Sunday, September 12, 2010


soccer certs4495

We started the day with the kids' soccer presentation event, a Family Fun day. The boys were very happy to receive their medals and certificates and they both enjoyed having a go on the human futsal pitch (they strap you to a position like you're a player on a soccer table, bit bizarre but the kids go mad for it) and eating a bit of Family Fun Day food.


Then we came home and set about fixing up, to the best of our abilities, the fence situation: due to the construction site next door, we do not have our usual (or even an adequate) fence arrangement. The kids can pretty much be trusted not to go wandering off, however, the same can't be said for the little kittycat, whose favourite thing right now is Outside Time. Annoyingly for him, we are rather anxious about letting him go too far just yet, (long-time readers would know why), so while Outside Time is allowed, Outside The Backyard Time is not.

While Fixit and Cherub worked on making it non-jump-overable (because yes, Basil's escaped that way before), using the leftover roll from the builders and tough luck if they didn't want us to, seeing as they left it lying in our sideway ...


... Climber worked on the crawl-under-able section (escaped that way also) using some of next-door's bricks, and again I say tough luck; two and a half months we've been without a fence now.


Meanwhile, Basil sat inside, looking out at us grumpily...


... until we had it all organised.


It all would have been fine except we none of us remembered to shut the Driveway big enough to let a car through, let alone a cat Gates, so we still spent half an hour calling for Basil up and down the street. He turned up inside so we never actually found out if he did escape.


  1. meanwhile, we plan cat, outdoor prisons :)

  2. Your makeshift cat fence endeavours had me in stitches! I reckon he could jump the orange fencing though if he's anything like our cat. Hopefully he knows where all the good cuddles are waiting for him and always comes home again.

  3. Cats have ways we know nothing about, of scaling such obstacles to their desires! Basil sure is a handsome fellow; no wonder you want to keep him safe.....

  4. The photo of basil made me laugh...he really does look grumpy!

  5. You need another kitten pronto.

    Our first cat, Daisy, was always anting to go outside and she ended up in a nasty pickle. When I went looking for another kitten to replace her, I ended up coming home with two. (Those Lort Smith people know a soft touch when they see one.)

    Turns out that it was a really Good Thing. Daphne and Maris have company, they stay closer to home and if you have a very firm rule that the doors are locked once they come in for dinner then they don't go roaming outside after dark, when the Bad Things happen to cats.

    You should give it some thought. Lort Smith is a great place to start, and they're over your side of town too.

  6. LOL, that's brilliant!
    I know how annoying living next to construction can be. We have a knack for renting places that then are knocked down and rebuilt within months of us moving in. It's happened 3 times!! Thankfully, we've been here for almost 3yrs now and so far we've been lucky. I don't miss the dust and flat tyres from driving over building scrap.

  7. Funny funny!

    I love that pic of Basil, don't their little faces speak volumes?

  8. OMG *still laughing*
    have I told you your boys are adorable? All 3 of them :))
    My validation word is CLING!

  9. Oh my. That human soccer table game is hilarious. I must show that to Pip, he'll love it!

  10. Surely Basil could get over that little pretend fence anyway?

    Wonderful caveman costumes!

  11. Basil's squinty-grumpy little face cracked me up - what a personality!

  12. He looks seriously put out in that picture. Cats do snobby very well. I think because they are rather certain that if they had opposable thumbs, they would not need us at all.

  13. I went to a cage place today that had a cat run that ran up high like an indoor playcentre all around the property. The cats looked REALLY HAPPY.

    Probably not quite enough builders materials left behind for that tho, eh?


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