Saturday, January 05, 2008


We went to Scienceworks on Friday. Good air-conditioned activity for a hot day, and we're members, so it's free. Children love it because there are heaps of hands-on activities. This construction site below is fantastic, the kids all mobilise when they get to it. Large-scale co-operation like you wouldn't believe. Highly channelled energy goes into shifting blocks: into a wall, out of the wall, down the chute, into wheelbarrows, up conveyor belts. It's all totally pointless when you look at it dispassionately but the kids have a ball.
My almost-7-year-old is probably at the perfect age for this and he enjoyed himself greatly; dashing eagerly to each new thing, exploring, having fun, interacting with other people.

The 4-in-a-corner-year-old was for the most part a big sooky-la-la.

Mostly. Throwing a ball into a vortex would cheer anyone up, I suppose.

I'm adoring the fact that my big boy is still so unselfconscious. Not only did he happily don the rabbit ears, he also gaily hopped (like a bunny) from activity to activity, quite oblivious to anyone else. So much so that he didn't realise that I'd had to take the Cherub into a corner to deal with a mini spak-attack. Fortunately he is also quite mature in lots of ways, so he took himself off to the entrance desk and announced to the woman that he was lost. A colleague was called in to help the Climber find us, but by this stage Cherub and I were walking round the exhibit in search of him, so it was not long before we were re-united. He had to blink back a few tears and needed a little mummy-cuddle, but I suspect he was slightly disappointed that his name was not called over the loudspeakers.


  1. You have the cutest kids. I agree, this is a good age! Everything is still fun, and there's no worrying about what other people think. You are right to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

    Heidi :)

  2. I Love scienceworks - but my kids are over it.... I'll have to borrow some!

  3. We were there on Tuesday! We've GOT to get our 2 oldest together, they'd get along so well. My husband was with us so we could split up and do different things (I wouldn't have been able to keep an eye on both of them - kudos to you!) The girl and I went to the Music exhibits and the boys went to the Lightning show (too loud, apparently).
    Personally, I love the retro kitchen exhibit the best.

  4. I don't think I coul;d go back too often ( I got kinda bored, and it's all about me, doncha know ? )
    Ah - but the air-conditioning .. smart girl.

    I do however, *love* the museum.

    And the Zoo, where we're supposed to be next week, but I reckon it will be too hot still....

  5. I think it's been said once or twice, but I'm gonna say it again.

    God jesus your children are gorgeous.

  6. I love enjoying your boys almost as much as you do!
    Of course a bonus is not having to deal with spak attacks!

  7. As Aunty E said - these children are so gorgeous. Their eyes get me every time.

    Scienceworks sounds like our Powerhouse Museum a little. It can always be counted on for entertaining the kids.

    Unless they have decided to have a sooky la la moment.

  8. Scienceworks is always good for a few hours of air-conditioned entertainment.

    What a clever bunny you have, knowing what to do when he was lost.

  9. Scienceworks is fantastic! I love that place. Such a good idea for a hot day.
    Our eldest boy wasn't leaving until he beat Cathy Freeman on the running track. Needless to say, after about 10 attempts, we had to explain that it just wasn't going to happen.
    I'm with Lazy Cow on the retro kitchen. Fab.

  10. That boy will save someone's life one day.


  11. I'm glad that you were swiftly reunited with your lost bunny!

  12. Bless his heart! I got lost at a large amusement park when I was very young. I was more than a little teary by the time I was reunited with the rest of the clan. Climber is amazing. Still has the innocence of childhood all about him, but so mature too. And I would have been with Cherub in the corner having a bit of a spak attack.


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