Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Fixit went back to work yesterday after 2 weeks of holiday; time spent lounging around with me and the boys. He got to see Cherub's kinder and swimming class (he shook his head and asserted Cherub was definitely the dunce of the swim-class. Just because he's not putting his face in yet, after a whole 4 classes; fathers are harsh sometimes aren't they?), he attended assembly at Climber's school ("little bit boring", apparently, so I can stop feeling guilty for always missing it to go to aerobics) and encouraged me to drink way more coffee than usual as we moseyed our way in between child pick-ups and drop-offs.

We haven't officially heard "fail" about the medical so we're assuming that means "pass". Now he has to have an aptitude test but I'd be VERY surprised if he failed that. All being well though he should start the new career in 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, I have escaped eating Stomper-food for 3 consecutive nights this weekend, which was fun for lots of reasons, and not just because I am completely bored with my own cooking.
  • Friday night was my Mothers' Group Kids-free Night Out for the Grown-up Girls at a yummy middle-eastern restaurant. Good company, good food, and nobody fighting, stealing toys, whining or shouting. Actually, we may have done a leeetle whining - to each other - and we did have to shout because that restaurant is a particularly noisy one, but we absolutely did not steal each other's toys.
  • Saturday night home delivery Vietnamese with Fixit and Nell.
  • Sunday night out to groovy Brunswick Street with Crafty and visiting blogger Kirsty from Two Lime Leaves. We admired lots of wares in shop windows (I've now got a terrible urge to go shoe-shopping) before deciding on a Japanese restaurant. We were the first to arrive and the last to leave so I think that gives you a good indication of how well we got on. I took a photo but have since realised I didn't actually check with the other two if they were comfortable having their mugs plastered across my blog so I've compromised...

I've always thought when I read Kirsty's blog that I would like her in person and I was right. (I already knew I liked Crafty in person because she used to live next door to me.)


  1. Perfect holiday.

    Perfect weekend of meals eaten out.

    Perfect catchup in real life.

    I'm glad for you.

  2. I wish I'd come to the quilt show too. You were just as big an attraction as the quilts. That's saying a lot, you know!

  3. I TOLD you that Kirsty wasn't a leather clad cross dressing trucker,(not that there's anything wrong with that)

    she's a bit of all right isn't she

  4. Three dinners out in a row? You are a lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl.

    I hope everything goes well with the medical AND the aptitude test. Crossing fingers...


  5. Still have fingers crossed for the medical.

    That sounds like a nice holiday! Dunce! What?? He's only obeying his instincts. That's how mothers think about these things.

    So glad you had a lovely meet-up.

  6. It sounds like a nice change of pace. Heavenly, actually.

    Cherub is young. He has several more decades to go before he has to worry about being the dunce of the swim class. If he still won't put his face in when he gets to my age - well, then perhaps you should get concerned.


    Sounds like a really nice time!

  8. Yum to the Middle Eastern food, yum to the Vietnamese food. ho hum to the Japanese, but yay to getting to meet Kirsty and for already knowing Crafty!

  9. Oh yeah, and tell Fixit to back off on the dunce comments, I am a lot older than 4 and I won't put my face in the water either!

  10. You lucky lucky girl! To get off cooking for THREE WHOLE nights!

    Seems like you have had lots of 'feel good' time.

    Good luck for Mr Fixit.


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