Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Young Love

Someone has scratched I love Climber F. into the stairwell under the school library. When Climber and his posse discovered it they were bursting with curiosity to find out who had written it. Climber and I had a big chat about it. He wasn't sure how he should be feeling. I said I'd feel flattered that someone liked me enough to risk defacing school property. (I had to just try and imagine it, mind. To my knowledge no-one has ever scratched my name into anything. *le sigh*) But I said he shouldn't try and find out who it was. I said if it was scratched by someone he liked, he'd feel embarrassed in their company. And, if the person he liked found out he knew she'd written it, she'd be embarrassed round him. That's just way too much embarrassment for little 9-year-olds to cope with. And if it was someone he didn't like then he'd still feel embarrassed but also possibly revolted. Ignorance is bliss, I said. Just take the compliment and move on.

Climber and his current obsession: Meerkats.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous feisty tomboy in Cherub's class wrote this letter to Cherub.


(If there are parts of this letter that are incomprehensible to you, try inserting the following:
trade football cards
tiggy - ie chasies, tag)

I think it is an awesome letter, so open and enthusiastic and vibrant and affectionate. It may well be the best love letter he ever gets in fact. He thinks it's okay but he is far more interested in football cards, and wearing his new St Kilda jumper (early birthday present from Grandma and Pa) to school so he can show his friends.

saints shirt1263


  1. Thank goodness they have you as their mother. Boys are so bewildered for so long, a little advice will go a long way...

    PS Which girl WOULDN'T adore them???

  2. Talk about WHOOOOSH! Hold on to your hats Mama, those kiddlywinks are growing up at the speed of knots!

  3. Aside from sighing over your beautiful boys can I just join you in "le sigh"

  4. ST. Kilda? Are you kidding me? I bet the one who scratched his name doesn't know about your family's footie focus.

    (Have a horrible feeling my name may have been scratched but it wouldn't have positive connotations.)

  5. SAVE THAT NOTE! Gorgeous.
    ...oh, you have. Noted.

  6. I don't care about my name being scratched into anything.

    I don't care about football cards, tags and whatever else they want to play.

    I only care about that ginormous cookie he is eating in the first pic. *le sigh*

  7. I agree, any girls will just adore your sons...(& Mr Fixit!)
    I have vivid memories of Son B's first angst ridden 'love bites' in the form of girl crushes.
    Your trials with the Troglodytes/Neanderthals are familiar..

  8. Sweet letter---the first of many, I'm sure, for both your gorgeous boys!

  9. Excellent advice from you, and an adorable letter. Whoever the young lady is, you can be assured that she has excellent taste.

  10. Quite popular, your lads are. Not a surprise really.

    Together with keeping the note, is there any way you can sneak into the school and take a photo of the carving?

    So cute.

  11. Awesome letter. You're a super mum!
    Saw these and thought of you
    Pity they're not purple.

  12. They are so lovable. What a sweet memory for Climber to cherish. Well played by you as well. Adore that letter to Cherub, especially those misspelled words.

  13. I agree with Uli, you need to take a photo of the carving. For posterity, for his 21st, for us!


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