Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning we went back and searched near the Tap Hall, and found the empty stolen bag in a playground. Fifteen metres away I also found the 3 balls of wool, the cotton reel, the bobbin, the 4 spare knitting needles, the completed washcloth and the jotted notes I'd used to make it, the photo of Climber at the pool and the birthday cards from Jen and Astrid, although those last two were soggy. The nice pair of purple floral dressmaking scissors, still in the packet which had been my birthday present, were gone. But I was really really glad to get the other stuff back. Thank goodness the hoodlums were too disaffected to put it in the bin.

The car window is costing us $400 to repair, and our insurance excess is $500. [insert sad face emoticon]

Cherub is recovered although he and Climber still have a few poxy scabs. Meanwhile the pinetarsol baths we've used for the pox have done good things for the molluscum-related eczema behind Cherub's knee and in his elbow.

Cherub timed his chicken pox outbreak much better than Climber - Climber broke out on Friday night so he buggered up his weekend and only got one day off school whereas Cherub threw spots on Sunday night, so he got 3 days off school, then had one day of catching up with his friends before a curriculum day today and a long weekend.

I'm off to Craft Camp at Sewjourn this weekend and plan to give the new sewing machine a good work-out. Meantime, I've left the big box behind for the amusement of the family. Cherub is having so much fun with it. If he's not using it to stylishly display my swag of birthday presents, he's dragging it round the house to be incorporated into whatever game he's playing at the time. Basil, being a cat, is also very keen to get into the box and the two of them are spending a lot of hilarious time playing Kitty Surprise Attack From The Box together.

Presents in a box 3229DSC_3224DSC_3270

Mostly though, Cherub's been stuffing himself into the box, so it can be his Tardis. He's getting quite good at the grinding dematerialisation noise.



  1. kittens & boxes - more fun than kiddies & boxes but I would say that, wouldn't I?

  2. Yay, you got some of your stuff back! Happy face icon.

    And boxes are the best toys ever. My dad once made us a couple of houses out of old washing machine boxes or something. Heaps of fun.

  3. Glad you found almost all of your stash - especially right before craft camp.

    That whole excess v replacement cost thing is so annoying.

    Have a great sew-y weekend.

  4. Just calling by to wish you a lovely weekend at Sewjourn..

  5. *Newsflash* Robberies all over the State are now occurring with the assistance of purple floral scissors.

  6. a good box is one of lifes great joys I believe.

  7. I am glad that you got almost everything back! At least there is some good news in the whole glassy mess. Sorry to hear the window is so expensive.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  8. How great that you were able to recover some of your stuff. Hope you have a fab and inspiring weekend.

  9. Oh kitties and boxes! So much fun.
    Have fun this weekend.

  10. So glad you found your knitting and the bag wool, etc. Shame about the scissors, but hopefully one of them might cut of something essential.
    I always say kids get more fun out of the box, than the item that came in it!

  11. Have fun using your new machine!
    And thank goodness you got a bunch of your stuff back. Although, if you'd known that those losers wanted a pair of floral scissors you would have just given them yours and it wouldn't be costing you $400 and 2 new cards.

  12. Good call going back to the scene of the crime! Boxes, paper bags, drawers left open---the smaller and darker the space the more intriguing. Or so El Pussygato tells me.

  13. Glad you got most of your stuff back! Some people just deserve to be kicked in the nuts. Sorry. But they do.

    Have a good weekend!

  14. I agree with Aunty. They definitely shouldn't be allowed to procreate!

    I love the Tardis pretending. So classicly boy!


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