Friday, January 23, 2009

Catbook is stupid

When I admitted, slightly shamefacedly, to Fixit that I'd given Bertie Wooster his own page on Catbook, Fixit rolled his eyes at me in genuine disgust. Which lead him to say no wonder people think you waste too much time on that stupid blogging and I said which people? and he said doesn't matter and I said people whose opinion I care about? and he said probably not. Which was the point at which my suspicions were confirmed and I knew that it was Fixit's friend and eternal pain in my arse, the Bike Nazi. So I said has he even read the blog? and he said I doubt it and I thought but didn't say how typical it was of the Bike Nazi to pass judgement without even knowing the whole story - because if he's not into it, there must be something wrong with it, obviously.

And I thought; Bite me, stupid Bike Nazi. Because he just doesn't get it. Okay, I admit and am fully aware that Catbook is stupid. And that Facebook is also stupid. But My Blog is our family chronicle. I'm glad of it now and will probably be even more glad of it in years to come. What's more, I've made friends through it, found inspiration, learned things, laughed, cried, bought or won or was given stuff. Don't talk to ME about stupid blogging.


In order to further celebrate all things good in blogging, I am jumping in to support a new venture by my blog friend Tracey, Ms Peppermint Patcher herself. This is her blurb for her new business venture:
Imagine that... quilts are a new concept in quilted wall-hangings for children. By the inclusion of photographs children can see themselves right in the action. Allow your child to be taken into an imaginary world, allow them to tell stories of their adventures, allow them to enjoy the fun, allow them to feel the excitement.

This is a picture of a quilt featuring the young Tracey herself imagining herself as a real quilter.

I have already nagged her about the potential of this quilt for the adults. I fully intend to have Imagine That quilts featuring the boysies, but I would SELL ANOTHER ONE ONE OF FIXIT'S MOTORBIKES to have a quilt like this (but with me and some purple tap shoes, natch) and I'm pretty sure there's a market for booklovers, knitters, crafters, photographers.... Tracey says one thing at a time Stomper Girl. And I say Go Visit her Site or its Blog and nag her.


While I'm jumping on bandwagons I would also like to urge you to visit another talented friend, also called Tracy but spelled differently. She is a co-creator of Fat Mummas and they make very groovy bags and kid's clothes.

This is the shop and this is the blog. If you want to nag her about Cherub's pants for me then please do.


Also, one more plug, this one is for the lovely Megan at Glorydaze. She made my last bag, then I won a voucher for her shop and bought a new one. My only complaint is that I loved the old bag so much it was really hard to upgrade but the new one is completely gorgeous and has compartments and everything. Her shop. Her blog.

Finally a big HELLO and thank you if you delurked for New Year. So nice to meet you! And Caity and Suse your interviews are coming, I swear.


  1. Long live your blog! Hear hear!

    Gadget makes comments about the waste of time, too. These men, they're just jealous for the attention. Babies, the lot of 'em.


  2. Oh yes! I hear you...I get snide comments all the time about "that stupid blogging" and how much time it wastes! Babies, the lot of them, just as Sueeus said!

  3. Honey, what de hell is Catbook?

    I was complaining that I felt like I had no time to myself anymore and B said 'Of course you could give up the computer' and I said (a bit more strongly than I intended) Of course we could just stop having sex. At all. Ever. That would give me plenty of time.

    I don't think he'll EVER diss blogging again.

  4. Ooh, Catbook. I'm sure Biggie and Marble would love to be Bertie's friend.

  5. once I get Tony's catbook all set up properly, I'm sure he'd love to be Bertie Wooster's friend.

    Annnd, I'm sure that if fixit or his friend needed help learning how to use facebook or flickr or anything like that, you'd now be the first to be asked. Hphh.

  6. I'm sure our two badly-behaveds would *love* to be Bertie's friends...mind you, it's not the sort of friendship you'd want to encourage. They're bad news. And would be totally unsuitable influences for your sweet Bertie.

  7. If my Meggie was still alive she would totally 'friend' Bertie on Catbook.

  8. You tell 'em Stomper!

    Your blog is fabulous, and you will LOVE to read back through it in times to come. (Even after only 3 1/2 years blogging, there are posts I look back at and think 'Really? Did that really happen?' - because I've forgotten already. Thank goodness we have these 'online diaries' to document our days)

    I really like the saying 'bite me'. I'm going to say it to Fatty next time he really annoys me. :-)

  9. Is there such a thing as dogbook? Can cats and dogs be friends on their respective book pages?

    Who the hell is bike nazi to decide how you spend your time?

  10. Or better still, sell one of the Bike Nazi's bikes.

  11. My sister and the bike nazi should run off together.... they obviously have so much in common.

    And Catbook. Really? Don't tell Daphne and Maris... they'll both want to get onto it.

  12. Bike Nazi is getting loath vibes sent his way!

  13. just with the name bertie wooster you can tell he deseves his own page. obviously bike nazi is not only stupid he's completly ignorant too! sounds like his brain has been addled by all those biking fumes.

  14. Geez - and I nearly updated my status the other day with "Catbook is Ace!".

    Because I really love the fact my social and outwardly going cat has his own page, and is mates with Bertie, and the whole shebang. It's so much more HIM than me even - he's the social animal, man !

    If bike-man can make assumptions, then I bet he spends too much time .. no, this is a family blog, h&b...

    And yes, you will love this not only now, but in times to come. You never chronicle the cringeworthy for your boys to resent, yet you always post with love and pride. You are making history here, and it's all for your boys to see.

    I mean, what if you dropped off tomorrow ? ( God forbid ). Your boys would have *such* an understanding of who you were and of your dreams, loves, desires ( and yes, I do think of this a bit as I know of a few grown men who lost their mothers early, and no, they have no idea who they were, and they are sad, and I am sad to type it )

    So, morbidity aside..

    The blog is more than many could ever, ever comprehend.

    Their loss.


  15. And now I look like you on Climber's first day...

  16. Catbook? What? Where?
    Harvey will so be there.

  17. The Bike Nazi is getting the finger from this part of the world.

    Our cats, Chico and Priss (who was called Piss by the Abster when whe couldn't say her 'r' sounds), are anti-social barn cats. They glare at you until you put food in their dish, wait for you to leave before eating and deplore being petted. I'm sure they'd love catbook if it didn't require human interaction AT ALL.

  18. It's wonderful that the internet offers opportunity to people, like your friends, with so much talent. IT lets us see each other and learn from half way around the world. Quite amazing, I think.

    Come on Bike Nazi, whatcha afraid of?

  19. Chiming in a week late - for whatever reason, on the days of this and the birthday post, I couldn't leave comments. "I've crossed the line!" I thought for a moment, "I finally said something so stupid that Stomper had to block my IP address!"

    One of the nice things blogging does is encourage people to be reflective. I think the world would be much improved if more people took time to pause and think. Blogging is also a social outlet for some of us, a reliever of stress, and a way to chronicle events which would otherwise slip through the cracks. Not a waste of time at all. Also, it's free and it doesn't take up space.

    Statements like "you spend/waste too much time doing X" beg the question "instead of what"? Instead of targeting the blogging, it might be nice to know what the unsaid "instead of" is. What is the other person/people really frustrated about? Do they want company while they watch wrestling videos, or are they discontent with a stain shaped like Brazil on the bottom of the toilet?

    Otherwise, well, people have many and varied interests. Ideally, one can be supportive of others' interests even if one finds them duller than sin. I could give a crap less about anything with an engine in it, or pretty much anything one wears on one's body. However, I'm really glad other people get pleasure from those things. Blogs should be one of those things.

  20. How amazing that someone who hasn't read your blog feels they can comment on it!

    It's a wonderful blog as 'people' endlessly tell you, and a great record of your family's life.

    Blowing raspberry at Bike Nazi.


Don't let the cat get your tongue.