Thursday, July 29, 2010


About a month ago I was surprised by a gorgeous gift from bloggy friends, Kirsty and Sussanah. They sent me some divine purple merino 8-ply and the sweetest pair of knitting needles you ever saw, made from Tasmanian Oak with purple spotty knobs on the end.

yarn and needles3472

I was desperate to knit something with both these items, but the yarn and the needles were not meant to be used together. I showed the needles to knitting expert Stacey who advised me to get 10 ply wool, so, armed with that knowledge, I dived first into Lincraft to get me some yarn (harder than I thought it would be, there were exactly 3 choices in 10-ply and two of them were acrylic) and then into Ravelry, online knitting wundersite, to see if I could find a project that fitted my yarn, my needles and my abilities.

The yarn I used was Jet by Patons, and actually, I think it's the same I used ages ago to make a pair of wrist-warmers, with the lovely Monet sunset colour scheme. The pattern was Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf, and I really enjoyed knitting it. It was quick and easy, and that's how I like them. It was also an excellent handbag project, because I could pick it up and put it down again without losing my place.


The only problem with it was answering the question what are you knitting? Because I can knit a calorimetry, easy-peasy, but I'm not sure I can pronounce it properly. Ca-LOR-i-meh-TREE?

The name has something to do with measuring heat lost or gained, but as I see it, it's basically a hat for the days you want to wear a pony-tail. I think it would also look awesome on thick curly hair.

calorimetry 3804

I'm a bit happy with it. Just got to find the right project for the purple merino now....


  1. Well done. It's lovely. The yarn is beautiful and I it really suits you.

  2. I think it's pronounced "head band".

  3. Cool! Well done you. And yeah, it's called a head band.

  4. Isabelle could well be right. I knitted one as my first-ever knitted thing, and I still haven't worked out how to pronounce it.

    I've worn it a lot, mostly when my hair's up in a bun. Quant from Knitty is another good one for that.

  5. hahahahaha ... i have knitted this too and have never even tried to pronounce it. But it is rather fab to knit up, isn't it?

  6. You learn something new everyday. Before I read this, I would have sworn 'calorimetry' was something to do with counting up the number of kilojoules contained in any given Masterchef dish.

    I so hope knowing it's actually a fabbo pony-tail hat is the million dollar question when I need it.

  7. To me the emphasis would fall on the rim.
    Nice work!
    Colour availability of wool in places like Lincraft and Spotlight is crap. I went searching the other day - no turquoise, no real purples or mauves, no good blues and no clear bright yellows. Bah!

  8. Beautiful work! It is really lovely and suits you well. Wow, I love this learning to knit thing.

  9. That is gorgeous! I'm amazed at the many things one can make with just knitting needles and yarn. Those colors are beautiful

  10. The knitting needles are fabulous!

    The head band is funky-love it!

    I love blog "friend" gifts!

  11. Like!

    It looks LOVELY on you!

    I wish I had the kind of ears that would allow the wearing of such items. They always look so rubbish on me, even though I do have the kind of hair (longer, curly-ish)you described.

    Way to go!

  12. I want one! Not for me with my short hair (one day post cut) but would love my children to agree to wearing one. Probably won't happen...sigh...

  13. You are a very clever stomper girl.

    And I loved that the photo of it laid out looks like a pair of lips - all salvador dahlish!

  14. I finally got around to sending that pattern to you. It took me how long??
    Love the head thingy. It's very dancer-ish which of course suits you to a T!

  15. I love it! I want one! Can you send me the recipe?

    Don't be bothered trying to pronounce it, to me it would always be "hey, where's my thingy that holds my hair back in the thingy?"

  16. Tres chic! You look ace in your fancy knitty half hat!

  17. I forgot to say how nice the needles were to knit with. And how ace Kirsty and Sussanah are for sending such nice stuff to me - gifts that go on giving... xx

  18. I'm a bit late to the party here.


    Like you said, it's related to measuring heat lost or gained. Like calories. :)


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