Thursday, October 08, 2009

M'sieur Le Fix

Today is Mister Fixit's birthday which he celebrated by getting up at the crack of dawn and going off to work. Boy does that guy know how to party.

The only vaguely celebratory touch to his morning was the card from Climber which I left out on the kitchen table for him, because the card's artist/author is currently panning for gold and whizzing down enormous flying-foxes at his first ever school camp. This is him yesterday, waiting to go, and I only got slightly anxious as he left, mostly because he seemed to be hanging with the problem kid and the gifted kid (nice but demanding & exhausting) and also he sat on his own on the bus (behind those two) and it's a long drive to camp. But camp is, I suppose, about growing up and fending for yourself so I took my anxieties quietly home with me, only to find the spoon I should have sent for his yoghurt leering at me from the kitchen bench.

happycampers 549
(the other boy in the photo is a nice friend whose mother is one of my best friends and occasionally reads here which is why I've included him)

Meanwhile, the only child and I overslept (well mostly me, Cherub says he was awake and waiting for me & the absent Climber to wake up; come and get me next time why don't you?) to 8.40am, which is 15 minutes past the time we've usually left for school. Yikes! Somehow we scrambled our way into arriving at school a mere 10 minutes after the 9 o'clock bell had rung, impressive what?

Tonight, Fixit and Cherub will have a little party together because I will be off teaching and Climber is away on camp, and I feel bad about this so I am baking buttermilk spice cake. All is forgiven when you bake buttermilk spice cake.

And in other news Fixit and I are in the process of trying to do the sort of kickarse job application letter which is, we hope, the solution to these woes. I don't want to be too specific on this here blog, but we need a cover letter that would be able to bypass the recruitment company employed to weed out the 80% of duds and pass on the cream to the actual employer. And when I say Fixit and I are working on this application, I actually mean us AND some friends and family, who have willingly come to our aid with extremely helpful advice and actual rewrites. Thank you thank you, beautiful people (and your husbands).

I leave you with evidence of the hailstorm we had yesterday...

Hail 217

... and pictures of Mister Fixit's birthday present.


It's clothes again of course. I am wholly responsible for his fashionisto pretensions, and although you wouldn't believe how hot he looks in a pair of overalls, I am sure that these shirts would be a much better option for being seen out in public. The boys are giving him the Transformers shirt, natch.


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Fixit! Very cool transformers shirt. Hope you wears it in good health under your overalls as you goes off to your new job! (visualisation is very important to success)

    As to yoghurt spoons... you can lick yoghurt out of a tub as a desperate measure.

  2. damn! changed the word his/he to your/ you without making subject-verb agreements. Sorry...

  3. Ewww, Tracey just hurt my brain! I understood what she said the first time much more than what she said the second time!

    As for Fixit, don't be afraid to say "I got 90% on my exam!" as the very first part of the letter. It will get their attention.

    eg. "Are you looking for someone different, someone who is reliable, won't let you down, and really knows what it's all about? I got 90% on my exam, so I'm no dumb arsed kid looking to waste your time".

    It's a blokey industry he is working in, tell him to not sound like a sissy in his letter.

    Good luck!

    And happy birthday to one of the good guys. (I got the other one). Oh, and so did Tracey. And Melinda did too, and....oh ok, they are everywhere, k?

  4. Happy Birthday Fixit (even a little belatedly)!

    How about edging your covering letter with platinum and diamonds? that would get the attention of the recruity person.

  5. Happy birthday from his still-only operating-on-a-couple of cylinders mil. Love and Kisses.

  6. Happy birthday Fixit - nice shirts!

    Wow, hail on October. Chilly.

  7. Happy Birthday Mr Fixit! Look at that hail. And more to come, more's the bet.

  8. Happy birthday, Mr. Fixit!

    We had a ton of hail this spring. Hope you lot aren't in for the same!

  9. Happy Birthday M'sieur le Fix!

    that Decepticons shirt ROCKS! Good luck with the application. I stink at that kind of thing.

    Boys are resourceful and I'm sure Climber figured out away to get yoghurt from container to tummy just fine.

    Aunty E is right (which SHE already knew) and we bloggers have the picked the cream of the crop.

  10. He He, you can drink yoghurt - i often leave the spoon out of the lunch box! I also have an overalls wearing hubby & it is so nice to see them in 'normal' clothes. No advice for the letter but fingers crossed for you! Siobhan/Shivi1

  11. Happy birthday Fixit Fella!
    There was no photo of the hugs I bet he got....I'm SURE there must have been hugging as well as cool shirts.

    And....did I pick up a family link with Persiflage? Cool!


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