Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Advent Box

As if Christmas wasn't busy enough, I decided that an extra good thing to do in the lead-up would be to whip up a homemade Advent Calendar, so that the boys would have a special Christmas activity to do each day.


I found lots of good ideas on the web, for activities and for construction.  (Home-schooling sites are a mine of information.)  In the end I put in a mix of very easy, achievable activities for the days when we were also fitting in school/sport/tap-teaching - like reading a Christmas book at bedtime, or doing a Christmas maze printed from the net - and fussier activities like card making or tree decorating were carefully plotted to fall on days with not much on.


As for layout, I used Aunty Cookie's Christmas Wrap (left over from last year) to make origami envelopes and then stuck on some faux dymo labels. 


By the time I'd finished all the folding and stuffing and sticking last night it was nearly 1am, so all the envelopes were stylishly dropped in a box for discovery in the morning.



Cherub was probably more excited about the chocolate advent calendar, which is for bedtime.  He also, for good measure, asserted that mine wasn't really a calendar (fussy fussy, it's a calendar in a box, okay?). And not content with that, little fidget-gidget that he is, he managed to push down the Number 1 envelope that I'd left sticking up, which meant that as Climber opened the first envelope and read aloud the day's activity I practically had a heart attack.  You don't hang your stocking and leave a present for Santa on December the 1st, not in this house anyway.  No, no, no put that one back and start again with number 1 please!




  1. fantastic! Maybe next year I'll have more inspiration...

  2. Super cute! Love the font too.

  3. I'm just surprised you can get your children to save the chocolate calendar for bedtime. We had a job on to stop all 24 windows being opened this morning.

  4. With the whole chocolate calendar it true that you are only allowed to open one a day?


    Great idea for the box! I hope you all have fun with it, can you let me know which day is the "take the family out for gelato" day? Am I family? Can I be? Just for that day?

  5. I loved doing this sort of thing with my 2 when they were littler. Happy memories.

  6. I love Cherub's just out of bed hair.

  7. I've just read Fairlie's version of this. Snap indeed.

    And now you've made me all wistful for the time when I had little ones... Sniff.

    Have a happy time!

  8. this is just absolutely wonderful - totally inspiring and will be imitating this next year.

  9. Okay. I am so doing that next year.

  10. what a great idea - too clever :0 we made bon bons today minus the snaps with lollies left from the last bday party :) best le

  11. I absolutely LOVE this idea and will definitely be doing it next year - genius, and sooooo cute!!


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