Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Oh Brother.

I've just received a very special early birthday present...

Oh brother!3185

I found a whizzy sewing machine on special, and put in on lay-by (because my good old second-hand one had started to snarl and seize) and then in a spoil-your-daughter-fatherly-swoop, my Dad went and paid it off for me. Shortest lay-by in history.

It's a Brother NS30. It's so quiet that the kitty felt completely at home with it and nearly got his paw sewn because he was trying to fight the needle.


I picked it up Monday morning and by the afternoon I'd made a little drawstring pouch, you know, just to try it out. It's completely ace. The machine, I mean, the pouch is not bad, but the machine is light, easy to use, quiet, a bit fancy (the boys are very impressed with the stitch range - we're talking 70 stitch choices here including little leaf patterns) and just really good to sew with.


Today being Day 2 of ownership, I found a tutorial on making envelope cushion covers and then created this Yes/No cushion cover using some Aunty Cookie appliques, applied with the Brother's blanket stitch.

Yes/No Cushion3195

Unfortunately I didn't cut enough fabric for the envelope opening at the back (I followed her directions but maybe our cushion inserts are fatter down under), so tomorrow I'm going to try the one-step buttonhole function, mmm-hmm, yes I am.

Yes/No Cushion 3194


  1. Man! That is one cool machine. Yay for Stomper Dad.

  2. Oh yes!!!

    Parent;s are sometimes worth their weight in gold aren't they? Yes, the other day you were saying Lay-buying and then low-and-behold, you have your lay-by in your hands. Whoop whoop!!

  3. Yay for stomper! 70 stitches, what do you need them for? Quiet, who needs quiet? Light, who needs light? I'm not jealous at all!

  4. Ooo, awesome! Dads are the best!

  5. Hooray! Well, everything except for kitty almost getting impawed. You're doing neat stuff. I'm guessing the machine may come in useful for your tap work at some point, as well.

  6. woohoo! Just in time to make some fancy moves at Kraft Kamp.

  7. Ooooh nice! My machine sounds like a tractor but I would have to spend a lot more time sewing to justify a new one! Yay for your dad!

  8. Cool!!!! Lets hear it for Dad!

    Oh I just KNOW you'll have many happy years with it

  9. Go Dad!

    Look forward to seeing all the fabo sewing that follows.

  10. Very Cool. And just in time for craft weekend!! How excitement!!!!

  11. Just noticed your label. It sure is!

  12. Sweet! Am currently trying to convince B that if I HAD one, I would LEARN TO USE IT. He's not sure. (I THINK I'd be okay. THINK.)

    I also LOVE the little kittyboy face.Such a serious member of the household already!

  13. You go girl! Between you and me and the gatepost, I still haven't worked out how to change the stitch length on my machine (even after Googling). This is because mine is the MOST CRAP MACHINE IN THE (relatively) MODERN WORLD. But it can do a buttonhole. Frankly, I hope yours were less fraught than any of mine.

  14. SO lovely! You are a true quilter - find something not quite working, then find a solution (which you can forever claim to be a "design decision")


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