Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cardboard box? You were lucky.

All is not lost if your parents won't spring for a Nintendo.

If you have a good imagination and an abundance of art materials, you can make your own.

And what's more, you and your little brother will play with it quite happily, as if it were the real thing.


  1. Now that is gorgeous - amazing what kids will do with paper and pens - and a good little reminder to me - thankyou!

  2. SG, don't you understand subtle Parental Guilt Inducing Techniques when you see them? Give that boy my phone number and I'll educate him on how to REALLY apply pressure!

  3. That is so cool !! I love it, can I have a play ?

    So nintendos are still cool, huh ?
    I thought it was all Playstation and Wii these days, but i'm not real up with it ( thank God ), i've got a few years yet .. I think ... ;)

  4. Creative!

    I'd definitely prefer to play that than the real thing at which I am truly hopeless, much to the frustration of my younger brother who just doesn't understand that I didn't come with the gamers gene.

  5. That is very cute! And so realistic... (He's obviously studied this lusted-after object long and hard.)

  6. Maybe he has a career in Modern Art coming?

    C informed me today that he is saving his piggybank money for a tv in his room.

    Y'know, since I AM SO MEAN.

  7. Cardboard Nintendo?
    Luxury, sheer luxury, why when I were kid, had to fashion one out of broken glass and bits of nail found on building site...

    tell that kids today

  8. I dream of broken glass and bits of nail...

    If only he could fashion some paper money from his kit of tricks to purchase the item they so covet.

  9. What's Nintendo?

  10. Oh...

    Maybe it's just me, but I laughed, then went all misty with sadness for the little tyke.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, I don't know a kid who goes without these days, but...

  11. Kirsty - fortunately I have a heart of stone so the PGIT's would not work on me. Just like Daysgoby, clearly.

    Thankyou to Mary, Uli, and Fairlie for admiring the handiwork

    Mum - Nintendo is like that hand-held electronic monkey game, (remember?), just a lot more whizz-bang. And yes, H&B, apparently it is still cool. So they tell me.

    I did so hope someone would top me in the we had it tough stakes, thankyou Sussanah and Tracey.

    And Aunty, you are very sweet.

  12. Fantastic, I think our kids will get along well :-) My daughter made my son a plasticine Tamagotchi, as she got a real one for her birthday last year.

  13. Cardboard? Markers? We had mud and sticks. And we were damn happy to have them.

  14. That is one of my favorite Monty Python routines EVAH.

  15. Luxury!

    hehe, I sooo want Spamalot to tour somewhere near me. I've heard it's really good.

    Anyway, you must have a heart of stone if you can resist that look in the photo. Jeez - I'm about ready to pop out and get him a nintendo! ;)

  16. Imaginative kids, aren't they?

    Seems a shame to waste such talent. It's almost worth testing out what they'd come up with if you hid the tv!!

  17. P.S. Incidentally, at age 8 NOS stopped whining for a Nintendo when I bought him a razor sharp Japanese chef's knife. Now he just chops merrily manking ninja sounds.

  18. I'm with my float on this.

    Hide the TV.

    We did.

    Miracles happened.

    And nobody died.

    Or was injured.

  19. Gosh Stomper, his work is so Neat!
    He will go far.
    You're not depriving him, you are building his character.

  20. Oooh, don't tell the teenagers of the world that a paper and pen version is just as much fun ;)

  21. Does he "story board" his own version of the games as well? This could lead to bigger and better things - like selling his "art" for mega bucks!

  22. my son makes his own pokemon trading cards because i won't buy him any! it is amazing what they will do if they have to :)


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