Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the last 2 days I've...

  • Rearranged the noticeboard (there was an embarrassing surplus of out-of-date notices pinned up, plus I needed a really comprehensive list of things I mustn't forget to do over the next three weeks, because of all the end-of-term and holiday activity coming up.)
  • Tidied the kids' bookshelves. (Mostly because I was unsuccessfully trying to locate the Climber's missing and ridiculously overdue library book. I just don't know where the bloody thing is, seriously. The house is in pretty good shape these days, the only real Black Hole of Calcutta is the Spare Room, and I'd almost rather pay the $26 replacement fee than tackle that room. I do need to do one last check under the kids' bunk-bed, fingers crossed. But isn't there something lovely about a bookshelf where the books are mostly vertical?)
DSC_4516 DSC_4515
  • Got the washing totally under control, including the woollens, which have been festering away for months. (This is what Basil thinks the woollens drying on the racks are really for)
  • Typed up 2 tap routines ( I find it very difficult to just type stuff up on the computer because the internet keeps distracting me) and taught myself a bit of crochet.

Is it spring or something?


  1. Don't return the book, don't pay the fine, move house!

    Or just don't go back to that library.

    Just trying to help...

  2. i am deeply impressed - especially with the notices pinned up - ours never make it beyond the vast pile on the bench.

    i have also had to make a vow never to borrow library books again as i have a psychological barrier about returning them - i always mean to but can never actually do it...

  3. As soon as you pay the fine the book will magically appear. It's just over there now, waiting to jump out once your wallet is lighter.

  4. Damn. And here was me trying to convince the world that books at any old angle on a bookshelf was ARTFUL. Best of luck with the book – but you know and I know, that Peppermintpatcher is spot on. It's the law or something.

  5. I know this is a pretty standard thing to say but I really need you to come up and sort out my books and notice board.

    I could show you some purple weatherboard houses in return!

  6. Oh I love seeing your bookshelves.
    Would love to dive right in and see what's there!

    (ignoring the library trash talk in your comments because I'm on holiday - except to say - check in the swimming bag, under the seat of the car, in the pockets behind the front seats. And down the side of kids beds against the wall. If I had a dollar for every time I'd said this to people and the book was found I'd be rich.
    Or - you've probably HAVE returned the book and the staff haven't checked it in properly - can you go and look on the library shelves?)

  7. yup the best way to make a book reappear is to pay for a new one...ask me how I know.....

  8. Are you learning to crochet with tap dancing instructions? I am super impressed with what you've done s far if you are only learning. Yay!
    As for the library book. I've banned us all from borrowing also but I hope yours turns up soon.

  9. Heel Heel Brush Ball Change Ball Change
    Heel Brush B/Ch x4
    Shuf Heel Tap Step Heel
    Shuf Tap Step Heel Br B/Ch x2
    Heel Dig Combination x 4
    Kick Hop Step x2
    Pull Up & Slide & Slide & Slide

    That's my "Tossin & Turnin" routine intro - one day I'll show you!
    Nice cleanin'!!

  10. all this, and still manages to woop me at scrabble.

  11. I'm with librarygirl, check the library shelves before you part with the $26. Also, look under the couch, that little gap between the bottom shelf and the floor and check that your other half didn't decide it was too boring to ever read again and put it somewhere out of the way.

    The other option is to get a relative to get a job in the library to wipe the fine for you.

  12. Very discerning of Basil! Cats do have an unerring instinct for finding the most comfortable place in the house!

  13. We'd lost two school library books and they turned up at the local library along with three more left there by others. Worth a check as they don't send them on any more.

    btw, I can't see the zoo on your list.

  14. Never fear, Jen, the Zoo has been added!

  15. I owe a lot of money to the library too...

  16. we love our library but they don't love us! we owe them so much we are paying them off $5 a week, sigh. Hopeless! -Ramona


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