Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We have had a Frenchman* staying at our house for the last few nights. I tell this to my girlfriends and the first thing they ALL ask is:

"Is he cute?" **

Who cares if he's cute!?!? It's all about ze beautiful accent, non?

Thees ees 'im. 'Is name ees Laurent. (Or De-won if you are Cherub)

He also plays the didgeridoo.

*backpacker who worked in the bike shop with Fixit then travelled halfway round Australia - he needed a bed before he flew back to France.
**in some cases the question was immediately followed up with : "is he single?"


  1. I bet HE would come up with a better demonstration than a finger in the mouth :0
    (although, I suppose it's all in le technique)

  2. Didn't do it for me, Aunty, but then I prefer my men clean-shaven.

  3. One of my fist b/f's was a Belgian by the name of Laurent - it was prounounced "L'horr" sorta, with a phlegm'y back-of-throat ending.

    My best friend of this time was also a Belgian Laurent, of the female variety - pronounced differently, but luckily she went by "laura" ;)

    I loved my friend, but I think I only liked L'horr for his sexy accent.

    i'm cheap like that :)

  4. pour-quoi est-ce que vous n'invitez moi pour le dinner avec l'homme francais?
    vous etes une tres mal ami n'est-ce pas

  5. Oh lord here goes my terrible french then..

    Puisque l'homme français n'a pas mangé avec nous.

    Mais il a dormi dans votre lit.

    I 'ave washed ze sheets, though

  6. Nah, french accent is not my thing. Bit too Inspector Clouseau.

    There is however a customer who comes into my shop and he is a tall handsome man with a gorgeous deep Scottish accent that has me entranced.

  7. That is how my Ashleigh will have to speak all year next year...when she leaves home...and I don't get to go...and she has a life without me in it...and I miss her, but she doesn't miss us...

    He only looks ok. I'm not impressed and my daughter won't be either!

  8. Hmm, my French is a little rusty.
    Where did you say he is sleeping?
    In Nell's bed?

    I was once in love with an Austrian accent. I mean an Austrian.. ahh bugger it, what H&B said.

  9. Just that last bit though.

    I never met L'horr

  10. And it would be completely inappropriate of me to link this post with the - ah - mood that inspired the need for the previous post, wouldn't it?

  11. Mais oui! L'homme français arrivee ze day after ze leetle accident.

  12. The only french I remember is Oui, Non, and counting... Un, deux, trois... But I can READ well enough to know that... Laurent and Nell are sleeping together?! Way to go Nell! Maybe I don't read French that well either after all.

  13. French accent and a diggerydoo - what more could a sane woman require!

  14. I hope Climber gave a good demonstration of that large instrument!

  15. It's uncanny what an accent will make sane women do. I married Frenchman and I swear I didn't understand a thing he said for the first week or so after we met.

  16. Goodness - I take a little break away from the blogs and the stuff that happens in a couple of days - from the MAP (and tee shirts and dvds and books) to bearded didgeridoo playing frenchmen - there must be somewhere you can submit this storyline...

  17. The Frenchman is sleeping with Nell?

  18. He looks fairly cute to me, but then again, I've been married for nearly 10 years, plus I'm an unashamed francophile!

  19. OK we are BFFFs again, since he didn't stay for dinner.
    And NO I AM NOT SLEEPING WITH THE FRENCHMAN. He is in "my" (the spare) bed.
    BTW is that the vacuum cleaner pipe the Cherub is playing ?

  20. Jenny of Nth Fitzroy (for now)Thu Aug 16, 09:30:00 pm GMT+10

    Hey Nell,
    Sounds like you protesteth too much you dirty dog. Waaaaay to go! He looks pretty cute to me.

  21. Ahh J'adore the french accent, but alas the MrV is diabolical at French.

  22. haha i just stumbled upon your blog but either those french backpackers all look alike or i am very suspicious that that one and his french friend were guests at a friend of mines house last year sometime. all i remember was they were very smelly frenchies!


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