Friday, February 01, 2008

What we have been up to:

  • Back at school. In the Senior building. But he's not a senior yet, don't rush me kid!! They couldn't fit all the Grade 2 classes in the Junior building. He says he likes his new teacher - another male teacher! - and that he's nice and doesn't shout.

  • Enjoyed his party despite having no school friends and no Harry Potter theme. He started worrying that his party was not going to be up to scratch in the week beforehand which was making me feel awful, but as my friends so kindly reminded me, he had a perfectly good party despite its low-key-ness. And do you really need to organise a theme party when 3 boys can pick up twigs for wands and run the length of the park bellowing Expelliarmus and other spells in between diving for cover and hiding from any enemies?
  • Has been told some really good news on the job front but we're still waiting on confirmation. Touch wood, cross fingers.

  • Has booked holidays in a week's time to fix up the Yamaha for sale . So he can take me couch shopping.
  • Practising his pouncing. All. The. Time. He is really rather good at it.
  • Helps me blog.
Our socks.
  • Living in fear of Bertie the Sock Slayer. They are not even safe in their drawers, much less lying vulnerably in piles of unsorted clean washing.
  • Had his first ever swimming lesson. And got quietly anxious about it, which was so sweet. See, what he knows of swimming lessons is Climber in the big pool doing laps in the deep water. So at first he told me he was too little for swimming lessons. After I reassured him he'd be in the little pool and it would be fun, he was still slightly worried, but willing. Then on the morning of the class we had a discussion about goggles and whether he would like to borrow Climber's pair. To which he responded: I don't need any gobbles mummy, I'm not going under the water.
And he didn't. His teacher didn't push it. It's his first class after all.

He did have a really good time though.
  • Back at tap. I'm so happy. I've missed the weekly dancing, the endorphins rush and the smiling faces of my students. (And just quietly, it is really good to be earning again!! Things got a bit tight towards the end of January...) And the boards have been a big hit! Especially the stars.
  • Forgot to bring a knife to Climber's birthday party. Luckily Nell is a dab-hand with a toothpick.


  1. Yay! Nell saves the day. We love Nell.

    I seriously want some of that cake, although it is probably all stale and stuff by now.

    Great post! Thanks for updating us.

    That puss is such a gorgeous colour!!

  2. Well done all of you!
    My sister used to have the same kind of cat..loved nothing more than leaping out from behind a doorway attacking your ankles as you walk by....after all his name was KATO (from Pink Panther fame)
    very curious nature...
    he once bought home a whole cooked chicken a neigbour had left on the window sill to cool..and he was an excellent cake thief.

  3. Cutting the cake with a toothpick? Brilliant improvising :)

    One of my cats insists on either laying across my arms so I can't type or she uses the gel part of the ergonomic mouse pad as a pillow.

    Oh and a word of warning - you might want to discourage Bertie from sitting on the computer (my other cat's favourite perch was the top of the pc - nice and warm, you see). Cat hair doesn't appear to be good for the insides of computers, I've discovered.

  4. Aaaah, nothing like the beginning of a new school year - so full of promise.

    The cake looks yum. Luckily it is a long way away because I'm busily trying to lose all the excess luggage from my holiday.

  5. Aaahhh - a most satisfying post - plenty of updating with just a touch of mystery re Fixit.

    And anticipation of a new couch..

  6. "And the house? Still fairly disgraceful." and I guess a couch is a good substitute for a cleaner - just don't let anyone else lie on it.
    I am glad he had a good time at his low-key party.

  7. I reckon Nell could probably bring World Peace with a packet of matches and a fork, if she had to.

  8. Nell and a toothpick. Is her last name McGyver?

    I hope that Fixit's news + sale of motor bike = money for a cleaner!

    PS I did miss you while I was away. I see that I was away two weeks and you made six posts. That is keeping up the three per week average! Very nicley done.

  9. Wow! You've been busy. Just in time for the weekend - hope it's a good one!

    Heidi :)

  10. What a thoroughly delightful and productive team you all are.
    Best wishes

  11. What a lovely post, so full of news.

  12. funny...i was reading your blog and the kids burst in over my shoulder and said...hey thats coco! (our new burmese kitten)
    she is about the same age as yours...we got her just before christmas,, and we were supposed to pick her up in seymour until a last minute change of plans. i was thinking our kittens may be related !
    ours is entertainingly hyperactive also.

  13. it was beinawe cattery... i dont think her name was libby though..
    how much wondering if shes going to be this crazy as she gets older or if its just kitten playfulness. if she scared lol...

  14. Hello! Bertie looks gorgeous, Lil just sits right in front on the dest so ian't see the monitor or get at the keyboard!

    There is a "You make my day" -award button waiting for you in my blog! Go get it and pass it on.

  15. Someone should tell Climber he has a stick wedged in his crotch.

    Can't be comfy.

    Well, you guys have been busy, haven't you ? Job sounds interesting - can't wait to hear more on that one.

    Swimming lessons - I really should get onto that.

    Love the piccies .. as always :)

  16. Is there anything Nell can't do?

    She's like the Swiss Army Knife of friends.



Don't let the cat get your tongue.