Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sometimes Good Things Come in Threes.

Melbourne Cup Day. Tuesday 6th November 2007.

Three jobs for the day:
  1. Babysit my niece while my sister goes to Flemington Racecourse to photograph the gee-gees.
  2. Amuse 3 children on the public holiday.
  3. Get our money's worth from our Friends of The Zoo membership.
Three bonus outcomes:
  1. Caught up with my Dad, step-mother and half-brother.
  2. Free lunch.
  3. Fixit got a morning motorbike ride whilst still being around to help with managing 3 kids in a public place. This is him meeting us in the carpark at Healesville ..

Healeseville Sanctuary, that is. The Australiana branch of the Melbourne Zoo.

Here are some more trios.

Three famous Australians:
Three hungry Australian natives:

My niece Jessie being absolutely unfazed by close encounters with three kangaroos:

My three boys and their creek-crossing prowess. (Badger's Creek, to be exact):

Three tired kids on the car-trip back home:

Message on my phone as we pulled up at home:

It's really hard to photograph a phone screen, but the message is from my sister Bronnie at the racecourse, sent 3 minutes after the race ended.

Three little words:

Got the trifecta.

(As in bet successfully on the horses that came first, second and third.)

We're not millionaires by any means, we only had 50 cents on that combination and of course we split it with Bron, seeing as how she laid the bets, and knew which names to put in. I just said I liked Purple Moon because of my whole purple fixation. But enough to put three very big smiles on the faces of Fixit, Bron and myself.


  1. God help me, I'm feeling a series of "Awwww"s bubbling up in my throat as I look at the photos of adorable little children, adorable little children with friendly kangaroos, and adorable little children sacked out in the car and giving you some peace.

  2. That is a great photo of the kids in the back of the car!

    A trifecta? On the Cup? You legend.

  3. Fairlie I took it whilst driving. Fixit was appalled. It's only talking on your mobile phone that's illegal though, right?

  4. That's super naughty miss stomper!!

    Poor Climber looks squished right in there. Glad that your fifty cents brought such a returN.

  5. wow, I've never heard of anyone actually winning a trifecta - how exciting!

  6. The trifecta is awesome! That happened to us once - we had a massive bet of $2 dollars on it - but I think we ended with something like $80 bucks. Enough to pay for dinner that night :)

    The picture of the tree in the car - priceless!


  7. Tree - three

    What can I say, it's still early here?

    Oh, and well worth the illegality of it all. Seriously. Fantastic picture.


  8. Yes I join all the others who just love that photo of three sleeping babies.

    And a trifecta.

    That would be a fantastic feeling.

  9. How cute they are!

    Poor little climber, look at him squashed in that little spot hahahaha.

    Gotta love them.

    Love the trifecta win too! Well done!

  10. oh my what a shot of those gorgeous kids in the car!!!!

  11. Yay you! Thank goodness you clarified Heidi. I was trying to figure out how I missed the tree in the car! :-)

    Adorable THREE they are indeed.

  12. Wonderful post!!
    The icing on the cake, the Trifecta.
    Those kids make me ache!! they are so beautiful.

  13. My favourite is theone of the three tired kids on the way home! Don't you wish you could zonk when tired, regardless of where you are, the way they can??

  14. Glad you had a lucky day!!! I was going for Purple Moon too as i thought it was a great name!!

  15. I love a good asleep in the car shot, that one's priceless. Nice job on the gambling success!

  16. I didn't know you were so big on the purple until last night... but yeah, you've definitely got a 'thing' ..

    Love the sleepy-byes shot ;)

    Went back to look for the tree I thought I missed ....

  17. Did you write back and say:

    "No, I'VE got the trifecta" as evidenced by the photo of the sleeping beauties?

  18. Oh wait, I forgot the squashed boy! That makes it a quadfecta, no?

    (Sounds like a nasty disease.)


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