Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quick Quiz

January is my least favourite month of the year because?

(a) It is hot. And I am no good at hot, it makes me cross.
(b) I don't get enough time to myself due to being with the kids virtually every hour of the school holidays.
(c) I don't do any tap-dancing (no point keeping school open in January, most people are away) and I miss it and its soul-restoring properties.
(d) All of the above.


Clever, you are. It's (d) of course.


Yesterday in the 40 degree heatwave, I said something that rhymed with more ducks bake in front of the children as I wrestled with the hot outlet tube of the portable air-conditioner, and I Didn't Even Care. Probably because I'd just roared at them for daring to ask me what I was doing as I wrestled the unit away from the west-facing window (which was letting in more 40-degree-air than it was pumping out, thus rendering the air-con completely useless). Because, geez, the nerve of them, talk about rotten badly-behaved brats.

I get very paralysed in extreme heat. I don't want to be with all the other people at the pool or the movies because if I'm hot and bothered I can't bear being near stupid people, and I get cabin fever if I stay home, because our house is VILE in the heat and anyway, I'm used to leaving the house every day, it feels wrong if I don't.

Fortunately the cool change blew away my bad temper in the late afternoon, and the kids and I ventured out to our favourite cafe for a change of scenery.

ians cafe_7540

I realised that what I needed was some proper time out, so I abandoned the family to the penne bolognese at home and just didn't come home after the chiropractor. Instead I went to a cafe with a book, and had dinner with gin&tonic. Then I dropped in on Shula and made the acquaintance of the Creative Genius, the Polar Bear and the new Palazzo. I came home feeling much better.


  1. On a completely unrelated note (and to end the lurk as requested), do you still want an original Rubik's Cube?
    I have one that lived at my Nan's for grandchildren holiday time, and I am happy to donate it a to new, appreciated home.
    I'll check in to see if a request is forthcoming.
    Stay cool!

  2. Ainslie, thank you! I would love to have it. Original rubiks cubes were all sold out last time I looked.

  3. I love that whole cool change thing. Every time I read someone mention those words in post, the Little River Band starts playing in my head, and takes me back to yesteryear... ...ahhhh, nostalgia.

    Oh, those boys couldn't possibly be brats!

  4. Oh well said Stomper - you have summed up the ravages of summer beautifully...

  5. Reminds of a line from Black Adder, 'rhymes with clucking bell'.

    I get you on the whole summer thing except I get to go to an airconditioned office. Sorry. I still look at all those North American and European (Finnish) blogs to cool down though.

  6. I'm over it. At least here I get a cold night and a decent sleep. We've got plenty of floor if you want to pull up a sleeping bag.

    I realised in the last few days that this is the first summer I haven't worked since forever. I'm so used to working in climate controlled environments, and then walking home after the sun starts setting. Good times.

  7. A G&T will fix most things. As a matter of fact I'm drinking one now...

    I'm so glad the heat didn't kick in until after I went back to air-conned work this year, but I do sympathise as my place doesn't do heat well either.

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  9. Swearing is allowed in heat. Its a rule.

  10. It's so true. Not matter what our family circumstances may be, a brief 'time out' for mum, fortifies the batteries, regenerates the energies and makes everything so much better.

  11. Same.same.

    Plus, I like my 'mild' wardrobe, when my bingo wings aren't on display and such.

    I love the way you just dumped the family and pissed off.

    Par excellence.

  12. Are we twins as far as the weather. the aggravations quotient, etc goes!
    I could SO Drop right off the planet, on sticky days like this!! grrrr!!

  13. and i thought january blues were a european thing. can we swap for a couple of days?

  14. Oh Stomper I feel your pain. No, literally I feel your pain. I am sitting in singlet and cotton skirt, and it's 9:40 at night, and I'm still sweating. The summer heat is just oppressive.

    Soon you'll be back in the swing (or should that be tap?)of things!

  15. I feel that way in August here. Brutally hot. Evil grumpiness emanates from everyone and even one's fingernails sweat.

    It sounds as if you found a nice respite for boys and self. Very resourceful of you. I expect nothing less.

  16. Little creeps. How dare they look so cute and adorable while you swear and sweat like a brickie?

    No wonder you are so grumpy!

    They. just. don't. get. it. do. they?

    Winter's coming.

  17. I'm with you on grumpiness in the heat. Occasinoally spending time outside the family, sometimes with a book or visiting friends, is vastly underrated. Doesn't it soothe the savage soul to spend time with friends??


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