Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Nose Knows

What is this? Looks a bit reptilian, don't you think?

Not so snake-like in this pic, though. But still mysterious.

Don't worry, I'm not going to tease it out. In the interests of public health and utensil welfare, I'll tell you.

It's one of my u-beaut magnetic measuring spoons.

See, magnetic spoons and metal cake tins have this attraction for each other. In this case the attraction was so strong it caused this little 1/4 teaspoon measure to commit harikari in my oven.

I really should not have ignored that smell of burning plastic. Always trust your nose. The lives of little teaspoons could be saved.


  1. And that, Miss Stomper, is the start of your sculpture career.

    You made art.

  2. Holy crap! I thought it was some hideous alien IUD or something! I feel sick.

  3. Oh dear...

    Can I admit here that I'm nearly doubled over with laughter though?

    This is something I'd do...

  4. You should write a 'handy tips' book you should.

  5. I have a number of saucepans which could join your little teaspoon in the sculpture.

    Because I did not allow the nose to know.

  6. How did the cake taste?

  7. Delicious. Not the slightest hint of molten teaspoon.

  8. someone already asked that - glad it was delicious!!

  9. Stomper,

    There's just something about your cooking style that makes me cack myself.

    In a loving, supportive way, you understand.

  10. LOL! At least the magnetic spoon went out on a high note - contributing to one awesome blog post :)


  11. Alien IUD? What is Kirsty thinking?
    I had a similar spoon experience a few weeks back when I put the whole box of KFC in the oven to warm. Little did I know the potato and gravy spoon was in the chicken box....
    I know - cardboard chicken box in oven is not a good idea - but it was late on a Saturday evening. I wasn't thinking too clearly...
    Magnetic measuring spoons are a great idea. Never heard of them before.

  12. would have been a lot worse if it stuck to the inside of the tin and you missed it!

  13. Hee! That is totally something I would do.

  14. Oh. dear. Lord.

    I thought for sure that was some exotic species of snake you'd discovered behind a cupboard or something. I was quite relieved to see it was just a magnetic spoon by the time I made it that far. I always forget and put the plastics on the bottom rack in the dishwasher. We've lost a lot of plastic cups that way.

  15. That is so sad.

    RIP little spoon. Your contribution to that cake will not be forgotten...

  16. I immediately recognised that it was melted plastic, and thought it must've come out of the dishwasher, and then I remembered your dishwasher is not -that- sort of hot.

  17. Wow - that is totally awesome!

    Maybe you can auction it off on eBay?

  18. I would sooooo do that myself.

    I melted a spatula today. When I looked closely, it did have "Not heat resistant" written on it in teeny tiny letter the same colour as the spatula itself.

    Can you put the spoon with the remnants of the non-heatproof casserole dish and start a sculpture garden of kitchen victims?

  19. I know what Tanya is about...she is hinting you should look very closely- it might resemble Mother Theresa or someone in that region.
    Unfortunately the spoon that landed in the bottom of the dishwasher didn't. Nor did the little knife with the plastic handle, baked under the pumkin dish...

  20. Oh yeah, I'm sure dinner time is super fun at your house!

    "Oh, look what I found in the dinner tonight, Mum."

    Hee hee

  21. It's so nice to know I have company!

  22. Fabulous. Thank you for this post - makes me not feel so alone with my domestic disasters.


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