Saturday, January 24, 2009


Dear Climber,

For your 8th birthday we gave you a special day of treats.

When you woke up your brother gave you the card he'd made all by himself. (It's a drawing of a Lego rock monster)

Cherub's card to Climber_7566

And we gave you a present. The mail-order Lego didn't arrive in time but you were happy with the little gold-digging set.


Then, at your request, we all caught a train into the city.

Fixits on a train_7574

We went to the toyshop at Myer to spend the birthday money from your Grandmas. (You didn't actually request that bit, that was my idea.) Of course you chose Lego.

Lego Tram at Myer_7577
(we would have liked to buy this Lego)

Or THIS one.

Lego R2D2 at Myer_7579

Then we found a place that could make a spider for you (your special birthday request) and a milkshake for Cherub and coffees for Fixit and me. (And threw in a doughnut too, it was your birthday after all)

Birthday Treat_7582

We caught the train back home.

Trainride with lego_7589

Then you played.

Lego present from Grandma M_7591

That evening, we went to one of those family restaurants where they have indoor playgrounds for the kids, and had birthday dinner with our friends. My meal was 'orrible but you enjoyed your pizza and lemonade.

birthday dinner_7595

When we got home we had birthday cupcakes.

8 candles 7604

As we tucked you into bed that night you said thank you to us and told us it was the best birthday ever.

We said Our pleasure, sweetie. You're worth it.

Happy 8th birthday, gorgeous boy.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Climber!

  2. Sounds like a fun-filled and exhausting day! But he's eight now which means he has more stamina....Who tucked you in and how many days did you sleep for!?

  3. Aw, happy birthday Climber! Sounds like a perfect day!

  4. We have twinnie photies by both those bits of Lego!

    Happy Birthday Climber!

  5. Happy Birthday Mr 8 !

    Sounds like boy-heaven to me .. trains and Lego and a crap meal in a crap establishment !

    Enjoy :)

  6. P.S. : *Love* that rock monster card .. would look fab framed and on the wall. Brilliant.

  7. Happy Birthday Climber! Sounds like you had a great birthday!

  8. Happy birthday Climber! Eight is LOVELY!

    And in answer to the question where does all the Lego go...It never goes anywhere. We still have ALL of our Lego. We have a LOT of Lego. 25 litres of Lego. All in the top cupboard waiting for grandchildren. Or special other kids.

    Lego is GREAT!!!!!

  9. Oh, well that was just too cute. Happy birthday, Climber! It looks like a fantastic day.


    That last photo is just wondrous.

  11. Happy Birthday!

    There's something about boys and lego. We have it breeding, here...

  12. So gorgeous! Happy birthday Climber!

  13. Happy Birthday climber! what a lovely day.

  14. Awwww. He's eight, he's gorgeous, and he sounds like a real honey of a boy. How lucky you are.

    Of course, with Fixit and you for parents, Climber's a pretty lucky son, too.

  15. Happy Birthday Climber!

    Rob must never, ever know that that R2-D2 lego exists. NEVER!

    Looks like everyone had fun. Truly the best birthday ever... at least until the next one!

  16. The incredible smile on his face in every single photo at every moment of the day tells just how much he enjoyed his birthday. It is right that he should. Well done Stomper family for making your boy feel so special.

  17. The smiles on all your faces says it all..
    happy birthday Climber!

  18. What a gorgeous day. Look at those shining eyes! My boys would drool at the thought. Trains, the city, Lego. Does it get better for boys?

  19. Happy Birthday Climber! You must be so proud of your little one - what a wondeful boy he is.

  20. Eight? Oh god. HE looks so old. (Mine will be 7 in a few weeks.)

    And so appreciative. What a sweet boy.

  21. Happy birthday Climber you little cutie!

    Stomper, stay cool girl, just saw the week's weather ahead for you. Time to wet all your tea towels for your head.

  22. Happy, Happy Birthday! Legos are awesome!

  23. Oh Stomper, this post nearly made me cry because he looks so happy and you're such lovely people and isn't your post such an example of how kids don't need a fortune spent on them to make them happy? Some Lego, a pizza and their parents' attention is a beautiful day.

    And also it made me sad for myself because my lovely boy has gone away. It seems no time since he was 8 and now he's 24.

    Happy birthday Climber!

  24. awwwwwwwwwwww what a sweet boy!!!
    Happy birthday!!
    sounds like you had a FAB day!!!!

  25. A belated happy birthday to your handsome, charming, talented young man!

  26. Look at the smile on that boy's face!

    Happy birthday!


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