Monday, March 16, 2009

More Blog-meets

Just a few photos from the Stitches & Craft blogmeet. I was excited to meet the prodigiously clever and hilarious Jodie from Ric-Rac and she did not disappoint. It was also lovely to meet a host of fabbo craft bloggers. It was a really good night.

Thanks to the organiser [L] and the creator of my lovely present.[R]
(A book of poems by Eleanorfromthecommentbox)

Sooz_7845 Eleanor_7844

Better accounts of the evening here and here and here, thanks also to Pea Soup for driving me home!

Cheers. That's Janet with the beer.
I warned Eleanor how it would be.
Nicole, Jodie, Michelle_7848
Nicole, Jodie and Michelle who lives in the same street in Canberra that I used to. Well, I say I lived there, really it was the ex-boyfriends house. Small world. Also Jodie, don't forget. If she LOLs you, just ROFL her back.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the tap performance I did on Sunday.

You're Nicked_7851 The Bill_7853


  1. Ok...I had just finished writing a comment on your previous post when I went back to find that you had just published a post that very minute with pictures of me dancing!! What spooky timing!!

    I swear I REALLY am shy and introverted.


    P.S. Is it crazy that I feel thrilled at having my DANCING featured on your blog? Next time can I do a tap routine? Maybe I can have an occasional guest appearance?

    Ok, I'm going to tap my way out of this commentbox quick smart, before I get into trouble....tap, tap, tap.....

  2. That first shot of Eleanor where she's winking ... are you going to tell them what she's holding up and where it's been? Or are you going to make them guess?

    ps. re the drive home, you're welcome. I know where you live now mwah hah hah ...

  3. It looks very much like Jodie has a firm grip on Michelle's ear. Did she not pay for her share of the wine? ;)

  4. Great photos of your bloggy friends and those boys, too.

  5. See what happens when you drink? What a minute. That looks fun. Pass me a glass and I will gladly join in. So jealous of all this fabulous blog meets! They look divine.

    As do the boys.

  6. Oh Dear , it does look like I am grabbing michelle's ear.
    I knew I would like you but secretly I have fallen just a little bit in love with you - is that ok???

  7. Aww, it looks like I missed a great evening. To think I gave up that to do book keeping.
    what was I thinking?

  8. Oh, now I'm jealous, I SO wanted to meet Jodie....

  9. The coin story. Well, Eleanor's dancing was so fantastic that someone threw money down her bra. It's true. Well it was one of the mob from our table, but still.

  10. so fun.... and that beer went down soooo well. After the heat you know.

  11. Good lord. I look p*ssed and it was only a little creme de menth, I promise! So lovely to meet you, almost ex-neighbour. And you and Jodie mustn't forget about ROFLPMP.

    BTW, Number 15 is now officially known as "Stompergirl's House".

  12. Love Blogmeets. So much fun.
    And a craft blogmeet. I'm so envious.
    Good thing you got a ride home. It looks like the authorities were waiting for you.

  13. It looks like veryone had such a great time!

  14. You guys all looked like you had a blast. ;)


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