Monday, November 24, 2008

A wedding in Torquay.

dan and rochelle say I Do_0058

As we waited for the bride to arrive we watched a menacing cloud blow across the ocean towards us, and put up our umbrellas. But when it hit, the rain was light and only the cold-blooded (ie. me) shivered in the wind. Then the sun came back out and two sweet souls declared their love and their commitment to each other.

My sister, her partner, her 2 kids and the four of us shared a posh beach house in Torquay, courtesy of our Dad. Four kids (aged 3 - 7) in one room, and somehow they managed to get to sleep. Eventually. The expensive posh house also featured crazy DIY wiring that meant that the switch for the light in the top-floor front bedroom was located at the rear of the house on the ground floor; surprisingly, we didn't find it upon our slightly drunken return from the reception and had to sleep the first night with the light on. (Why don't people pay professionals? I'm still waiting for the apology from the landlord, I said I'd accept wine and chocolate.) My cousin Emma loaned us her very nice and brave boyfriend who did the babysitting for us while we partied on at the reception.

We had a delightful weekend, lots of food, family and fun. All the good pictures are on my sister's camera, she donated her services as her wedding present to the happy couple. I'm hoping to see some of them soon. I left the memory card for my camera in the computer at home and had to limit myself to the 6 shots my internal memory chip can hold. The weather was not really beach-friendly but it seemed mean not to take the kids down to the water so this is them on Sunday morning and by Sunday afternoon they were able to put on their wetsuits and actually play in the water. A bit.

cousins at torquay_0059


  1. Beautiful wedding photo!

    Fancy going to the beach in long pants and jumpers in the middle of November!

  2. Beautiful!

    And I can pick your boys out like lightning...

  3. You made good use of your six shots!

    Re: the wiring, my husband often says "It only costs a little more to do it yourself."

  4. We went to the beach last weekend too. Two words: Polar Fleece.

  5. Nice weather for ducks, baby...

  6. ps. please don't get me started on home wiring jobs. It's totally freaking me out.

  7. Good to have you back! The wedding photo is lovely.

    We are freezing our tits off here in Sydney too, I'm sick of having to keep unpacking my winter woolies!

  8. Given your limit of six photos you produced some beauties!

  9. The weather has been very odd this year.
    Lovely wedding photo.
    Chilly looking beach!

  10. Are you sure that was in the southern hemisphere? Cause it is chilly here and we usually aren't chilly at the same time. You did make good use of your 6 shots. Lovely couple, gorgeous dress.

    I still can't remember which switch goes with which light in my kitchen. Inevitably, I flip the wrong one.

  11. They say a wet bride is a happy bride!
    Beautiful shots. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.


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