Monday, August 20, 2007

Works in Progress

Seems we all have our own little projects to be getting on with here at Chez Fixit. Here's mine. It will be a pair (when I knit the other one) of wrist-warmers, a'la Pea Soup. I'm feeling very happy with this knitting lark, it's quite absorbing. Over the weekend I got to grips with ribbing, casting on and casting off!! - provided I have the support and expertise of Jenny or Craftymum nearby. They've had to rescue my masterpiece on several occasions. I am liking my ball of Kmart wool too, I think my wrist-warmer resembles a Monet sunset.

My mum has come to visit us for a few days, and it's lovely to see her. Her work in progress is Cherub's hair, which she likes to brush. Must be to do with him owning such a wild tangle of curls. I haven't seen Mum following Climber's dead straight mop around with the hairbrush..

Fixit's work in progress is a new hobby - indoor rock climbing. (Proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.) His other WIP is recovering from muscle-ache post the rock climbing session.

Climber has been dabbling with non-fiction writing lately. He is currently working on a typed Science Book - it's all about cells - and he has also started a Spell Book. (I've added in the correct spellings for those of you who are not Harry readers.)

I found another of his works in progress, which is a follow-on from an idle conversation between Climber and myself recently where he wondered if a one-limbed octopus would be called a uni-pus...

And Cherub has been working on a song. It's called The Fixit Stomper Song and he accompanies himself on his little ditar. It goes :
Fixit strum strum Sto-o-mper strum Fixit strum strum Sto-o-mper ...

... for quite a long time. I think it's my favourite song in the whole world.

Climber accompanied him on the straw.


  1. You people with your knitting are making me feel all inadequate.

    Climber has lovely penmanship. Can he come over here and teach it to my boy child (who is several years older than him, by the way)?

  2. I hope you have the song copyrighted. Love the colors on the wrist warmers.... being a fan of the impressionists myself. Feeling jealous of the talent too.

  3. Quite the orchestra you have going at chez fixit! And that Monet sunset yarn is delicious!

  4. Between you all the arts are covered. I love the books. Treasures!

  5. Nice to see you playing happy families!!

  6. You do have quite the renaissance crowd happening over there.

  7. I love the look of that wool and how it is knitting up!

    Fixit is quite the spunk, isn't he? I don't think we have seen such a close up, full on face pic of him before.

  8. Laughing at your Mum (nicely mind) because my Mum does exactly the same thing to my little curly tops. Makes her hair go all fluffy.

    Very impressed with Climbers writing and imagination, and Cherub's song sounds like a hit.

  9. Wow, clever kids - love that song! My Mum was just down too, no cool photos though, she is a bit on the 'go away, I'm reading' side of things (without actually saying it of course).

  10. I'm knitting a cardy in the sunset wool. It's yummy, isn't it? It's coming along very slowly.
    I love it when kids make up songs.

  11. Could your mum come over and brush Margot's hair for me. And other than scarves I cannot knit for quids so would like some lessons too. Let's see what else can I demand? nuffink really. Just loved seeing all your family ....Mary

  12. you just made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  13. Fixit reminds me of Major Nelson in I Dream of Jeanie.
    Anyone agree ?

  14. The Climber is going great guns! What writing and imagination!

    And I don't know what happened to my comment on your last post - got bloggled (variation on gobbled). Anyway, you softball gals scared the pants off me in school! I was a wimp; I played netball. I avoided hockey too. Like softball, the ball was way too hard and too small!

  15. Fab photo of Fixit. And I can see clearly who Climber resembles now!

    Love the wristwarmer. Just don't knit a condom hat to match please. I couldn't bear it.

  16. I love those wrist warmers. Am always tempted to learn to knit but I think that might be too much on my plate (and the FB would covet the needles)

  17. Oh you all sound so busy!

    Love the knitting - lovely colours.

    Had a giggle at your mum trying to brush Cherub's hair. I tend to chase Chickie around with a hair brush too. Don't know why I bother when he immediately messes it up again...

    Indoor rock climbing is hard! I've made it to the top a whole *once* hehe.

    I need a list of those spells myself - along with the Wii instructions (we have the Harry Potter game for the Wii and I keep forgetting what's what!)

    I think Chickie and Cherub could just about do a duet. Chickie has the same guitar (as far as I can see) and his songs are quite similar :)

  18. I think Climber needs a kazoo. That would drive you ALL crazy.

    The wrist warmer is beautiful, and I love your description as a Monet sunset.

    I hope you're keeping Climber's early literary efforts. His enthusiasm is amazing! (More proof relating to apples and trees, perhaps?!)

  19. Sounds like "Daddy's Song" ( nothing like "Annie's Song" )

    It goes:
    'Daddy's Song Daddy's Song Daddy's Song Daddy's Song', and you accompany yourself with bounces on the mini-tramp.

    When we play the ukelele, the favoured song is "SongSongSongSong"

    But we're into the recorder ATM, which isn't as scheeching as you might imagine...


  20. Wow what a creative and productive bunch you are!

  21. What brilliant wristwarmers Stomper! I haven't knit any yet, too damn busy with socks...

  22. I love that Monet sunset yarn! You're becoming quite the knitter now aren't you?

    (And I agree with Anonymous...Fixit is a dead ringer for Major Nelson.)

  23. Don't worry Stomper, I'm stalking Suse too. The amount of questions I've emailed her about the bread recipe is ridiculous! Now I'm going to need to knit wrist warmers too.


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