to soon make a similar announcement about my 4 year old :)

    And I love your special christmas moments - so sweet and wonderful - they'll be treasured memories, won't they?!

  8. Love the letters - so adorable! Sounds like you had a great holiday!

  9. This is the first year that my children did not leave a letter or a snack for Santa before they went to bed. It made me a little sad. (ALthough chocolate milk on the bench for a couple of hours in the tropical heat is even sadder!) I'm so glad I got to see a little person's letter to Santa. Be sure to keep them while you get them.

  10. Ah Tracey that sounds like a hard rite-of-passage. Not looking forward to that one. On the upside I suppose you get to sleep in on Christmas morning?

  11. Lovely post Stomper.
    Sounds like you had a really nice Chrissy.

    Your boys are just gorgeous.

  12. Absolutely slept in! I woke my children up at 7:45am because I was tired of waiting for them!

  13. what lovely photos, and am very impressed with the tshirts.

    We've had several letters to Santa dictated to us over the week before Christmas, and even though the FB didn't leave a letter for Santa on Christmas Eve, Santa did leave one for him with the empty beer bottle which made one little boy very very happy.

  14. Your boys are beautiful! As is that frypan. Santa is very industrious in your part of the world. And as for House... ...Much better than pancakes!! I love that show.


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