Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tennis and haircuts and people for tea

I love school holidays, which is maybe a bit unfashionable to say, and don't get me wrong, by the end of them I am quite happy to wave the kids off to school again. But I like slothing round the house, I like sleeping in, I like having more time with the boys, I like being out of the grind of if it's Monday it must be tennis, spaghetti bolognese and tap etc, I like catching up with friends, I like planning fun stuff to do - like visits to the Royal Show, Lego workshops and err.. a 3-day tennis clinic. Hmm, so much for getting out of the tennis-on Monday grind...


I took the camera down today when I went to collect them, planning to catch some tennis action, but !sloth mode! arrived too late. But look: there's a court and some balls and here are the boys with their new haircuts, which is another activity we like to do on our holidays. Please excuse Cherub, though, he had hat hair.


As a bonus this year, I have given myself some time off work; a whole 9 days in a row without teaching any tap. (I usually teach the adults through the holiday period.) The flip-side of that, of course, is no tap income for the duration, but it seemed worth it to recharge my batteries, and to give myself time to chill with my family, as well as a break from that pressure of getting the dinner on the table at a precise time and finding a huge burst of energy at the tail-end of the day.

I'm not usually the hostess with the mostest (I'd much rather be a guest, frankly) but having 9 days off without work has made a switch flick in my brain, giving me the energy and motivation to consider entertaining extra people. So on Sunday nights we had the Mothers Group over for playing and pizza, and tonight we're having some guests from Queensland.



  1. I lvoe school holidays too, though the pressure of getting work out with both of them home is the pits. Caleb is so ready for a little break that it seems even more exciting. Poppy on the other hand goes into feral overdrive at the mere thought of sharing the home attention!

  2. Our holidays start next week - can't wait - the whole lunch thing gets tiring - good for you taking a break - we all need to hit the refresh button! Say gidday to Tracey for me!

  3. I'm scared of school holidays. I'm about to tackle them for the first time ever (next year) after the Ratbag goes to Prep. What will we do?? Where will we go? How will I cope with the 3 of them?! Oh the stress of planning activities!! *Thud*

  4. Sounds like a great change of pace, really.

    Not sure Cherub was thrilled to have his photo taken there though!

  5. Fab hair on both fronts (I used my imagination to work around the hat head bit). As far as the dinner guest goes - I can only imagine the woman in question to be a veritable joy to have at the table. Give her a welcome hug from me will you?

  6. You were the hostest with the mostest this evening. Your culinary skills were exemplary! Thank you for entertaining us this evening. One day when you come to Townsville you can be my guest.

    PS Tania - you are a lovely!

  7. We're just back after holidays. I am LOVING the whole routine of it.

    for now.

  8. I used to LOVE school hols. Well, of course, it was partly because I'm a teacher and got them too, but yes, the whole slowing down of the pace and not having to worry about packing bags... bliss.


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