Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crarf Camp.

Crarf Camp Mosaic
1. craft camp jun 10 022, 2. craft camp jun 10 002, 3. craft camp jun 10 003, 4. craft camp jun 10 015, 5. craft camp jun 10 001, 6. craft camp jun 10 026, 7. craft camp jun 10 028, 8. craft camp jun 10 044, 9. craft camp jun 10 034, 10. craft camp jun 10 024, 11. craft camp jun 10 035, 12. craft camp jun 10 041, 13. craft camp jun 10 021

I had a superb time on Craft Camp at the magnificent Sewjourn this Queen's Birthday Long Weekend. I made some garments that I'm very happy with, ate a lot of scrumptious food, had a fab massage followed by a restorative bath, and enjoyed the company of wonderful women. But I think I should tell you that appearances are deceiving. They may look like they are beautiful and talented and nurturing and funny (and they are!) but the conversations they have when they go away for a lovely spot of sewing would make a sailor blush. I'm not joking.

Here's what I made. I really wanted an empire line dress but the only pattern I could find was for stretch material, so there was modifying to be done, because I really wanted to use the gorgeous fabric that my Mum had de-stashisfied to my benefit. Luckily I was surrounded by clever seamstresses who helped me adapt, and so I give you The Purple Dress with Empire Line and Pleats...

craft camp jun 10 034

This is me wearing it today.

craft camp jun 10 104

My friend, who works in fashion, took one look at me and said enthusiastically oh is that what you made at Craft Camp? which was mildly dashing, but I love it anyway, even if it rather obviously hand-sewn.

I also made a little skirt, which is more than a bit wonky but I'll definitely wear it because I am more than a bit wonky myself ...

craft camp jun 10 044

I decided to use one of the fancy stitches on my lovely new machine (which was completely delightful to sew with) so check my fancy hem. It's leaves, but the other girls suggested they looked rather like little pairs of tap-shoes dancing round my hem.

craft camp jun 10 047

The family survived just fine without me, except that Cherub needed to ring me on Sunday night because he was missing me so badly. Which resulted in a rather lovely homecoming; after the rapturous hugs there was a little quest with clues for me to find the card he'd made.

i was mist

(Lisa, Suse and I all came home to tired menfolk who had risen at 4.30am on Monday morning to witness the Socceroos get mauled by Germany. Cherub could hardly lift his head by dinnertime.)

A big thank you to all the chicks who made the weekend so ace. Sue, who makes the BEST trousers, you should see the pinstripe ones. Kate C, who never got cold because she was hand-quilting a fantastically lovely queen-sized quilt that lay over her lap for most of the time, Kate M the crossover queen, swapping from knits to skirt-making with aplomb (she churned out 2 skirts both of which were funky and functional), who is young and maybe should not have been so exposed to all the terrible tales we told her about childbirth. My dear friend Jenny, who made wonderful things for her Fete Craft Stall including a really good tea-cosy that she somehow rescued from Georgia O'Keefe-ness, and who helped everyone -but especially me- so generously. Lisa who kept saying she wouldn't finish the friend's quilt and then proceeded to whip it up like a dervish. A dervish who was bad at maths (why have I got one extra in this row? Now this row is one less? Maths is the devils work etc). And who berated one of her sons over the phone for cruelty to animals and then within 10 minutes suggested that the best way to kill a chicken was to run it over with a lawn-mower. Janet who was doing an amazing job of clearing her backlog of sewing projects, churning out good thing after good thing whilst all the time thinking wistfully of new projects (but now she has a clear conscience!) Suse who whipped up a skirt, then embarked on a very nice green floral quilt of which we'll all have a bit of ownership because we made suggestions about which strip went where, in between running her now-famous and very clear and helpful Zip Tutorial, Magda who also quilted, seemingly by just creatively throwing some gorgeous fabric together but there must be more to it than that surely because the quilt she made (for the exciting bump in her tummy) was quite wonderful. They really are great fun, these girls. They're all very funny, and creative, and good at cooking, all very easy to be with, and all entertaining whilst at the same time being appreciative when someone else was being entertaining. Big thanks once again to Suse and Janet for inviting me. I had a great time again, and am feeling more than a little sad that this is my last Craft Camp for the year.


  1. Oh my god you made me laugh! I'd forgotten about the lawn mower comment. (Though I still think it would work if the lawn mower was light and the person pushing it was nimble.)

  2. It sounds like the perfect weekend away! I'm heading to crarf camp very soon and I can't wait.
    PS - I love the purple tunic and the leaves really do look like tap shoes.

  3. Now I hope you've removed the 'L' plates from your sewing machine and replaced them with 'P' plates. Congrats on the dress - it looks fab.

  4. I'm going to call it Crarf Camp from now on.

    (Excellent round up).

  5. That dress looks fabulous on you! Sounds like a lovely weekend and an even better homecoming! ;-)

  6. It's a HANDMADE dress, not a HOMEMADE one, thankyouverymuch.

    I may be young, but I'm afraid all the vagina conversations were my fault.

  7. I so hope I can get to Crarf Camp myself this year.

    These regular round ups are just so tantalizing!

  8. I started to tell froginthepond about some of the conversations but then I realised they wouldn't get through my prudish work email filter.

    The frock is excellent on, and I think the contrasting strip on the skirt is fantastic.

  9. Oh my goodness, you just put me right back in the happy zone! It was fun wasn't it.

    Oh and I've been swearing (or trying not to) like a trouper ever since. Don't know why - must have been something in the water.

    Love your handmade purple clothes. It is a beautiful thing being there as you turn into a seamstress.

  10. ohhh it looks like such fun! love the dress and love the skirt - can't say that i see any wonkiness but i embrace my own inner wonk so think you should too :)

  11. Drooling even more now.....

    Why do I live OVER HERE?????

    I am itching to sew clothes now, or quilts, or tap dance, or swear, and you KNOW how informed I am about vaginas!

    I'm just gonna HAVE to set up an Eagle Bay version of crarf camp.....

  12. You made me laugh......it's good that you enjoyed - and next year will be here before you know it!

  13. I'm jealous! Can I come next time, I will do the cooking and in between times pretend that I can sew/knit/crochet of which I actually can do each of those, just not very often.

    Your dress looks WONDERFUL, don't look into your friend's comment as critical, it sounded alright to me, at least she didn't laugh!

  14. Man, you guys tease with your delicious food, fabulous company. wicked conversation and amazing craft.

    What a fabulous and productive way to spend a long weekend.

  15. Sounds like a great weekend.

    Love the dress, both the fabric and the work. Looks great on you.

    And I love the card! I imagine it's always going to be Crarf Camp from now on!

  16. Divine, all of it, divine! Crarf camp sounds like astonishing fun! I would love to go... perhaps I could cook for you all, as I can't craft, sew, etc. I could hold Aunty Evil's yarn while she crochets.

  17. Well said Stomper, have just had a lovely giggle reading that.

  18. Well, that sounds absolutely lovely, especially the wonderful welcome home. Appreciate it because one day quite soon your little boys will be able to manage quite well without you. (Sob.)

  19. Oh and PS. How luscious is your hair looking right now!!??

  20. It sounds as if it was a wonderful Craft Camp! Just what tired or jaded ladies need to refresh themselves.

  21. Awesome! I love the dress, that color is great on you.


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