Thursday, September 18, 2008

Down to here, down to there.

Do you notice anything different about me?

new haircut_6516

Neither did Fixit.

Admittedly he was too busy noticing the astonishing amount of housework I'd done during the day, which you know: there would have been t-r-o-u-b-l-e if he hadn't noticed THAT. But as he walked around admiring all the clear surfaces and gleaming floors he said Didn't you leave the house today? and I flicked my blow-waved hair around like a chick in a nightclub and said Just once. Even then...


  1. Hah! Poor Mr. Fixit, poor men in general. They want to be observant, they really do. I thinki your blown-dry hair looks lovey, and that's a cool self-portrait.

  2. I splurged on a pair of earrings recently and put them on, and hoped Gadget wouldn't notice, but he somehow noticed immediately. Go figure. I think it may have something to do with wanting vs not wanting something noticed...


  3. Well... it IS in the location about your neck....

    Rob's comment on my last haircut: "Wow! That's shorter than you said it would be." Which isn't exactly a compliment, is it?

  4. I'm off to the hairdresser today, lets see if Firegazer notices...I suspect not.

    I would've noticed. And I notice that you're looking fabulous.

  5. I can't believe he didn't notice your hair - M is right -
    we ALL would have noticed.

    You look beautiful!

  6. How could he not notice that sexy 'do???
    Oh yeah, the same way Peter didn't notice when I got my EARS PIERCED!!

  7. Well , You're not showing any rude bits like last time you took a bathroom photo!

    and you have beautiful hair!!!

  8. If I was English I'd say you looked smashing!

    It's a man thing, I suspect. I can cut my hair to half its usual length and my husband won't notice.

    I'm guessing Fixit loves you no matter how you wear your hair :)

  9. My husband noticed about six months later that I changed the colour of my hair. I'm just saying...give him a couple months.

    You look great!

  10. Your hair was the first thing I noticed.
    Looks lovely darling!
    But really, I'm glad he noticed the cleaning because if that didn't get noticed, there'd be trouble.

  11. Oh, very pretty.
    I recently had a hair cut but it turned out hideously so I am hanging my head in shame not head up proudly like you! Love it :)

  12. It really looks great!! Love it.

  13. I also love the hair...and you have saved me from having to notice it myself in person!

    In poor Fixit's defence you do usually wear your hair up in a pony or plaits...

  14. Ok sorry.

    You look great. Truly!

  15. Dude, be grateful for small favors. What do you want, another UTI?!

    (Oh, and you look LOVELY, it goes without saying.)

  16. I was going to say what Jodie did. I noticed this time you had a t-shirt, in lieu of the more treasonous toweling that let you down so badly last time.


    P.S. What's worse is when we DO notice and dislike it, and verbalize our dislike. Yes, we're useless at this sort of thing. Sorry.

  17. That's men for you! if you'd shaved your head or dyed your hair orange, he'd probably have known something was different. Sublety is wasted on half the population......But I think it's gorgeous!

  18. After your last self-portrait pic, the line "Do you notice anything different about me?" started me looking for new piercings...

    Of course, I'd already noticed the fabulous hair. And was jelaous.

  19. Well, you don't really want an observant man. It's ok while you're young and lovely like you, but at my age, it's good if they fail to notice you've changed.

  20. hey I noticed - nice do - fixit in big trouble!


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