Thursday, January 15, 2009


Despite the fact that the boys and I do a great deal of stuff without Mister Fixit, I am a tad nervous about going away on holiday without his help. Especially if it is to a beach.This is because if Fixit comes, I know he'll do all the driving and all the getting into the cold ocean with the children, two things I'm not that keen on.

queenscliff pier_7493

However, when I received an invitation from my friend Lucy (mother of Cherub's best friend) to come stay a couple of nights at a house in Queenscliff, it was easy to persuade myself that I could handle the drive and the swim. For a start, there was a 2-day heatwave forecast. Heatwaves in Melbourne are revolting, especially in our house. But heatwaves at the beach are a good thing, particularly for cold-water fearers like myself. And Fixit was rostered on night-shift all that week so things were only going to be topsy-turvy at home. Furthermore, we found out that Climber's best friend's family was also in Queenscliff on a little camping trip for the same few days. So in the end, the decision to pack the boys into the car and drive for a mere two hours down the highway wasn't that scary.

pier end_7498

Boys and their Mums (and one aunt) in Queenscliff, that's what it was. Well, except for Lucy's Dad, who hired the house and spread his grandfatherly wings to enfold my two as well as his one. How could he not when my boys addressed him as Pa for the duration?

cherub in a wetsuit_7466

It was all so very easy. The Queenscliff beach is perfect for young children, with little waves just the right size for small boys to jump over and slightly bigger boys to try beginner body-surfing in. My two are at the age and level of water competence that I no longer need to be within arm's reach of them in the water. I could quite easily have stayed on the sand with the occasional shout of Climber don't go any deeper, but the aunt (of Climber's Best Friend, see above) had loaned me a wetsuit, so when I felt up to it I enjoyed my own little frolics in the water. And all we Mums had the same energy / motivation levels which meant that the ice-cream stops, beach visits or other activities (like the mini fun-fair) were enjoyable and simple to organise.

dragon ride_7504

The boys were great and had a great time, particularly Climber who was delighted with everything.

queenscliff beach_7492

And it was fabulous to share a house with another Mum; not only for girl-talk, trashy-mag sharing and champagne drinking but also because Mums do stuff without needing directions. All the meal preparation, bed-making, cleaning up, child-washing / feeding/ story-reading, all that work just happened when it ought and how it ought.

It was a holiday that actually felt like a holiday. But we will let Fixit come on the next one if he's good.


  1. Sounds like a great mini-holiday.

    And you're spot on about moms just knowing what needs to done and doing it. Unlike dads sometimes.

  2. That looks fun. Especially the bit about the ice cream. I'm not sure if anyone has told yout his, but you made some pretty children.

  3. Yes I cannot remember before whether I have commented before on the beauty of your children!

    Holidays with other mothers are the best - so glad this one proved to be for you too...

  4. How absolutely glorious. Like you, the driving and then having to function the other end is not something I relish, nor the cold swim.

  5. How lovely. You mean it's summer there? I can never quite believe it...

    Loved your interview.

  6. Sounds perfect! And I'm sure you were gone just long enough for Fixit to miss you terribly.

  7. Yes, it does sound perfect. I once drove all the way to Brisbane, with my Mum and the three kids, I thought it would be an ordeal but it was so much easier then any trip with husband, no grumpiness, and it was OK to stop, and Mum understood that kids need to eat, etc, etc...

    When we got back I was more than ready to hand the kids over to the man for a bit though...

  8. How lovely. Queenscliffe is a beautiful spot.

  9. That sounds Heavenly!!

    Did you come home feeling powerful since you tackled the dreaded beach thing on your own?

  10. The water looks lovely and clear, almost inviting...

    Glad you guys enjoyed your few days away.

  11. I almost beat someone in a Scrabble game while you were gone.


  12. Hey Stomper, unless you went to Queenscliff by Ferry, you would have driven past my house on the way. Next time let me know and you can drop in for a play! Holly has always thought your boys were rather cute!

  13. Love the pics! Glad you had a good time.

    I'm with Shula, I am just a donkey at Scrabble these days. My sister kicks my sorry behind 3 out of every 4 games. All I am there for is to boost her winning average.

    I should line you two up. You both have similar stats, and I'll love to see that showdown!

  14. Love the picture of the pier... looked pretty fun to me. Love your site!!

  15. Thanks for the great comment and advise on efforts to quit! I will take it to heart.

  16. It sounds like a very happy quick break away. Glad you had such an easy, beachy time!

  17. It's funny, I've never done anything like this with another mom but you are totally right. Moms just get it done. Well, at least most moms.

    Glad you and the boys had fun. Looks beautiful there.

  18. Perfect. These look like golden days.

  19. That sounds like SO much fun.

    The other case in point is that mom's of boys are used to keeping up with turbo energy. I love my little girl friends, but for major activities I prefer to be with families of boys. They're the only ones who can truly keep up with us.

  20. What a lovely holiday. Perfect going with a girlfriend rather than just the usual family group.

  21. Good on you! I agree the Mums away is often more relaxing. I jsut had a week away and hubby had to come back after 4 nights. This meant i had to take over his role of the fun parent in the water! I did this - just not as deep as he lets them go.

  22. Wow, looks & sounds like the perfect little getaway!

  23. Mums get things done ?

    You mean they just don't sit around drinking the wine and leaving the beds unmade ?


    Sounds wonderful though, and Queenscliff - oh my ! Love.


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