Friday, September 12, 2008

Uncomfortable Tap Instruction

I suppose there have been other things going on around our house besides my Urinary Tract Infection but I've been unable to concentrate on any of it, such has been my discomfort.

vegetable patch_6481
The last time I had one of these it got up to my kidneys; within 2 hours of my back starting to hurt I had collapsed in the car. Fortunately Fixit was driving but when he pulled over in a panic to get assistance, all the compassionate people on that street quickly walked in the opposite direction. Clearly I need to stop dressing like a drug addict. I ended up in the hospital emergency room and on some industrial strength antibiotics.

This time I tried self-medicating to start with, alternating sachets of that alkaline lemony fizzy stuff with cranberry juice, but by that evening I knew I needed to see my doctor, stat.

Thankfully the antibiotics started to kick in this morning, but can I just take a moment here to whine about how uncomfortable it was to teach tap class last night? Thank you. Very. Very. Uncomfortable.

b0y in box on trampoline_6486
And even though I explained to my students that I was really trying not to jump up and down, in the end I had to jump up and down, that's what you do when you teach tap.

boy, box, bounce_6484
Also when you're on a trampoline obviously. Even if you are wearing a box.


  1. My goodness, this sounds awful! I hope you'll feel much better soon.

  2. Last time that happened to me (sans tap class obviously) I had to go to a shonky doctor and fork out an enormous amount of money to get a diagnosis I'd already figured out and the prescription. I nearly cried at the reception desk. UTIs can make a grown woman cry at pretty much anything.

  3. Most unpleasant, aren't they? I laughed at your label ...!

  4. Some smashing photography adorning this post. Nice work there.

    Why wouldn't you wear a box on your head whilst trampolining?

  5. The box in head is obviously to protect brothers teeth!

    At the mention of the UTI I put my fingers in my ears and went NAH NAH NAH very loudly till I got to the nice picture of cherub.

  6. This is your punishment for having so much fun ;-)

    I really do empathise. UTIs are unbearably awfully ickily painful. Although i must admit, my memory of UTIs is only a distant one now (I'm obviously not having near enough fun myself!!)

  7. Argh, awful awful awful things.I was camping last time I had one. It did rather blight the weekend.

    Hope the miracle drugs have kicked in and you're feeling much better now.

  8. OK, that wins my "Best Label of All Time" award...

    Get well, dear Stomper.

  9. Ouch.

    You have my sympathies. I even forgive you for dreaming that I died (I saw your comment on muppinstuff thankyouverymuch).

  10. Poor thing. You really dress like a drug addict? That'll elicit a response (or lack of one) every time.

    But is it really effective to tap on the trampoline?

    hope you're better!

  11. Oh dear. Be well! I hope the antibiotics finish their work swiftly.

  12. Ooo, UTIs are the worst. I hope you're on the mend soon. (And say it with me, now: WEE AFTER NAUGHTIES. Keeps them away, you know.)

  13. 1- Feel better.
    2- In the future, develop the habit of drinking cranberry juice all the time.

    Decorum prohibits any further suggestions.


    P.S. the WVW is also rude, not that you had anything to do with it.

  14. Oh, those are the worst. I haven't had one in a while, but I live in fear of them. The burning. Oh, the burning. I can't even imagine trying to teach a tap class with one. Yowch.

    Hope you continue to feel better.

  15. Oh dear. I can imagine. Yeow.

    Hope you're starting to feel better already

  16. oh, a UTI--I am sooooo sorry. I'm prone to them and have had it go into my kidneys as well-- not fun! So I was cringing when you said you actually taught tap-- you are my hero, there's no way I would've been able to smile and go on. Yikes. I'm glad the anti biotics are kicking in!

  17. Oh poor you! They are too painful - and to have to take a tap class too!!
    Remember to have a headache next Father Day, won't you?

  18. Ouch!! Not nice I know. I hope the contents from Cherub's box helped a bit though!

  19. I used to get them a fair bit ( suprisingly, birthing a melon-headed boy seemed to fix me, touch wood )

    ANYHOO .. forget the crannie juice, and get the Blackmores Tablets - they are made of the dried husk of the cranberry, and therefore are 1000x more effective. You can also buy "Craisins" in the dried fruit aisle - same deal.

    Trust your auntie h&b.

    Oh - and lay off the crates of champers. Natch.

  20. Ugh. Those things can make you feel so very ill. I think the sickest I've ever been has been due to kidney/bladder issues. Drink lots of water/juice and pop those cranberries!

  21. Drinking shit loads of water always works for me, though haven't had one since don't know when....

    Hope you're better, ouch!

  22. Obviously I have come to this very late but I do hope you are feeling better - they are just so incredibly debilitating.

    Your photos are not debilitating. They are very lovely.

    Even boys in cardboard boxes.


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