Sunday, November 30, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

The Climber's Third Ever Letter to Santa:

Letter to Santa_7139

Dear Santa
May I please have a rubix cube, slinky and Any 3 in 1 creator lego set please.
Love from Climber.

(previous letters to Santa from Climber here)

The Cherub's First Ever Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa_7138




(I wrote it out for him to copy. Please note that my template was written in straight lines.)

(Oh, and Santa? Just in case you don't accept letters posted on the internet, we have also sent you a hard copy via Snail Mail. We just sent it to Santa Claus, North Pole. Hope that is okay. We're hoping Australia Post isn't too stringent about the postage costs, we posted 3 letters for the sum total of 95cents, would that cover it do you think?.. )

Posting letters to Santa_7141


  1. Jeepers you are very organised.

    Margot's list goes for a million pages - greedy little bat that she is...

  2. What on earth is a Mighty Mac? And what do the hooks do?

  3. Never mind Santa....You're going to have your hands full beating the girls away from your door when this lot hit their teens.....if you aren't already!

  4. Climber has drawn a fabulous Santa on his letter. He's quite the artist!

    Your boys are so humble. Santa will surely bring them their hearts desires (said while LOL at Blue Mountain Mary's Margot comment)!

    I love LOVE that you have a special mail box for Santa!!

  5. That last photo is wonderful - the facial expressions, the hats...

  6. I love these lists. They're so wholesome. A Rubik's cube? Done.

  7. Isn't that the sweetest thing?! Seriously, seeing their happy little faces at the mailbox is the absolute best.

  8. We just sent one to the same address with a 50cent stamp although into the normal post box - hope it gets there!!
    All she wanted was Crutches and Beados!!
    She wrote one in class asking for crutches and then half the class heard what she wanted and now want crutches!!...weird kids in these parts I tell you.

  9. Might Mac is a new character on Thomas (he's a pushmepullyou train would you believe). The *hook* is the particular make and size of the train: Thomas trains are either Take-Along (small, with multi-directional square magnets) Wooden Railway (round magnets, slightly larger) or battery operated (hooks for attaching rather than magnets and largest).

    Go on, ask me anything about Thomas, I'll tell you!

  10. Who knew the Rubiks cube would make a comeback??
    Your boys are not the greedy type are they?

  11. Rubik's Cube and a slinky?

    Have you been flogging your eighties memories again!?

    Your kids are the definition of cute.

  12. Quite a retro Christmas at your place with Rubrik's cubes and slinkies.

    We have a HUGE Thomas collection from 10-12 years ago, but there was no might mac around then!

  13. Enjoy it while you can stomper, its all electric guitars and laptops at my place (neither for me I hasten to add).

  14. I often wonder how much of my brain is taken up with useless detail about Thomas.
    Perhap when we are senile old ladies all we will remember is Thomas minitiae.

  15. Not sure what generation climber is from... his list sounds a lot like mine from 5th grade, but I'm glad Cherubs on it. I was unaware of Mighty Mac, despite the fact that I'm raising train boys. I guess our Thomas DVD's are a bit dated.

  16. Oh, and one more thing...
    Fabulous mailbox.
    You guys don't mess around down south do you?
    Makin' sure Santa makes it all the way around the globe I suppose!

  17. I have no clue what a Mighty Mac is but I am going out to buy that child one RIGHT NOW. Also a slinky. But that's for me.
    All right, TWO slinkies. Christmas spirit and all that.

  18. heh heh

    Ramekin dictated his first letter to Santa last week... it was lovely, once we got past his initial first try of "dear Santa, bring me toys."

    Ugh, no, Ramekin.

  19. I'm so glad my son liked 'trains' .. as opposed to freaking 'Thomas'. gah !

    I've been meaning to post the transcript of MC's - it comes complete with glued-on pics from catalogues. Mainly Lego - oh, and ( kindly ? ) he has asked Santa to take away his old twampoween 'for the poor kids'. Sheesh, like, thanks for the charity, kid.

    *LOve* that last pic - oh Sunny Santa days :)

  20. Sweet kids and I look at your oldest and chant to myself, "Just let them keep believing, let them keep believing." Fingers crossed.

  21. your kids are so divine ! and your wee kindy babe already writting - so great :) merry xmas matey le

  22. Wanna come organize at my place?

    I'm revelling in the whole Santa thing... J.T. is starting to ask more and more questions about the logistics, so I think we're on the downward spiral with him believing.

  23. Your boys are so very lovely. I am liking this special Santa Only mail box. I am wondering if there is one in my area!


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