Monday, March 09, 2009


This week saw Climber take his turn as the class "VIP". He got to sit on a beanbag during listening time instead of the hard old floor and was allowed to stand at the front of every line with a partner of his choice. In return he had to complete a couple of activities from the list of VIP options and fill in a double page all about himself in the VIP book.

Now, I'm pretty sure his teacher won't read this so I'm going to make a small admission here. I did a LOT of work on Climber's VIP week. When he said he wanted to do a magic trick I researched (to the tune of $9.95 for a book of magic tricks) an appropriate, fool-proof pick-a-card-any-card trick and then I made him practise and practise till it ran smoothly. I also organised a guest speaker for his class. (I have family in high places at the Melbourne Museum.)

You might be able to infer from this that I take homework seriously. (You should have seen me with the normal homework sheet from last fortnight, nag, nag, boss, boss.) Possibly too seriously, seeing as the success or otherwise of Climber's VIP week will have no bearing at all on his academic career. Still, once a girly swot, always a girly swot. And may I just say: VIP Student week my arse. It was bloody VIP Mother week here at Chez Fixit except I didn't get to sit in the beanbag.

Anyway, apart from the fact that his teacher was absent on his presentation day, I hear everything went smashingly well. My Aunt M was a wonderful guest speaker and impressively, she came bearing a stuffed platypus and a stuffed echidna for the kids to look at, which almost caused pile-ups in the corridor. (Are they real? they'd ask in passing and Aunt M said Yes but they're dead. Actually she might have said stuffed instead of dead.) The magic trick was also a success. He found 'the card' and managed his patter as well. (You see how much effort I put in here? Patter, I made him do patter.) I also organised the photos for his VIP book for him. Oh allright, and gave him a few suggestions as to the things he might include. I may have made spelling suggestions too. Climber did actually say to me (more than once) : Mum, this VIP thing doesn't have to be perfect you know. But that's just crazy talk.

Then, as if VIP week wasn't enough, Cherub got to take home the class toy for the weekend. Harry the Dirty Dog. Poor Cherub. He's been soooooo desperate to get Harry. In fact, last week he burst into the saddest tears twice, once in class with his adorable teacher and again as I picked him up, because for the third week running, another child got to take the toy dog. When I asked the teacher what her system of allocation was (alphabetical? age?) so I could prime Cherub on when he could expect his go, she looked at my tear-stained child and mouthed I think he might be SOON over the top of his head. So an ecstatic Cherub bounced out of class last Friday and Harry came to stay with us for the long weekend.

Harry the Dirty Dog comes to visit.

When Harry comes he brings with him the Dirty Dog Diaries but this was an easy homework challenge for a blogging Mum. We photographed him at the pool, in the bed, meeting Bertie Wooster and at tap class. I think it's made for a very good couple of pages for the Diary.

Only problem is, I've done all this fabulous work and I won't get any feedback for it. It's not even graded so I can't cross my fingers for an "A". And then I thought, wait. I know where I can put my homework for some feedback.




  1. Well, I'd give you an A. Absolutely!

    And as the parent of older children, with SEVERAL years of homework under my belt, I'm not even snickering a LITTLE BIT. Not even. Promise. Hee! (oops, that one slipped out)

  2. Wow! Great job. You can tell you err I mean Climber put a lot of effort into it. You'd definitely get an A++ from me!

    Much love from NJ,

  3. You are a mum superhero you are! I can just see you in a purple cape, with a nice ruffle and perhaps a matching purse. And don't think you're not getting graded - I'm sure the boys are keeping score :))

  4. You got a GUEST SPEAKER! I hate it when mothers get guest speakers because I fail at guest speakers. I just don't know anyone important enough (in children's eyes). Now I feel really inadequate. Sigh.

    A mum in Blossom's class knows all sorts of interesting people in the weather channel, people who have sailed around the world and she even got John Marsden to come in. Bleh.

    You are definitely a High Distinction Mother and worthly of much applause. Go sit yourself in the beanbag next time you visit class. Meanwhile I just get the award for "not quite enough effort".

  5. Phew! So glad Cherub got Harry at last!

    Yep, you are a super Mum, and continue to make me look bad. I hated homework at school, still do, and I am trying really hard not to pass on my anarchic, couldn't give a stuff attitude but it's not easy.

    Oh, yeah, and that's an A plus from me too.

    Also, that B&W pic of Climber is stunning.

    And, how did I not feel the earthquake?

    I can only hope it means our house is very sturdily built....and not that I'm going crazy. I had a few crazy moments last week.
    Locking myself out, and littlest one in, coming back to a locked car when I am -sure- I neglected to lock it sort of stuff...

  6. Does that seriously say 'I love Climbing. And MONEY!'

    I love that child. Your boys are superb.

  7. So glad about the dog.

  8. Class VIP sounds like fun - but just as well you only have two children - if you had 5 of them the last one would be getting a really half-assed effort, as you would be SOOOOO over it by then. Two kids is the right number to sustain an A+ rating as a super-Mum-girly-swot.

    I thoroughly approve (and I bet Cherub does too)

  9. I'll give you an A, but only because the platypus and echidna were stufet.

  10. My mum kept my (and my sister's) kindy scrapbooks, where you do homework and writing practice and examples of colours etc... I think mainly because she put so much work into them!

  11. I love the VIP homework, guest speaker (with props!) AND the magic trick. Cherub's Dirty Dog Diary is top notch. Reward yourself with wine and chocolate. Isn't that better than the bean bag chair? I'm polishing off your mother of the year trophy.

    Bet you were the kid that ASKED for homework, weren't you? Don't worry. I did too.

    Tracey made me laugh.

  12. Oh how I wish our kids went to the same school ... you could be me ... are you sure you aren't???? ;)

  13. I have never done my kids homework. By the time I get home I'm so over the whole school work thing...

    My poor kids have to sink or swim on their own.

  14. Gosh you made me laugh! I love that Climber had 'patter'! Very important in the magic world. And the diary assignment was way too easy for a blogging mum, um, I mean Cherub!


  15. So glad Cherub got Harry. SG was last to get the bear they use, & he was quite heartbroken about it too.
    AA for your- er Cherub's effort.


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