Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The thing about.

The thing about Waterford crystal mantle-clocks for 10 years service is that they are probably not worth as much on ebay once your soon-to-be-ex-employer has engraved the bottom of it.

The thing about a forthcoming crafternoon is that it is a motivating force to try a new project from the lovely knitting book my sister gave me for Christmas.

The thing about the prescribed "Show-off" wool called for in said pattern is that it has changed since the book was published and instead of having pretty rainbow inserts it is now hairier than Austin Powers' chest. Which makes it a complete cow to knit with. Especially for novices like me. I cannot tell AT ALL what I've knitted, so when I suspect a mistake I have to pull the whole thing apart and start again. Five times so far! If it wasn't pretty and purple I would have junked it by now.

The thing about buying a brand new motorbike is that occasionally one of them will have a warranty issue that will take up an owner/mechanic's every waking thought because it needs to be fixed - by him, natch - before he stops being a motorbike mechanic.

The thing about medicals is that they take a while to let you know the results.

The thing about having a son who is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine is that even if you relent and buy him - as a little treat - the train he says he really wants, there is always another train that he Just Needs.

The thing about letting the kittie sleep on your bed is that while the purring cuddly part is lovely, the 4am pouncing-practice session is very annoying.

The thing about having long red hair is ...
1. if you moult it is super easy to identify you as the culprit.
2. your future Mother In-(common)-Law will have a fair idea of what you look like before her son has even let on that he has a new girlfriend. Just by washing his socks.
3. the way you find out the kittie has ingested your moulted long red hair is really disgusting.


  1. Eeeeeew. Not asking.

    I've knitted with wool like that before - six times I started over. Finally blundered on regardless. I figured if I couldn't see where I went wrong, no-one else would either.

  2. Ahh Stomper.

    I have been longing to ask about the medical but now I see I will have to be patient.

    I was not longing to know about red hair hair balls.

  3. hmmm, I wonder if anyone has tried to felt fur balls?

  4. Wrong end dudes. They're not fur balls.

  5. LOL I wish I could knit but now I'm not so sure.

  6. Well OF COURSE they're not furballs.

    And that hairy wool? It's fun and all that, but I CANNOT knit with it.

  7. We have a reformed Thomas addict in our house. We still own trains by the million (who knew that there were so many damned characters). Don't worry he'll grow out of it...
    there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I crack myself up sometimes!

  8. The kitty is getting big, isn't he? As are your gorgeous boys!

    Does the doctor have any idea about when results will be back?

  9. So.... despite all the unpicking, is the knitting relaxing? Does it make you forget about red not.fur.balls?

  10. LOL...

    and fairlie stole my line :)


  11. Don't know about the hair! But I certainly know about buying 'x' craft to do later and then either having something missing when I get around to doing it or losing the instructions......

    I've recently taken up knitting again myself - very therapeutic.

  12. Tracey is cracked all right!

    Eeeeeew. It bears repeating.

    We have a former Thomas addict at our house too. Rob still complains about the fact that the "twin trains" are just a marketing ploy to sell you trains that are identical except for a small change in their faces and the name printed on their bellies.

    Why can't I dream up something like that?

  13. IF the Waterford clock has been engraved on the crystal part, that can be polished off with no tell-tale scarring, and thus rendered eminently suitable for eBaying.

    Don't ask.


  14. I think I read somewhere about someone who decided to spin her dogs hair into wool to knit with? (I might be making that up). So, you know, you could try that with the molted hair -- better than what the cat does with it anyhow.

  15. ahhh hahahahaha!

    It all made me laugh! Especially the last sentence.

  16. My mind was totally thrown by the Kitty & the hair!

    A very full post, with lots of lovely pics!

    Joke has an interesting solution for the Crystal Clock!

    WV is mind boggling fkkfklor

  17. I have three reformed Thomas addicts. Son #2 went through a phase (a two year phase) where he wouldn't leave the house without a James in each hand.

    And I was going to say The Thing About Burmese Cats is that they enjoy knitting. But then the photo finally loaded and I saw you'd already discovered that one.

  18. Does everyone else get the sock bit? I have to ask, how does the M-I-L know what you look like? Does she examine the underneath of his socks for stray hairs before she washes them carefully by hand? Is she a psychic sock reader?


  19. Well, she only knew I had long red hair but you could probably guess pale and freckly with that. The "psychic sock reader" absolutely cracked me up. It's like that comedian's David Doherty's routine : Very Mild Super-powers

  20. Wait.

    How did your beloved's socks come to catch your hair?

    Is this some sort semi-barefoot antipodean head-stepping courtship ritual of which I hadn't been made previously aware?


  21. Yep. That's it, joke. It definitely has NOTHING to do with how little I vacuum. Definitely.

  22. Amazing you've taught your cat to knit. I can't even knit. Never mind not being as smart as a fifth grader, now I'm not even as smart as a cat. Lovely black and white photos too.


  23. I lived in a sharehouse with a redhaid. It was a particularly messy sharehouse, very "Felafel".

    Anyway, the pubes would pile up in the toilet as nobody wanted to clean up anybody else's pubes.

    We'd always make Brian do it though, as he couldn't deny the red ones, and well .. while he was there and all that ....

  24. On another note: did you ever get a hold of the Big Issue with the tapdancing story in it? Let me know if you didn't and I'll post you my copy - it's sitting right here on my desk.

  25. That's a cute looking hat there :) Hope it gets done soon, without too many more pulling apart sessions!

  26. Ugh, so glad I read RIGHT TO THE END!! Blerk...

    As for the crystal clock, I'm thinking you could glue some felt to the bottom of it before ebaying it...clever, huh? huh?

  27. I so hear you about the Thomas the Tank Thing - and they keep releasing new ones and lots of girl ones too - I think they are onto that they are a bit popular with girls too. And don't get me started on the limited release ones.....

    And my last cat was soon banished to a locked laundry for such practices!


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