Friday, January 09, 2009


Almost every time I read or watch an interview there is a little part of me that wants some of that action. A little part of me that whines I'm interesting too, interview me!! Ask me about my fascinating points of view. Well finally, FINALLY, someone has asked to interview me. And let's not dwell too much on the fact that I had to ask her to do it on her blog, and that the interview is really a meme doing the rounds of the blogosphere. The point is, I'm finally being interviewed and just because it's not an interview in the local paper where I get to talk about my tap school and generate heaps of publicity and clientele, or on some television show acknowledging my brilliant career (note to self, having a brilliant career in the first place might help here), well, at least it's a start.


These questions are courtesy of that stylish jet-setter, Fairlie. If you know her, I want you to picture her graciously showing me to my seat after a well-researched and fascinating introduction All About Me.

During the interview you'll see her smiling, nodding encouragingly and maybe referring to the clipboard on her lap occasionally.

Music plays, I walk on to the set, smiling. I'm probably wearing my new deco dress.

Fairlie: Hello Stomper Girl. Welcome to the Show.
(Smiling and shaking hands)
SG: Thank you Fairlie, it's a privilege to be here. (Sits. Sips water nervously)
Fairlie: I love your dress.
SG: (modestly) Thank you! Just doing my bit to help the economy. (They laugh)

Fairlie: They're making a musical of your life. What is it called and how does the show-stopping big number go?

SG: I think they've already made it, it starred Liza Minelli and is called Stepping Out. For dramatic licence they turned Fixit's character into an unsupportive alcoholic and of course neither of my pregnancies were unwanted, but the rest - where I have a bunch of charming, occasionally quirky, tap students who come to me for dance lessons but really it's them who give me so much - is like a mini snap-shot of my life. The big number at the end is all razzly-dazzly singin' and tappin'. And legs. Lots of legs.

Fairlie: Cherub starts school this year. Will there be tears on the first day?
SG: I suspect so, if Climber's first day is anything to go by.

Fixit has booked to take the day off in preparation. But these things are often odd, I know my friend Astrid was convinced she'd be a mess for her firstborn's first day and then it was all such a blur and the kids were inside before she had a chance to take it all in, so you never know. I'm predicting yes though, because the Cherub is my bay-bee.

(camera close-up to SG's eyes, misting over slightly at the thought)

Fairlie: Is Sunday still your hair-washing day? Has this been a lifelong routine?

I take hair advice pretty seriously, especially if I learnt it in the 80's. Remember the way you had to look after your perm? You could ONLY comb (and never brush!!) whilst you were washing it during the application of the conditioner.

So somewhere along the track I've absorbed the hair-wisdom that less is more where washing is concerned and I only wash my hair twice a week. Sunday is just my only day for sleep-ins and leisurely starts, which is why it mostly happens then.

Fairlie: What is better - comfort or speed?
SG: Depends what for. (blushes) If I'm trying to get the boys in the car on a school morning, some more speed would be great. But on the whole, I like to be comfortable. This is why I -almost- never wear high heels.

Fairlie: In your opinion, what sports could be improved with the liberal application of sequins and make-up?

SG: Boxing?
I actually dislike seeing anyone wearing a lot of make-up, particularly children. I don't wear much myself. Not because of my natural beauty, just because I hate how I look with it on. I think I prefer seeing my freckles... But I do like sequins. Adding sequins wouldn't make me watch boxing though. Or golf.

Fairlie: I'm afraid that's all we have time for. Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer my questions.

SG: It's been a pleasure Fairlie, thanks for having me. And could I just add that I am more than happy to sit in the interviewing seat for any bloggers out there with similar aspirations*.

(Applause, music starts, credits roll, fade to black)

Just let me know and I'll email you 5 questions.


  1. Excuse me, is that Larry King calling?

    I loved this - very good interview!

  2. a true professional - you left us all wanting more !

  3. You were a fabulous guest on my show. Although next time, perhaps lay off the 'refreshments' in the green room, please...or I may need to get you and Oliver Reed on together (and that would require some kind of psychic intervention).

    Great answers and presentation of my half-arsed questions!

  4. Happy New Year!
    I'm so with you on the issue of make up..and hair washing. I only wash mine once a week (but then I only have about one tenth the hair you do.)I feel like an imposter wearing make up. I think it's some kind of reaction to seeing my mum "do" the full face every day for my younger years. Love the interview. Very good work.
    Have a fab 2009

  5. What a great interview... I'm sure Oprah will be calling any minute!


  6. Oh is there going to be a follow up? This was just the introductory session, right? Loved how you took this and ran with it. Great post!

  7. I am enjoying all these interviews.

    I am too lazy myself to sign up but I am loving reading everybody elses..

  8. What a delightful interview! You're a natural star Stomper!

  9. A star is born... lovely interview. I cried with J.T. He cried too. I don't think Abby will cry. In fact, I think I'll have to confess that I might feel somewhat relieved on Abby's first day.

  10. I had my first ever writing class on my baby's first day of school. Tom, my oldest, took him to his classroom instead.

    (I'm NOT a bad mother.... by the time Evan was ready to go to school we'd already been there his whole life with his older brothers. He wasn't fazed at all. I had a few pangs of guilt that morning, though!)

  11. I really enjoyed this!

    OK, sign me up, I'll be a guest on your show, my blog needs something new!

  12. Such probing questions, answered artfully and professionally. I can see the interview requests rolling in from Ellen, Ophrah, whats-his-name on late.

  13. Very good interview. Your honesty shines through.

  14. What a sparkling articluate guest. What probing, insightful questions. I would watch this show, and, as we know that Andrew Denton is not returning this year, there may be a place on the ABC for both of you!

    You can ask me some questions if you would like to - but let me tell you now, before you even ask, I was my hair EVERY day.

  15. I'm pretty sure you'll be getting a call about the movie rights any second...

  16. Oh, love the dress. great camera colour ;)

  17. You were wonderful, I couldn't see your nervousness at all!! Really, awesome job!

  18. Best.interview.ever.

    You rock!


  19. Um - I know you hardly know me and all - but - interview me? Please?

    And OMG what WERE we thinking with those spiral perms? (Especially since in my late 20s my hair turned out to be naturally wavy... who knew?!)

  20. You're very good on camera.

    I wash my hair every second day. I know you've been wondering.

    I'd also be happy to answer five questions. I think.


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