Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blog blurt, post school holidays

Yesterday they demolished the house next door.

wreckers in the morning dark 93

It took 20 minutes to knock a whole house down.
It's taken two days to clean up the debris.
Cherub was very worried about breathing in the dust.


This was the view from my kitchen window.

house next door gets demolished 103

The noise of all that heavy machinery is driving me a bit mental.

The kids are back at school.
We had a great school holidays.
As well as our big family trip to the maze, we went to the Museum, ...


... Scienceworks, the Zoo, ...


... the pool, Fed Square, ...


a castle park (full of wooden forts and stuff), ...


... had visits to or from friends, including Stacey and her boys who came over to meet the kitty, saw Toy Story 3 (waaah!), slept-in a lot, watched dvds, and generally trashed the house.

We've been loving the World Cup but every time Climber watched any soccer he immediately ran outside to have a kick and came back in covered in mud, a major contributor to the house-trashing mentioned above. He was playing the Kids' World Cup in his head, I'm pretty sure the Kid Socceroos won it too. The boys are fascinated with my crush on Socceroos captain Lucas Neill: Mum come and watch the ad Lucas Neill is going to smile! or Mum what would you do if you met him? (answer: get really embarrassed and tongue-tied.)

I cleaned the house up Monday, their first day back at school. Me, not the cleaning lady. Having a cleaning lady has given me a reduced threshold for coping with household disgracefulness.

I've made up the start of 2 new routines for the new term of tap-dance, only 6 more to do.

I've (well alright then, Uncle Mark has) done my tax for last year and the year before and the news, most surprisingly, was good not bad. I thought we'd have to pay but some low-income offsets came to our aid.

I reported the threatener parent to the school, first thing Monday morning. The principal and Climber's teacher were not in the least bit surprised (the family's reputation precedes them) but they're not, they say, really able to do much because it happened off school property and 9 months ago. They did call Climber in for a big reassuring pep talk and he says it was really good and made him feel very supported. I still think I need to confront the scumdogs myself, just so they know I know. Looking back, I think they were tip-toeing round me last year expecting an outburst but now they think they got away with it. I don't know what to say to be honest. They've actually been in my sights in the playground twice now and I didn't march up to them. I feel a bit overwhelmed, like I'm too angry to start, and worried that if I go up when I'm still this emotional about it I'll end up stooping to their level. I don't want to stoop to their level obviously because they are dickheads, even if part of me thinks it might actually be the best way of getting my point across.
Fixit has holidays next week so I'm thinking it might be better to have him there too, looking imposingly big and strong and cranky at them.
One thing holding me back from going up to them was that I was struggling to come up with a good strong opening line. Maybe you threatened my child? what were you thinking?

Or there's always this one:

my name is inigo montoya
you threatened my child
prepare to die.


  1. I think that Inigo is a worthy role model in this situation.

    I'm very pleased that so many people have rallied around your boy to offer him strength and support. He's the most important person in this whole situation.

  2. and of course there is a part of me that thinks that now you have informed the school it might be best to let it go?

    Oh what would I know - I am absolutely pathetic in such situations and would have tears welling up in my eyes and be crap at confronting it all anyway.

    You do what your own instincts tell you is right - you have done brilliantly so far..

  3. I just think they need to know that it was a line they should not have crossed. I think the principal might think I should leave it be.

  4. I think your observation that they think they may have got away with it is pretty important. They should know that they have not got away with it, as difficult as it is to do.

    It is really hard to say something to bullies even when you're a grown up (and I know from experience!)

  5. Oh Inigo. So useful in so many situations.

    Perhaps you could say that you don't allow adults to discipline your son without your knowledge, and for them to approach you or Fixit directly if they have an issue? (Cue Fixit glowering in the background.) Oh, and that the Principal is now aware of the situation, which you've only recently become aware of, FYI. Then give them the hairy eyeball. And try not to kick them in the shins.

  6. Why not be more reasonable than confrontational? That way you don't lose the plot half way through it and walk away ashamed that you got it wrong.

    You are really just going to get one shot at this.

    "Hi. I want to have a chat with you/you both. Climber tells me that (remind them of the incident) and I really would prefer it if you have something to say to my child, that you wait until I am there. He was really upset by it and I have to say, so am I now I know about it. Please don't do it again. Have a good day".

    Good luck!

  7. Did Aunty Evil really just type that brilliant bit above? Wow. I'd go with that.... if you can keep the boiling emotions out of it. Easier said than done.

    I love Inigo Montoya. That would be a great backup plan.

    The "now we have a cleaning lady I like the house to be tidier all the time" bit-we do it here too. I should say, *I* do it here too! It bugs me when things are out of sorts now because I know what it SHOULD look like!

  8. I love Cherub's face in the cow photo!

    Don't let the school rubbish get you down.

  9. Sounds like some fantastic school holidays. I am jealous.

    Inigo seems like a great role model on this one. Good luck.

    Do you know what they're planning on building next door?

  10. I'm really crap at confrontation so I can't offer much in the way of good advice. Just go with your gut feel I think.
    It was lovely to see you and your beautiful boys and to meet the gorgeous and oh so athletic Basil.
    Great cake too. Did I tell you that? Yummo!

  11. We're just starting our summer. It's comforting to know that you survived yours.

  12. Channeling Inigo is fabulous. He is a great role model for all mothers! Your holidays sound great, we too were extraordinarily lazy but did much less than you; just to prove it!

  13. I like Aunty Evil's suggestion - it's hard to argue with reasonable-ness. (Or should that be "it's hard to argue with reason?")

    Ha! - wv is "harmah"

    You harmah my child, you die.

  14. I would let it go but then I am a wimp.

    But on the rare occasions when I've said what I've thought (when this is negative) I've always (I think) regretted it.

    But then. Wimp.

    Failing that, AE's speech is good.


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