Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tapping at the Toy Library Fair 09.

Sunday March 15th, 11am.
Darling Gardens, Melbourne.

Totally adorable Small Kids. Happy Little Vegemites. And Nell in the background, borrowing the red coat and womanning the sound system. I brought my own equipment, and there were no malfunctions.

Gorgeous Middle-sized Kids. Under The Sea, a fairly complicated routine. This year each class had a brand new routine that they learned in just 4 weeks. The Middles love this one. Can we do it again? See Fixit paying close attention to his beloved family as they dance? (Edited to add that although he is talking to someone in this shot he was watching for the show and was also my number one roadie, hefting boards to and fro, and packing up on his own. So don't be misled by my flippancy, Fixit was 100% there for me.)

Totally talented Big Kids.

So clever.

Louie the Fly. Mortein genocide on all my innocent tap students. Check out Climber and [one of] his girlfriend [s] at the left of the picture, giving that extra bit of drama.

This is me wearing make-up. Doesn't actually happen a lot, and I got quite a few comments from people. Wondering if I should make more of an effort with myself now. Or if I was just freaking people out with my painted face. My FIL thought there was a stranger at family lunch that day.

Is that seriously what my butt looks like? Oh my God.

Cherub strikes a pose. It amazes me how relaxed all the kids are at the public shows. I always feel sick beforehand. They just get up and do their thing and have fun. Maybe it's because they get an icecream afterwards? Poor Climber. He was eyeing off the Mr Whippy truck all morning but Fixit said No because we were off to Grandma and Pa's for family lunch afterwards and lord knows there is no shortage of sugary treats there. But then Every Single One of his friends got to have a post-performance icecream and the poor kid was practically on his knees begging me to allow him to have one. I solved this dilemma by directing him to my Video-Cameraman (aka my Dad). Climber got the treat, parents kept face. Win-win.

I had to get one of the Mums to hold up a cheat sheet for the new routines, just so I always knew what was coming next. You can see her standing at the front of this picture, watching her son (they're both wearing black) and holding my paperwork. Although you can't see my head in this shot I am probably staring intently at her stomach. Autocue for tap-teachers, albeit a very low-tech one.



  1. You have the happiest livelihood!

  2. You have purple trim on your tap shoes! Why am I not surprised.

    I love that you love your tapping and all those gorgeous little tappers.

  3. What Butt?

    Little M looks so gorgeous in that last shot!!

  4. You look hot.

    Awesome photos and dialogue.
    I'm thinking the makeup was for a certain (ahem) tap-parent perhaps ?

    Fixit! ... of course I meant the Major... ;)

  5. I let my kids have FIRST EVER ice ceream from Mr whippy as a post performance treat.I have always had a thing about their salmonella content. Eight hours later I was in the shower with Bell scraping chunks of vomit out of her hair.
    Never again.
    As for your bum, it does not wobble, there is no b'donkadonk so don't complain.

  6. Ooo I love the striped stockings on the littlest girls! I wonder if they go up to my size? And count as acceptable work wear?

  7. Not until I do another print run. I've only one last Miss Caroline shirt available to groupies, (child's size 4) so the print run will be soon!

    How good are your powers of observation?

  8. You are wonderful, you look wonderful. How can you wear makeup (which makes you look just lovely) and do exercise and not have it all slide off on to the floor then slip over it and end up like Melinda in the supermarket?

  9. Ha. Ha. Ha. Aunty. VEEEEERRRRYYY funny. She's obviously coordinated, which is something I am not. Stomper girl would NEVER trip over her talented feet.

    The makeup is lovely. It only accentuates your natural beauty. I know I is a kiss up, but I don't care. I'm angling for free lessons.

    P.S. Brilliant Mr. Whippy strategy. Brilliant. Everyone wins.

  10. That looks like so much fun. What a blast!!!

  11. Mind you, that pink balloon and it's placement is a little disturbing.

  12. Next time we have a blog-meet you MUST hold a tapping workshop during the day, and then in the evening we'll have a dance-off!!

    I'm going to take a tap book out of the library and shall start studying and practicing asap.

  13. You look fantastic! I too have make-up that makes a rare appearance, but if I danced with it on, I would look like the Joker, and not at all like a yummy-mummy having a bloody great time.

  14. Just catching up on your past month! Looks like it was very interesting and varied. I have to admit I was glad that the take-home teddy diary was abandoned at our preschool - last year's book looked a bit too professional for me ;-)

    Love your shoes (and your non-wiggling butt) by the way. And I would get that photo of you amongst the kids and use it on your promotional literature (sounds like I know what I am on about .. ha ha).

  15. So lovely and I didn't see a single bottom ANY WHERE!

  16. What fun! Makes me want to be a kid again!

  17. I LOVE your tap posts! All of them.

    Next week the boys have their dance performance. The teacher opens the curtain that separates the dance floor and the waiting room and we get to video tape to our hearts delight.

    I can't wait until they're in tap!

  18. Your little dancing troupe is soooo cute!! It looks like so much fun... I can almost hear the tappity tappity tap :)

  19. Can you whip up a Miss Caroline's tap school shirt in a ladies 12? Please?
    Are they purple tap shoes I spy?
    Of course they are.

  20. You're so cool. Those kids are having a blast. They're going to have some great memories.

    BTW, there's an award for you over here:


  21. OK, those pictures are amazing and you are gorgeous. Did you know that? You are.


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