Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glass all over the back seat

As I was teaching tap tonight I saw three youths in hoodies hanging around on the street outside the Tap Hall. They were making some noises which I put down to exuberance but actually they were breaking into my car.


They went through my glove box and ashtray (they would not have found anything there) before making off with my knitting bag, which had been left sitting temptingly on the passenger seat. I have to tell you that I am a little bit gobsmacked about having my knitting bag nicked, even when I factor in the idiocy of leaving said bag temptingly on the passenger seat! Surely once they'd looked in the bag and seen it only held wool and needles, they would have left it there? Unless they were some sort of Urban Craft Gang? Because seriously, what would 3 yoofs want with a knitting bag?

The bag was a gorgeous vinyl Harrods bag and I am very sad to lose it because it was ace, and a gift from a friend. I'm going back in daylight to search the area in case they realised the insanity of their ways and chucked it. But luckily, the Work-In-Progress, still on the needles, was lying behind the car on the road. There was wool all through the car, so I think the knitting saved itself by artfully twining itself around something in the front seat, which jerked the needles out of the bag as the bad hoodlums ran off. Yay for craft-thief-foiling-knitting! Either that, or the hoodlums didn't like the wonky edges or the bit where I knitted when I should have purled (Astrid calls it my Amish touch.) Whatever the reason, thank goodness they left it behind. If I'd lost all that chevron knitting I would have cried like a baby.

chevron clutch 3274


  1. Oh what a bummer. What bastards! They should be stabbed all over with the pointy ends of sate sticks, punched a long way in. Especially all over the soft tissues. And now you have even more nuisances to get fixed. It is about time that Blind Fate - or Whatever- stopped picking on you.
    How is the poxy boy?

  2. I hope your knitting needles attacked them!! That is CRAZY!

  3. Relishing the idea of Urban Craft Gangs roaming the badlands of suburban Melbourne.

  4. Sorry to hear that! Not good! I did some self inflicted damage to my car last night on the way to knitting group - luckily it was only my car and a little stone wall - and when I got to knitting I didn't even have my knitting with me! Oops!

    Hope you find the bag - I am glad that they didn't get anything else!

  5. Oh, how horrid. I hoped that you were going to write that you expected the worst of the hoodies but then you saw them rescuing a kitten or helping an old lady across the road. But no. Hmm.

  6. Melbourne and Florida must have more in common than I previously thought! There is a dearth of things [constructive] to do for young people around here, and so they go around rattling doorknobs, testing if they're open. Mostly because there are a lot of retired folks, who wouldn't be able to give chase....Imagine the little hoodlums chagrin when they came face to face with the six-foot-four-what-can-I-do-you-for-Bean!
    What a pain having to wrangle with insurance and get it all fixed....But yea! that they left your lovely work, Amish bit and all!

  7. oh fuckity bugger stomper - i am glad they left the knitting behind but still.

    Not good.

  8. Beautiful knitting - I'm glad it was safe!
    My car was broken into years ago outside the Balwyn Cinema (of all places) and the dumb thieves took my nappy bag. All it had in it was a poo-ey nappy and baby wipes!
    Would have looked to have seen their faces!

  9. I'm with Mary - fuckitty bugger to those youf...may they never have a handknit in their whole lives...

  10. I am completely, 100%, no questions asked, do it now, right now, in favour of what your mum said.


  11. Oh YES Mary, fuckity bugger is exactly the right thing to say.

    Bastards!!! I would have cried too if that chevron knit had gone AWOL.

  12. Boo. I like the knitting though. Maybe purple is not their colour?

  13. I hate that they did this to you, but I love the thought of an urban craft gang.

    They roam the suburbs with their hand crocheted undies on the outside of their long knitted stripey socks. Of course this gang only does good - bringing craft to the uncrafty...

  14. First, that knitting looks fabulous.

    Second, idiots.

    I'm just picturing trails of knitting and needles down the street as they ran away.

  15. oh stomper, that sucks

    and if you are anything like me, the further away it gets, the worse it starts to feel

    take care


  16. it's good knowing the the hoodlums would've been teased mercilessly (read, probably dunnked in a toilet) by their 'friends' for stealing a knitting bag instead of a stash of cash.

    Nasty thing to happen.

  17. Oh the bastards! I'm so pleased your knitting was saved though.
    Do you think they steal craft to order? If so, anyone with a quilt made up of hexagons better watch out. I'd love one of those.

  18. Since I am reading backwards, I know you recovered it and I am VERY happy for you. There's this terrible 'violation' getting your car smashed into-- and it really stinks because you think, "I should just leave my door opened so they don't break out the windows next time...".
    Yeah, we had a window smashed out and they took my son's dvd he got for his birthday. Like you, the window cost just under the insurance deductable.


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