Thursday, September 02, 2010

29 more sleeps


Checklist on the wall?

countdown 4064


Small notes left lying around in strategic locations with I wont on the outside (he means want of course, not won't) and pictures of the lego set he'd weally weally like on the inside?

top secret note's 4066


That can only mean one thing.

bookweek 4017

Cherub's birthday must be coming up.

(For the record, after his mad build-up to Christmas last year he suddenly announced that he was too grown-up to do tick-charts for birthdays and Christmas now. I suspect his older brother scoffed when it was suggested that he might need one for his birthday in January? I said at the time that there was nothing babyish about tick-charts, but Cherub looked at me doubtfully. Older brothers' opinions hold a lot of sway. Anyway. Eight months later and Cherub starts following me round the house, asking me in slightly defensive tones to make him a tick-chart. Poor lad. He is one of life's count-downers and just couldn't repress the urge. I think it's delightful, and probably more to do with the sort of person he is [ie very focussed, so unlike the firstborn] rather than his age.)


  1. How adorable!

    It's my birthday in October, perhaps I need to start leaving "I wont" (and yes, I mean I won't) notes around the house, in the laundry, the kitchen etc. :)

  2. Focused indeed!

    I do love a man on a mission.

  3. How spooky!

    Margot handed over her list today - 10 more sleeps.

    Oh dear god the spelling is horrendous though!

  4. He hasn't drawn up a ticklist but for the last two weeks we are getting a verbal countdown until d/Boy's birthday (today will make it four days).

    After much prodding and little response we have purchased birthday presents only to be told this week what he reeeeally wanted for his birthday. Oh dear, that doesn't seem to be on any of my lists.


  5. Hee! When does he tick them off, first thing in the morning? Or last thing at night?

  6. Tell the poor child about plurals and apostrophes.
    And what does he want? Don't keep it all a secret! Let his close relatives know. Especially those who don't have a full understanding of the male child's psyche.

  7. So much excitement for one little fellow! It's hard to keep it all in.

  8. I love a list. I wish my boys would provide them - so much easier than the "anything. you always buy good presents" sort of comments I get from my eldest. He's got a double digit birthday coming up in 2 weeks and I still don't know what to get him.

  9. It gets much harder once they're in their twenties. Enjoy it while you can. And indeed, you obviously do!

  10. Ha!

    The kid here has been stopping outside the toyshop to point out the things in the window that he would like for months. There are several months to go.

    He has also been counting down to craft camp, because that's when he's going to eat fish and chips and watch Wall-e. They've made a list. "Will you miss Mummy?" asked the Bloke, "No, you will be here, we will watch Wall-e".

  11. That is lovely.

    We have a chart hanging up too - How many days until we fly to Canberra. I think the kids are scared I will forget!

  12. Oh the suspense!
    He is such a gorgeous child-- as indeed, are all children!
    Sorry about the grammar.

  13. I love it! I can only hope I might get some sort of similar enthusiasm out of my own boys one of these days. I suppose I have to help foster or nurture it, though. Their mama better get off her slacker arse...

    My gosh, I've said it a million times, but your boys are drop dead gorgeous. Stunning. They take one's breath away.

  14. I'm very impressed with the combination of determination and inventiveness with the notes and pictures around the house.

    I see a future in advertising; doing those campaigns where hints are dropped on posters and ads but you don't know what it's about until a big reveal day.

  15. It is beautiful. Sweet, sweet boy. My J.T. is a planner. Needs to have it all neatly organized and thought out: parties, Christmas, sleepovers...

  16. My second-born son is the king of countdown calendars, too, and is also WAY more focused than his older brother. He tends to be especially fixated on Halloween, all year 'round...


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