Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Fixit's Day

Our agreement for Mothers' and Fathers' days is that we only want gifts that the kids have made or chosen themselves. But the reality is that I can count on at least a bunch of flowers when it's my turn to be appreciated, so this year Fixit received a pencil-holder from Cherub, a block of Lindt Coffee Intense Chocolate from Climber and a Luka Bloom cd from me, because I knew he'd been wanting it for a long time.

He also got a pancake breakfast. We tried Joke's recipe (for which I do not have the exact link but maybe the man himself can assist here)...

..and the pancakes were indeed light and fluffy and absolutely delicious. Climber helped me cook and was help not hindrance.

Fixit is a good Dad, and the proof is running round our backyard as I type, watching him as he plants the beginnings of a vegetable patch. Climber thanked him for the father/son stuff they do together in his card.

And Cherub drew a portrait of him, he captured quite a likeness I think. I particularly like the big muscly arms.

Happy Fathers' Day to Mister Fixit.

We also wish a Happy Fathers' Day to Pa Fixit and StomperDad as well, both good fathers and much loved by us all.


  1. You must have been right up a ladder to take that last photo.

    Once again Climber's powers of writing have just the right blend of honesty and sentimentality to make his card truly touching.

    Happy Fixit day.

    (my word verification has 'hug' in it...)

  2. I like the 'hope you have a good life' in the card!

  3. aww, I hope all the fixit-stompers have a good life, with lots of blogging!

  4. Climber is quite the Hallmark card writer, what with his "jigsaw" quote and now the "hope you have a good life".

    Glad to see your vegie garden has started. Looking forward to progress photos.

  5. it's the 'have a good life' that worries me... very funny ;)

    Happy Fixit Day to youse all !

  6. Incidentally, the marmalade on the breakfast table is my favorite as well; you've chose well!

    (Have a good life! Priceless!)


    P.S. Glad the recipe worked out...

  7. Those pancakes look so yummy! Climber cracks me up with his card sentiments. Hallmark, look out! Hope all the dads in your life had a great day... Fixit, Pa Fixit and Stomperdad sound like they deserve it.

  8. That Climber definitely has a career ahead of him writing cards.

  9. I see you are a lemon and sugar on pancakes family ...nice one!
    And that portrait is fab.

  10. aaaawwww that is very very cute. I agree with climber - I hope he has a good life too!

  11. Now see, you Australian bloggers are teaching me something new every day. I didn't realize that mothers' and fathers' day was a seasonal thing. I just thought you celebrated it in the fall.

    I also loved climbers "Hope you have a good life" and the "soccer bike rides."
    With his bob the builder t-shirt, it looks like you have a little Fixit in the works!

    Glad you all had a lovely day.

  12. That is so sweet! And those happy little smiles... priceless.

  13. Ah what considerate, loving family members. Quite an exclusive club.

  14. How DID you take the last photo?

    I, too, am most impressed with Climbers "have a good life" ... what a thoughtful child ... that he should even care ..... AND he's helping with the pancakes ...

    I think I'll go hide in a corner for a little while ....

    Anyway, hope Fixit enjoyed his day and of course the pancakes ...


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