Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fete Accompli

The day Bronnie and the kids left was our school fete. It's massive, our school fete. Included amongst the day's activities was some baking by me ...

macadamia hearts_7019

some sliding by Cherub...

cherub on the big slide_7030

...and some climbing by Climber.

climber climbs_7036

Fun for all, and Cherub came home the proud owner of a bloody big toy.

bloody big toy_7055
It was so big in fact that we had to ditch Fixit to get it home in the car. He made it back eventually.

Also, my mates on the clothing stall ensured I went home with the purple designer evening dress (Mariana Hardwick oohlala) for the massive sum of $5. And then when I was in at school yesterday some awesome women (who were much better than me at finding their way round the remaining jumbled up clothing boxes waiting to be shipped off to charity) managed to find a whole swag of cute stuff for my boys. And a nice little pair of summer shorts for me. Now that the shorts have been washed I can show them off at school and tap tomorrow; it's one of my compulsions that new clothes must be worn immediately.



  1. Your boys are getting so big! And lovely.

    LOVE jumble sales. And picking at leftovers.

    And you KNOW you now have to post a picture of the purple dress, right?

  2. Climber climbing so HIGH! My knuckles would be white with worry. You're so very calm!

    And Fixit displaced by a toy. Chuckle chuckle, the sacrifices we make for our children. :)

    Looking forward to a pic of you in that purple dress.

  3. You ditched Fixit for a toy?!! I could make a rude comment here, but because I am such a classy chick, I won't. (But I will snigger quietly)

    What a bargain to find an evening dress for $5, and purple to boot! That must have made your day!

  4. No fair mentioning a purple dress and not modeling it......

  5. Climbing, sliding, new clothes, biscuits!!! What a perfect day :) And yes, show us the dress.

  6. School fetes are always such fun - especially if you manage to make a designer pick up!

  7. WOW - that sounds like a school fete worth getting involved in!! Was the toy a prize or a bargain?
    So show us the dress!!

  8. Oh, I agree! New clothes should be worn immediately. If I don't they often languish in the wardrobe with their tags still intact until several years later when they get given to the Vinnies.

  9. I wanna see the purple Mariana !

    Wow - youse sure put on a massive fete. Was Vince there ? :p

  10. Sounds like a great day...

    And we need a shot of the purple dress, preferably with you in it of course.

  11. Wot?

    All the way from school to your house?

    I do hope he didn't have to walk it.

  12. Those cookies look scrumptious, and the boys look delighted. I like that your car can either fit a toy car race track or Mr. Fixit, but not both.
    Mine too.

  13. Sounds like a great fete! I like the look of that climbing wall.

  14. shorts? sunshine? what's that again?

    If you can get from under that massive toy, I want to see the purple dress!!

  15. A purple dress! What more could a girl want....except maybe shorts to tap with.

    Boys look great. Lucky Fixit is such an indulgent father!

  16. I love the concept of wearing a "nice little pair of shorts". Hasn't happened to me, alas, since I was about 11.

    Looks like a great day!

    Thanks for the tea and sympathy, by the way. It helps.

  17. Sounds like everybody had fun. Well. Everybody not named Fixit. I wanna see the dress too!

  18. By the way, it was sweet of you feeling sad for the boy who didn't like sports (your comment) but actually he's quite a cheerful chap, as far as I can see. He's lugubrious only in writing.

  19. Looks like a riot!

    And yes, the clothes. Makes me want to take on off outta here and get me some new fun old stuff. I pretty much only second hand clothing shop.


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