Friday, February 08, 2008

Is magic real?

At school last Friday the Climber lost his other front tooth and is currently sporting the look we like to call the Toofless Tiger.
I think Climber and Crafty's boy monkey may have had a Tooth Fairy discussion recently. Suddenly her non-believer is enamoured of the coin under the pillow and Climber meanwhile starts in with is the Tooth Fairy real? because there's no such thing as magic, really, is there? Fortunately I was able to construct, hastily, a cogent argument based on the psychic connection between twins, which culminated in a resounding if that's not magic what is? Reassured, he decided that the Tooth Fairy should swim for this tooth and it was placed in a glass of water forthwith. Then, of course, conscience struck and he dictated the following note to be left out for her :

The Cherub said wistfully on the day after his first day, I really miss my kinder. Later that same morning he requested a daytime sleep. This was a surprise, because we recently lost his daytime sleep due to Christmas, heat-waves and school holidays. ( I know! A four-year-old still having a day sleep! Climber was the same, but don't be jealous; remember my kids are Very Fussy Eaters). When I looked askance at him, he explained that he wanted to dream about his kinder. I was a little bit overwhelmed by this huge kinder-love after only one day, but then I worked it out. The Cherub is mad for toy trains; indeed, the reason I never got any artwork from him is that he spent every possible inside moment at crèche crouched over the train track. At kinder there is a whole new set of tracks to fall in love with. With the added bonus of a really good large bit of floor so he can set up a decent sized track. No wonder he wanted to have a quiet little lie-down while he contemplated the glories awaiting him. I understand this. I'm a day-dreamer myself.

The house is being tackled bit by bit. The good news is that the boys' room is once more fit for human habitation, (not that it ever stopped me from making them sleep there, mind!), in fact better than that, it is spotless! It had got so bad it had assumed the proportions of Poe's Tell-tale Heart, because of all the Christmas presents and the spare mattress for the hot nights (the top bunk is too stifling) and the friends coming over and allright, yes, my general slackness. All I could think about was the terrible mess in there and I got to a stage of virtual paralysis with the other housework. Anyway, Bertie Wooster and I spent a day cleaning it up and I have to say that housework is much more fun when you have a pouncing kitty for company, but not necessarily faster. And although technically, the completion of this room should have meant I was free to get on with the rest of the house, I instead allowed myself to be distracted by a flying visit from my Mum, here to celebrate her little sister's 50th birthday.


  1. OK I know there was a lot in that post and I really should have digested it better but and I say this everytime - your kids are just ridiculously beautiful (as is their grandmother by the looks of it).

    In fact I'm thinking that you may have to stop posting photos of them cause every time you do it makes my heart stop.

    But it does restart again so you better keep posting them.

  2. You're such a good mom. It sounds as though your young men are going to have many great memories to look back on.

  3. Has Bertie discovered the delights of being trapped under a fitted sheet yet?

    Every cat I have ever owned has. They leap onto the bed as you are making it, you lock them in, then tickle them from outside the sheet.

    They go BERSERK. You have to watch your fingers though, those bloody claws are like mini razor blades.

    Anyway, good on you for cleaning up. This place is such a shithouse right now, I am gradually working my way through it. Wouldn't you think that being at home during the day would give you a spotless home?

  4. Oh, before you call the RSPCA on me, when I say the cat goes berserk, I mean in a fun way. They actually love it!

  5. Hurray for clean houses (well, rooms, anyway, let's not get ahead of ourselves - and I'm talking about ME not you here!)
    Your boys sound like such happy, adaptable little things. Our 4yo kinder insists on everyone having a lie-down after lunch for about 1/2 an hour. I remember doing that when I was that age too, but I don't think most places do that anymore?

  6. I love that cherub needed to have a sleep so that he could dream about his kinder. That is priceless

  7. I'm right with Aunty Evil about the kitty presence when making the bed.
    Mine, at the ripe old age of two has decided that he will dedicate his life to sleep. That is until he realises I am making a bed and he's all kittenish again and jumping around like a maniac.
    Day time sleep at four - that's fantastic. Mine were over them by about 2 - but then, they eat everything, so I suppose you can't have it both ways.

  8. He has a long time to wait until next Christmas for his two front teeth!! I am sure the will arrive sooner than that. Priceless photo though.

  9. I'm sure that the darling wants to go back to preschool for EXACTLY the same reason. They recently released a couple more "girl" trains too and now she is in double heaven :-)

  10. It has never even occurred to me that the tooth fairy would have to swim for a tooth left in water... All these years I've been making the tooth fairy duck dive. I'm surprised he/she left any money at all.

  11. What a gentleman young Climber is - worried that the Tooth Fairy may have to (gasp) skinny-dip for his tooth. So thoughtful of him to give her a heads-up to avoid such an unseemly display.

  12. Ooo I'd completely forgotten that. When we lived in South Africa, we had an afternoon nap every day [heat] and a lot of European countries have a siesta......I also heard on the radio that cat naps are very good for reducing stress and increasing efficiency, so maybe it's not a bad thing?

  13. You and tracy should BOTH come to my house. You clean and organize . i'll be in charge of tea and cookies and general pampering....Sound like a deal?

  14. Oh, yes I struggle with those 'Is Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny real?' questions, too!
    Like you, I deal with these questions by giving long rambling answers.(While your answers may actually make sense, mine are kinda along the lines of 'baffle them with b***s***!)

    I love how Climber wanted to sleep so he could dream of the wonders of kinder.... how cute is that?!

  15. That toothfairy note is *bizarre* !!

    i'm with Aunty Evil on the kitten under the fitted sheet thing too. Although you WILL bleed. A doona can soften the blows.

    I used to also love sweeping the floors with a cat. All of my cats, as kittens, have launched themselves onto the broom, and bit and kicked the f*ck out of it, as you push them across the room.

    Without a kitten, I don't sweep.
    It's just not the same...


  16. I bet that Bertie Wooster would love a good sheet wrangle!

    I'm with Mary.... you have the most beautiful children.... and so sweet. Dreaming about the trains at kinder and giving the toothfairy a swimmers warning. A-dorable!

  17. Awww, Isn't your Mum gorgeous!!

    Love the toofless smile.
    Yes, both those boys are just STARS!!


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