Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reasons to be grumpy.

It's not right -is it? - to come back from a relaxing beach holiday feeling more tired than before you left. I'm convinced part of this exhaustion stems from contemplating (and doing) the mind-boggling amount of laundry generated by the trip: bedding, towels and beach towels for 8 people which I alone am stuck with because my sister had some weak-arsed excuse about not being able to bring huge amounts of manchester on the aeroplane. Hmph.

I was completely convinced that my thyroid medication needed topping up because my metabolism had slowed down and I was putting on weight, but I saw my GP yesterday and the thyroid is perfect. Apparently I have to increase my fibre & fluid intake and cut back on the chocolate consumption. Hmph, pfft.

Also, Climber is having another growth spurt. It's not that I grudge him the massive amount of Weetbix this process requires and God knows I remember how exhausted I felt when I was growing him during pregnancy, but the kid is hard work when he grows. During his last growth spurt poor Cherub could not open his mouth in front of Climber without getting his head bitten off, such was the grump level. The current spurt is less angry but outrageously emotional. To the point that if I hear him crying / yelling / disappearing into his bed my first reaction is What NOW? Don't worry, I hardly ever say that. But I think it. A lot.

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  1. I'm nearly finished the laundry from our beach holiday, three people, been back for a week. Certainly takes the edge off the relaxation.

  2. A wee bit of PMS perhaps?

    I hope you're feeling your normal cheerful self SOON!!!

    And get that Fixit guy to help with the chores! (said the pot, calling the kettle black)


    We can always dream.

  3. Strangely, this is not PMS nor husbandly dereliction of duty. Both of which do make me very grumpy but I should state for the record that Fixit stands up quite well in the husbandly scale of housework contribution ratings.

  4. Get a second opinion.

    Seriously. That doctor does not know what he is saying.

    Cutting back on chocolate is never an option.

    I reckon it's the time of year. Everyone is tired, overworked and worried about getting ready in time for Christmas. Of course, it wouldn't help you for me to remind you that I am finished my Christmas shopping, but I do so love saying it, so I'll say it anyway. :)

  5. I was eating a Freddo frog when I read your comment, just so you know Aunty. I've started my shopping, I don't feel too bad about it, despite your best efforts. But I can't even think about shopping, I have too much laundry to fold and put away. Also my doctor is a lay-dee.

  6. You're a better person than me. I'd say the "what now" out loud - actually, I'd probably yell - and then I'd mutter a few cuss words to top it off.

    My condolences to the chocolates that won't get to visit your gullet.

  7. Cut back on chocolate? What kind of doctors do you have down there? The nerve....

  8. Suggestion: Have cameras trained on Climber at all times, then.

    No need to thank me, your slavish fawning will suffice.


  9. Perhaps swap the chocolate for peanut brittle? I'm trying that at the moment as a new dietary regime.
    As for the growth spurt, my eldest went through it about six months ago. Woke up one day and nothing fitted anymore.
    I feel so bad for the little brothers, especially when they adore the eldest and just get paid out on.
    Our youngest will get his own back one day as he's looking like being taller and thicker set. Revenge is a dish best served cold!!

  10. So I can blame my constant grumping and yelling at the 4yr old as a growth spurt on his behalf ?

    You're a better mother than I.
    I yell. And cuss.
    And wish I didn't :(

    And then eat chocolate...

  11. My son is showing a lot of lily-white leg in his school shorts. He's grown A LOT this year.Thankfully there are just a few weeks to go until he can retire them.

    Growing is exhausting. They just get so tired. I say send him to bed early and let him sleep it off!

  12. I think it's forgetting the card for the camera that did it. So tiring having a camera without a card.

    My kids have been growing exponentially. Measured them tonight. Blossom = 1 inch since August. So that's why she's always so grumpy...

    Oh and after.trip.laundry is such a sh*t.

  13. At Climber's age my Joe squealed. Like a little stuck pig. Over anything mildly irritating.

    That sucked.

    So I know you can't be pregnant. Hope you get a big sleep soon.

  14. So there is grumpiness with growth spurts..i never knew that. In that case I should be at least 3m!! Actually that could explain daughter No.1 being very teary at the moment - I'll go and measure her now!!

    as for all that washing - save it for one of those really hot days where it dries before it hits the line!! you have those days in Melbourne?

  15. Not wishing to make you all green with envy or anything but on return from 'The Great Trip Home' next month I shall unpack clean, pressed clothing as we will be staying with my mother :-)

    Also Miss Stomper, ma'am.... I heard a programme on Radio 4 yesterday and thought of you. All about tap-dancing, a Melbourne tapdancer (can't remember her name), Lancashire clog dancing and some Australian guru of tap. Don't remember his name now either but feel certain it wasn't Stomper Girl. Who knew Melb had TWO gurus!!!

    Have checked their listen again facility but can't see it yet.

  16. Of course if I looked in the right spot.......

    it might be like taking coals to newcastle and all but I found it interesting.

  17. Thank god grumpiness doesn't come with the growth spurts here because they'd be grumpy ALL the time. The 9yo lad has racked up nearly 10cm this year and the 6yo lass is up by 8cm.

    And I wish I could say growing was making me grumpy but that hasn't troubled me for many a year. I'll have to blame something else..

  18. Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation! Looks like even grown sisters find ways to pass the buck... Are you younger?
    Poor stomper (and Chrerub since he takes the wrath.)
    I think you all need some chocolate!

  19. Of course you should eat chocolate, you wandlike person.

    That Climber may be grumpy but he's also cute.

  20. Maybe I am having a sideways growth spurt, & that is why I am grumpy... o wait... no it must the sneaky chocolate I have eaten, as I don't particularly care for chocolate. Gom keeps buying it for me, so I have to eat it- don't I??

  21. great pic - you are v good with that arty farty side of the brain :) le


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