Monday, December 18, 2006

The Four Things Meme

4 jobs I have had...
1. Tap-dancing Go-Go dancer at a truly terrible Comedy Festival show.
2. Cast member of Stomp , a truly fantastic show at a previous comedy festival.
3. Tap-dancing Spice Girl (Sporty) at a 13YO girl's Bat Mitzvah.
4. Assistant Manager to a quite well-known Australian band.

Which all sounds quite glam but jobs 1-3 were all very short gigs, so actually I've spent far more time waitressing, scooping icecream and being generally very handy in an office. As well as teaching tap-dance.

4 movies I could watch over and over
1. Peter's Friends (First developed insanely big crush on Hugh Laurie in this)
2. Love Actually
3. Top Hat (Fred & Ginger)
4. Chicago

4 places I have lived apart from where I live now
1. In utero
2. Canberra
3. Wollongong
4. New York (well, sort of. My mother's husband had a posting so she was living there for 6 months and I got to stay in their apartment for 2 weeks)

4 tv shows I love
1. Black Books
2. House (still with the Hugh Laurie crush)
3. Black Adder (oop! there he is again!)
4. New Tricks

Hard to stop at four!! What about the Goodies, Spicks and Specks, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who (new series and Tom Baker/Leila episodes from the old), Absolutely Fabulous, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Absolute Power, Bleak House and a million others I've loved and can't bring to mind now.

4 places I have been for a vacation
1. Sri Lanka (with my ex)
2. Rottnest Island (with the band. Yeah)
3. New York/Europe (Twice. Once with my Mum and once with my ex)
4. Barwon Heads (my children's sole beach experience)

4 Websites I visit Daily
1. Bloglines
2. Go Fug Yourself
3. My bank account to check we're not overdrawn.
4. Mine, to see if I've got any comments. (Not that I'm sad, pathetic or needy in any way.)

4 Favourite foods
1. Goat's cheese on roasted capsicums with a side of pesto, as made by my Uncle.
2. Sticky date pudding with toffee sauce
3. Roast anything with all the veg, and gravy (but not gravy made by me. I suck at making gravy)
4. Chocolate - with a nice hot cuppa

4 places I would rather be
1. London, high society in the 1920's. I could have been a flapper..
2. An artist's studio somewhere in Italy, during the Renaissance.
3. A jazz bar in the US, when jazz was hot, and people tap-danced all the time.
4. In a fabulous beach-house, living off a huge windfall with my lovely family.

I'm supposed to tag 4 other people to do this meme now, but I'm too shy to name people. Well not not shy exactly, maybe paranoid is a better word ... because what if I tagged someone and they didn't wanna? You know, 'cos they NEVER do memes. Or because they've done this one ages ago. (Although. I was really flattered to get my first tag, thankyou Joanne!)

So if you like doing memes and you haven't done this one, sign up and tell me you did. But no pressure.


  1. I love Black Books, especially the first series. Went to see Dylan Moran live last September and he was fantastic. Do you get Green Wing in Australia? It's got Tamsin thingy from Black Books and is well worth watching (again the first series is the better of the two).

  2. Snap! We saw Dylan Moran this year and Bill Bailey last year and they were both faaaaan-tastic! Haven't heard of Green Wing but fingers crossed ...

  3. That's a lot of tap dancing! ;-)

    I like Go Fug Yourself as well; it's a great source of amusement.

    I might give the meme a whirl later this week.

  4. My sister IS Tamsin Thingy. Both to look at and the character, Fran. You would not BELIEVE the resemblance.

    And I LOVE Black Books.

    I dunno, Stomper, it's a pretty glamorous little CV you've got there.

  5. Ooooh - which band, you know I have to know. I'm a groupie like that.

    "Yeah, there's this girl I know, yeah, she runs a tap school, and used to manage Australian Crawl"

    "Yeah. We're buds. BFF.
    She, me, and James. Yeah, we laff it up big time."

    Actually, I once saw James Reyne going into "Hair Hair, Yeah Yeah" in South Melbourne. I nearly died. Poor James !

    As for the meme .. I always plan to, and tell people I will, but i'm yet to .. soooo ... yeah, maybe I will, but don't hold me to it ! :)

  6. You were in STOMP???? WOW! I am soooo impressed!
    We like the same TV :) I esp. love Black Books

  7. Another picky personTue Dec 19, 04:31:00 pm GMT+11

    I see Stomp will be in Sydney in January. Will they also be in Melbourne, do you know?
    it was only two months in NY, actually, more's the pity. And we never did Central Park properly...

  8. See, I get distracted for a second and that witty comment just goes somewhere never to bet retrieved again. Though I will say I really liked your responses to "4 places I would rather be..." I'd nearly do the meme just for that. But I won't get to it before next Wednesday so I'll just say I'd like to be in Victorian England, but not unless I'm very very rich and have some title or other. Otherwise it was sheer hell.

    This post also reminds me I MUST take a look at black books. And if you're a Hugh Laurie fan, what about Black Adder? I just bought the Christmas Carol episode for Mr J for Christmas. He's a big fan.

  9. Oy Nutmeg! Pay attention! See #3 on fave television. I especially loved Hugh as Thicky Prince George.
    APP. Stomp did Melbourne earlier this year and I took the Climber.
    House. There was actually a clue in the post "Stompin" re the well-known band. But if you can't work it out from there, email me! It wasn't Australian Crawl (OMG I loved that band) because I AM NOT THAT OLD!!! thankyou....

  10. Step In, Step Out Shula .. i'm no flunkie !

    And Stomper of the ambiguous age .. gets offended when I suggest Neil Diamond is for oldies, and is too young for Crawl.

    Here's some groupie trivia for you: I was so in love with James Reyne at 15, I decided I was going to name my son after him ... and I did ... sorta. The husband only found out post-birth certificate.

    I told him I was only joking, he really wasn't named after James .. but hubs just shook his head and said 'I know you, and you're lying'. heh. And he was right ;)

  11. Stomper, I must have got late finding this post.
    I might do that meme, I found it one of the more interesting ones.

    Because bloody Beta wont let me comment- even though I jump through all their stupid hoops they STILL dont allow it!

  12. We are addicted to the Black Adder tapes at our house. Rowan Atkinson doesn't seem to have done anything as good since, whereas Hugh Laurie has, and then some--I loved his pompous, goofy character on Black adder--good actor!


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