Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Crarf Camp, the gatecrasher edition

I wasn't supposed to be going to this Craft Camp, having attended 3 already this year and not wanting to be a hog. But then Suse and Janet asked why didn't I come and hang with everyone on Sunday, just for the day? And then, (as Thirdcat says) because of reasons, Mary and Sue found they couldn't make it at all, so suddenly there was a bed free on Saturday night and Kaye-the-lovely masseuse was willing to wait till my Saturday morning tap classes were finished to drive herself and me to Lancefield to hang out with the Crafty Girls. Really it was just an offer too good to refuse. I didn't even have to cook, which just felt sinful.

As always, I had a superb time; scrumptious food and excellent company, lots of laughs and long chats and kindred spirits. Thank you Suse, Janet, Gill, Tania, Kate, Magda and Felicity. You are all gorgeous and I loved wagging Fathers Day to be with you girls. Sh! Don't tell Fixit. In between gas-bagging and laughing with the girls, I almost made a polar fleece dressing gown for Climber, although I'm thinking about re-doing the bit I rushed, so no photos as yet.

Instead I offer you some photos I took of the crew, although somehow I seemed to have missed Felicity entirely, molte scuse, plus there are a couple more photos here. I'm also including a personal apology to the owner of Sewjourn, the lovely Jan, for a slight mishap we had whilst there, mostly because I'm worried the other chicks will tell all sorts of stories in order to protect the guilty.


Dear Jan,
We're very sorry but *someone* broke the Sewjourn Stork. Well. Mostly broke him. A bit. He's still standing! He's still in his lovely - now with extra Biggles Hat! - knitted ensemble and he didn't drop Jodie's fish. But, well...


His arse.... it fell off. We're so sorry.


We're trying to make sense of what happened, truly.


We thought about blaming concrete cancer, or the torrential rains we had that weekend. (Those photos above show a very rare event, some actual sunshine and non-rainyness, because the whole weekend, pretty much, it was slooshing down.)


But Sewjourn, it's so lovely, and you are so ace for making it so we can escape for weekends of crafty, girly goodness that I thought I should be straight with you.


I suspect the other girls may try to spin you a line, feed you some rubbish story about what happened.


But I hope you know, Jan, that you can trust me.


So it pains me to say it, but I have to tell you...


That although these three look like they're admiring Tania's Knitted Cactus err....Knob-Coverer


One of them is actually, like a serial killer, returning to the scene of the crime. Yes!


Don't you try and run off there Miss Suse Pea Soup! You know what you did. Sure, it IS a Biggles Hat you made for poor old Storky, but did that mean you had to re-enact some huge Sopwith Camel battle scene in amongst those bloody great cacti, hmmm? Surely you could have foreseen it would all go badly wrong?

The thing that baffles me is, how did any of your children survive into boyhood? If you can break a CONCRETE stork merely by placing a knitted pilot's hat on its little head, then either your babies went hatless or you've been working out lately.


  1. I just wanted to tell you you're the best gatecrasher ever! Also, I love you because you're not afraid of the best swearwords. *Someone* does look rather good lately... for a knitter! Your working-out theory might be sound. And has anyone ever actually seen her kids? Just sayin'.

  2. Dobber.

    That's the last time you get to gatecrash.

  3. You do fabulous gate crashing and marvellously entertaining dobber-inning...

  4. I really enjoyed your post-so funny! Great photo's by the way. Glad you got to attend:)

  5. I am so so happy that you got to go...almost makes up for not being able to go myself

  6. I thought "drunks from the pub"
    did it (that's my story anyway).

    Fab photos Stomper!

  7. OH, I've seen her children, so I don't think it could have been Ms Pea Soup...... on the other hand...

    You are an ace gatecrasher!

  8. Whoops! Oh well the stork was never going to last forever and at least it's going out in a fashionable, famous way! If that's the only casualty of a great weekend then nothing to worry about. It's a wonder it hasn't floated away anyway with all the rain that's being reported from down in Vic.

  9. Stork slaughterers! Hilarious reporting Stomper.

  10. And, I don't mean to be pushy but is the dressing down finished? Photo?

  11. Gracious me! You came, you crafted and you left a stork sans arse as a calling card.

    (I love a dobber, love, love love)

  12. :) what a fabulous time! I love the pics. Magda in bloom -- so gorgeous!!!

  13. Now that I've wiped the tears away and have momentarily stopped laughing I'm left wondering how the storks arse fell off when someone put a hat on it's head! Funniest thing I've read in a very long time, sounds like a fun filled weekend - maybe not so much for the stork!


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