Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello the Outside World

The kitty has had a big couple of days. Friday he went to the vet to be vaccinated, micro-chipped and castrated. He recovered very quickly, came home and ate and played as per normal. Gosh his little shaved .. er... area... looks peculiar though. Saturday we gave him his very first collar. It's still on him too, although he got the bell off. (Bertie Wooster the badass had his first collar off in under an hour, and then went on to 'lose' several collars in his short life.) And then today, Sunday, we let Basil outside for the first time. He had a very big look around, and frankly, he thought I took him inside way too soon.


It was very interesting out there.


See the big block of vacant land behind Cherub in this next picture? The neighbour's shed was actually the fence between our properties and now it's all been demolished we're left with this gaping hole. So handy for robbers. On the bright side, the boys had spectacular fun this morning playing in the mud there. Climber's white Dunlop Volleys are now officially the Worst Shoes In The World.


Seeing as there's no real way of keeping the kitty confined to our property he will only be going outside with supervision at the moment. One visit to the vet is quite enough for the time being!


  1. Ooo you are brave, we only let tigger out when she's wearing her little harness & lead.

  2. It must have felt like a whole new world to him!

  3. Basil is truly gorgeous, a doll. Please keep him safe. I have two burmese cats who do not go outside. The breed is well known for being more vulnerable to danger than others because they are too sweet, curious and friendly to strangers.

    Best wishes to your family and Basil, may you have many happy years together.

  4. Basil looks so sweet, with or without his "equipment!" El Pussy Gato here, is, theoretically, fascinated by the great outdoors. But he was a chicken in a former life, so mostly takes short laps around the enclosed outdoor area, then comes in and flops down somewhere comfortable and dreams happy dreams of his bravery!

  5. They are so funny when you first let them out: "Why have you been KEEPING this from me?!" Then within a week they're all blase and, "yeah, this is my lawn. This is my shed roof. This is my HOLY GOD GIANT CROW RUN RUN yeah I wasn't running. You just imagined it. I'm just sitting here licking myself casually."

    ... or maybe that's just my cats.

  6. All of your boys are gorgeous! Even the purplish one. Bet he FELT purplish after that vet visit too.

  7. Morty has been an inside cat, since I dont want to lose him, or have him eat the resident birdlife or lizards. He darts out every chance he gets now, & I am so glad he always returns!
    I was surprised to see Morty still has the 'pouch' his 'goolies' came in... he is 'fixed' though!

  8. So did he do that thing when they walk on lawn for the first time and get a big shock. ooo ooo spikey grass bounce bounce bounce. Or was that just when we had buffalo grass?

  9. Thanks Elspeth, I do worry about that because of how we lost the last one, but we trust he'll be okay.

    M, it must be the ouchy grass, he didn't bounce at all but he did shake his paws a bit due to the wetness of the grass.

  10. He is so beautiful.

    It's hard to make the decision to let them out. But you did the right thing, he needs to explore.

    Thanks for giving me something else to worry about though :)


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