Monday, June 28, 2010

Soccer Mum.

This weekend is was my turn to play single parent (fair's fair, I've had a few craft camps away) as Fixit jetted off to Brisbane to visit the recently relocated Bike Nazi, his pain-in-the-arse friend. All weekend, as I froze my backside off in the cold Melbourne gloom, Fixit sent excited texts : it's 22 degrees! and I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt! Good on you, hon, thanks for sharing.

Meanwhile, the boys and I were very excited because for the first time ever I got to watch them play soccer. Usually I can't be there because I'm teaching tap at exactly the same time, but this term tap finished at 10 weeks and soccer ran for eleven.

The weather forecast mentioned hail, so it was a bit of a relief to only have biting cold and a bit of rain, really. I was well rugged up, operating on the human-snake principle that it's better to be overdressed than under-dressed if you're stranded out of range of a direct heat source.


I thought (of course I did) that both the boys were very good. They're doing what's known as the Small-Sided Games program for 5-9 year olds, where they play on teeny pitches and learn ball skills in a fun environment. One of the great things our club introduced this year was bringing in kids from the proper teams (the Under 14s it looked like) to be coaches, with an adult helper as well. I reckon it's great. It gives the older kids coaching and directing skills, plus responsibility, and the one I observed with Cherub's group was fantastic and managed oh-so-kindly to pull Cherub back from the brink of it'snotfairIalwayslose tears. And the younger kids just love being coached by these energetic older kids.

Here's an action sequence of Cherub winning a tackle:

cherub wins the tackle 3638 cherub wins the tackle 3639
cherub wins the tackle 3640 cherub wins the tackle 3641

And here are some shots featuring Action Hair.

DSC_3585 DSC_3588
DSC_3607 DSC_3615

Love the action hair. It was really ace to see the boys play, I was very proud.

As well as soccer, Cherub had 2 parties to go to (they were both awesome, he says) and Climber and I went to the bookshop to spend a generous voucher from my Aunt Carmel who is the patron saint of Climber's zest for reading. We also had to cope without power for a large chunk of Sunday due to a scheduled outage for street repairs (no internets and no heating in the middle of winter, blah!)

Then on Sunday night we went to the airport to pick up Fixit.

here he is 1159

Of course we missed him, but not because we needed an extra pair of hands, if you know what I mean. The kids were excellent and easy to look after on my own: I think this has a lot to do with their age, because if Fixit went off for a weekend when they were younger I'd be wiped out when he returned. But this time was easy, and we all had a good time.


  1. Hi Sis

    Talking of the cold and winter, Heath decided he wanted to go and break the ice in the water trough this morning! So after sleeping in and being impossible to wake up (ie - stripping doona's office, light on, bit of a shake), he showed me how quickly he really CAN get ready when there's an incentive involved. So out of the house by 8.15am, Dan the Car admirably didn't run out of petrol (thank you Dan, not a good morning to do so), and off to the paddock. Trough had decent layer of ice. Both kids had thoroughly cold hands. Heath took all the ice into school in my feed bucket. Bloody hope he brings it home! Freelance looked like the Michelin horse last night, wearing 4 rugs! It was minus 5. Liked your soccer pics. Love Bron

  2. super action hair shots there Ms stomper...

  3. Awesome. I now have a new phrase for my repertoire, "action hair". Looked like the kids were having a blast.

  4. Get it right. The term is 'Soccer MOM'. Lol!

    Great photos - you are becoming quite the photographer.

  5. A good camera makes a world of difference!

  6. Did you see Meatloaf waiting in the background of your "welcome home Fixit" photo? :)

  7. Meatloaf actually was in Australia recently, I think!

  8. Ah yes, nothing like standing on a freezing field watching people play sports. In the rain. Or the wind. Or the rain AND wind.

  9. Is hair action the point where tapping meets soccer? (jazz hands could be a carding offence in a soccer match)

  10. Tracey, I actually think - jokes aside - that the tap lessons have been enormously beneficial for their soccer skills.

    And if you watch the World Cup at all, you do see quite a lot of very balletic moves. Mostly when they are diving to get a sympathy free kick though.

  11. If it's OK with you, I plan to show the middle Action Hair playing soccer. I reckon it's something that he'll be able to relate to (and may get me off the hairdresser hook – he is not follicularly challenged).

  12. Aunty Evil totally stole my comment!! I was thinking "who is that dude in the mullet and really bad clothes?"

    I love the action hair. And how excited Cherub was winning that tackle. Superb

  13. OMG! I so could have met you if I'd known you'd be there. The Flipster is a zebra too. In fact, I thought one of those Action Hair photos was a photo of him for a moment! Love SP on a sunny morning, lots of parents from our school there drinking coffee, feeding babies, very laid back and friendly. Will have to watch out for your boys now. Make sure you email/tweet if you're going to be there again!


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